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High Falls Methodist Episcopal
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 68. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

At a meeting of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the town of Cats Kill in the neighborhood called High Falls in the county of Green & state of New York held April 15, 1850 at the  ____ house in pursuance of a previous notice given according to the statute of this state made & passed for the incorporation of Religious Societies by a vote of said meeting Samuel Crawford  John D. I, Moris were elected returning officers  on motion it was resolved that we elect the trustees where upon the following named persons were elected  said trustees  William Lewis  John D. I. Moris, John L. Moon Jr.  It was on motion resolved that the name and style of the Trustees shall be known & called the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church at High Falls in the town of Cats Kill County of Greene  & state of New York  the said trustees were drawn to the following Chapel namely Class no 1 John D. I. Moris  Class No 2 William Lewis, Class No 3  John L. Moon  We certify the foregoing proceedings  & be church there in all respects given under our hand & seals this 15th day of  April 1850

Returning officers   }                                                 Saml Crawford  L. S.
John D. I. Moris L. S.

In presence of Saml Crawford     }
as to the signature of I. D. Moris }                        

County of Green ss   on the 3rd day of July 1850 appeared before me Samuel Crawford  whom  I know whom I know to be the person within above described who executed the above certificate and acknowledged that he had executed the same and at the same time  appeared before me the said Samuel Crawford whom I know & being duly sworn says he resides in the town of Saugerties in the County of Ulster that he knows John D. I. Moris to be the person within above describe who executed the above certificate that he saw him execute the same and that  he the departed, subscribed his name thereto as a witness to said execution.  

                                                                           Robt Dulon
Justice of the Peace

Recorded July 3, 1850  12 p. m.
J. Van Orden Clk

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