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Sandy Plains Methodist Episcopal
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 62. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

This certifith that after due notice according to law a meeting was held in the town of Cairo County of Greene and State of New York, at the dwelling house of John Rouse, a place where we statedly worship and at two O. Clock P. M. on the third day of May  Eighteen hundred and thirty six for the purpose of electing trustees to take the charge of the Estate & property of the church  or meeting house now to be build  or as soon as may be consistent, and they shall be known in law, and their successors in office forever as Trustees of the Sandy Plain Meeting house of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the town   Co  & State aforesaid.  The meeting being called to order Daniel I. Wright & John Pine were appointed to preside, judge of the qualification of  &c &c  when the following persons were chosen to be trustees by a plurality of votes,   viz -  Ira Finney, Hiland Pine  1st class  John S. Woolcott  John Pine   2 class  and William Fulligar  3rd class

                      We the undersigned do certify by our hand and seal that the above is a correct certificate of the above named meeting  &c

Cairo   May 3rd 1836                                             Daniel I. Wright   L. S.                                                                                   John Pine     L. S.

State of New York  County of Greene ss       on the 6th day of May A. D. 1836 before me Perkins King and judge of the Count Courts for said county John Pine whom I know to be one of the persons described in and who executed the written instrument of writing acknowledged that he executed the same  

                                                                                Perkins King

State of New York    County of Greene ss    on the 14th day of May A. D. 1836 before me Perkins King a Judge of the County of Courts for said county   Daniel I. Wright whom I know to be one of the person describes in and who executed the within instrument of writing,  acknowledged that he executed the same                   

                                                                               Perkins King

Recorded May 18th 1836  at 10 oclock  A. M.
William V. B. Heermance  Clerk

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