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Leeds Methodist Episcopal
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 83. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

Whereas a Meeting was held at Leeds Nov Feb 1855 for the purpose of Incorporating a Board of Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in said Village

And whereas it is found upon examination the said Meeting did not give any title to the board elected in consequence of which neglect it is believed said board never had any legal existence said church ___ therefore resolved to elect a New Board

State of New York              }
County of Greene               }  ss   We the undersigned two members of the church herein after mention do certify them 16th day of July 1859 the male persons of full age belonging to the church in which divine worship is celebrated according to there rules of the Methodist Episcopal Church (and which is believed not to have been duly incorporated for the reason mention above)  met at the place of Public worship hereafter occupied by said church in the town of Catskill in Greene County present  to notice legally given for the purpose of Incorporating themselves & did then elect by plurality of voices John Brandow, David W. Duncan, William Fullager, Frederick Salisbury, Griffin Holbrook, William G. Woolcott & Joel D. Comfort as Trustees of said Church.

And the said persons did by the like plurality of voice then & there also determine that the said Trustees & their successors should forever thereafter be called & known by the name or title of The Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Leeds.  

Witness our hands and seals                      Nelson Wright  LS
this 18th day of July in the                          Wm. G. Wolcott LS
year of 1859

Subscribed & sworn this 18th day of July 1859 before me   John Van Vechten Justice of the Peace

State of New York    }
Greene County         }  ss   On the 18th day of July 1859 William G Wolcott & Nelson Wright who I know to be the persons mentioned in the within instrument personally appeared before me & acknowledged that they executed the same for the purpose therin mentioned.

Recorded July 25th 1859                                       John Van Vechten
At 11 am.                                                                 Justice of the Peace
Jas. Cook Clk

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