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Windham Methodist Episcopal
Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 37. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

At a meeting of the male persons of full age belonging to the Methodist Episcopal Church & Congregation or religious Society in the town of Windham and the County of Greene in pursuance of the act Entitled “an Act to provide for the Incorporation of Religious Societies”  passed April 5th 1813 for the purpose of Electing discreet persons of said Societies and of said Church & Congregation we Abel Blakeslee & Ezekial Tuttle having been nominated & elected to preside at said meeting Do hereby Certify in pursuance of Said act that the following persons were Elected by a plurality of votes to Serve as Trustees for Said Church & Congregation as Follows Viz;  Amaziah Doolittle, Ezekiel Tuttle, Abel Blakeslee, Jacob Smalling, Nathaniel Ferris, Thomas Bishop, Enos Osborn, David Osborn, Perez Richmond, and that the Said Trustees and Successors in Office Shall forever be Called & Known by the name & title of the Trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Windham—County & State aforesaid  In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seals this 5th April 1823

In Presence of                                       Abel Blakeslee  (seal}
John V. D. S. Scott                                 Ezekial Tuttle    {seal}

At a meeting held at Abel Blakeslee’s in Windham in the County of Greene April 5th 1823 according to public notice before given for the purpose of Electing Trustees to Superintend the building of a meeting house in Said town Abel Blakeslee & Ezekial Tuttle were appointed to preside at Said meeting the following persons were Elected as Trustees;  Amaziah Doolittle, Ezekial Tuttle, Abel Blakeslee, Jacob Smalling,  Nathaniel Ferris, Thomas Bishop, Enos Osborn, David Osborn,  Perez Richmond, Abel Blakeslee Secretary.            

Page 38

Acknowledged before John V. D. S. Scott first Judge of Greene County and recorded this 20th day of Nov. 1823 at 11 oclock A. M.

                     Recorded Nov 10, 1823  at 11 Oclock A. M.
                                                         J. Pinckney   Dep Clk

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