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Windham Society

Religious Societies - Book A

Original Index is located in the vault at the Greene County Courthouse. This document found on page 21. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

State of New York 
Greene County

We Perez Steele and Ephraim Turney do herby Certify that on the tenth day of October instant we the Subscribers were regularly appointed Officers to preside at an Election for Trustees of the first Society of the town of Windham that Noah P and, Philetus Reynolds, Nathan Osborn, Timothy Hubbard, Elijah Strong & Jarius Munson were by a plurality of the votes of the Members present elected Trustees of the said Society – And that the said Noah Pand and Philetus Reynolds were the lot constituted Members of the first Class and that the said Nathan Osborn and Timothy Hubbard were constituted Members of the second Class – and the said Elijah Strong and Jarius Munson Members of the third Class – And that the Meeting at which said Election of Trustees took place  was legally ____  in pursuance of the Statute entitled “an Act to provide for the incorporation of Religious Societies" – passed the 27 March 1801   And the proceedings of the said Meeting was in conformity to the act aforesaid in that by a plurality of the votes of Members present they the said Trustees and their Successors  in office were to the known by the name of the first Society of the town of Windham And that the said Trustees and their Successors were forever thereafter to be known by that name – Witness our hands and Seals the nineteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight.

Witness                                                                  Perez Steele   {Seal}
Frederick J. Coffin                                                 Ephraim Turney  {Seal}

Greene County  ss

Be it remembered that on the twentieth day of October one thousand eight hundred and eight personally appeared before me Munson Buel one of the Judges of the Court of Common pleas of the County of Greene  Frederick J. Coffin  to me personally known, who being duly sworn  deposeth and saith that he is acquainted with  Perez Steele and Ephraim Turney the Executors of the  written Instrument and that he the said Deponent did see the  within Perez Steel and Ephraim Turney Sign and Seal the within Instrument as their voluntary Act and Deed, and did put his name to the same as Witness - & I having examined the same and finding no material Erasures, interlinations, Or obliterations therein do allow the same to be Recorded.                                                           Munson Buel 

A true copy of the original examined there with October 24th 1808 

                                                                                  J. Bill  Clk

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