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Cauterskill Union
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 64. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

We the subscribers members of the  “Union meeting house society of Cauters Kill” do certify that on the second day of July 1837 at a meeting of the male persons of full age belonging to the Society assembled at the Cauters Kill School house in school district No 5 in the town of Cats Kill, the place where they statedly attend for Divine Worship.   Stephen Farrand a stated hearer in the said society (there being no minister of said society, or elder or deacon Church warden or Vestryman thereof)  did publicly notify the Congregation so assembled that on the 17th day of July 1837 a meeting would be held at the said school house, to elect trustees to take the charge of the Estate and Property of the said “Union meeting house Society of Cauters Kill" and to transact all affairs relative to the temporalities thereof   that the said notification was given for two successive Sabbaths on which the said Society met statedly for public worship preceding the day of Election by the said Stephen Farrand   that on the said 17th day of July 1837 at a meeting of the male persons of full age of the said Society assembled a the said School house pursuant to the said notification,   there being no elder or church vestryman of the said society, the subscribers members of the said Society were nominated by a majority of the members present to preside at the said election to receive the votes of the election, to judge of the qualifications of the election and to return the proceedings of the meeting and the names of the persons who by plurality of votes should be elected to serve as trustees for the said society.  We do further certify that at the said last mentioned meeting so assembled Stephen Farrand, William E. Whitaker, Isaac Rugar, Truman Smith, Abel Brace, Henry Palmer & Hezekiah Person were duly elected by a plurality of voices to serve as trustees of the said society.

 We do further certify that it was determined at the said meeting by the male persons of full age of the said society   that the said Society be called & known by the name and title of the “Union meeting house Society of  Cauters Kill”  and that the said trustees and their successors be known by the name and title of "The Trustees of the Union meeting house Society of Cauterskill"  It was further determined at the said meeting by the said persons that the meeting house of the Society at Cauters Kill shall be for the use of the following denomination of Christians,  two wit   Presbyterians, Reformed Dutch church, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalians and Lutherans and that other evangelical denominations may worship in the said meeting house provided they shall first obtain permission to do so  from a majority of the officers of the said society.

Witness our hands and seals then seventeenth day of July 1837

Sealed & delivered in presence of }                                    Frederick Bunnell  L. S.
Caleb Day                                          }                                    Truman Smith  L. S.

State of New York  County of Greene  ss   I certify that on the nineteenth day of July 1837 before me personally appeared Frederick Bunnell and Truman Smith to me known to be the individuals described in and who executed the foregoing certificate and the severally acknowledged that they duly executed the said certificate.

                                                                   Caleb Day  Sup Court Coms

Recorded July 6 1837  at 43 oclock  P. M.  }
W. V. B. Heermance  Clerk                          }

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