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Westkill First Particular Baptist
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 65. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

State of New York    }

Greene County  ss     }   West Kill  Nov. 8th 1847

At a meeting of the inhabitants of Said place composed of members of Church and Society convened at their Meeting house in accordance with previous notice which were duly announced from the Pulpit in a public meeting at least three Sabbaths in succession previous to Said Meeting  The Rev. I. P. Barnett and Deacon Alvin Bushnell now called  to the chair and the following Resolutions was unanimously adopted

Resolved that the process to organize and incorporate a Society under the name and title of the First Particular Baptist Church and Society of West Kill

Resolved that we have six trustees to be chosen by ballot. After balloting it appeared that the following named persons were duly elected  viz   N. Barnett, Swain? Evans  Ed Barnum, Abraham Hare(?)  I. D. Bushnell   John Van Valkenburgh

The trustees then proceeded to draw or cast lots for their time of service which resulted as follows  Abraham Hare and Swain? Evans drew for one year   Edu Barnum and John Van Vaulkinbugh for two years &  E. P. Barnett and I. D. Bushnell each for three years, and the meeting was adjourned

Witness Present

R. H. Hill                                                                       John P. Barnett L. S.
E. P Bushnell                                                                Alvin Bushnell   L. S.

Greene County ss   On the 25th day of October 1848  before me came E. P. Bushnell an inhabitant of Lexington Greene county to me personally known as such upon being sworn says that he was present and saw John P. Barnett and Alvin Bushnell only execute the within instrument in writing  that this witness had known the said Barnett and Bushnell for several years and knew them to be the same persons described in and who executed the within written instrument and this is satisfactory evidence to me of the Election of the Said instrument

                                                                                Lyman Truman
County Judge 

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