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Reuben Deane Family 

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Typed copy of family bible located in family file of the Durham Center Museum.   Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible was in the possession of Henry J, Deane of Ravena in 1963


Theodore H. Deane and Celestine W. Whitmore m. February 6, 1883
Henry Jay Deane and Katherine B. Beechmon m. December 25, 1919


R(euben) C. Deane b. December 20, 1829
Caroline Diatre Deane b. February 25, 1838
Children of above:
Theodore H. Deane b. December 20, 1856, Conesville, NY
R.C. Dean b. June 20, 1859
S.J. Deane b. January 22, 1861
C.H. Deane b. November 10, 1862
A.E. Deanes b. February 28, 1869
C.W. Deane b. December 31, 1866
James C. Deane b. January 30, 1872
Minnie C. Deane b. January 31, 1874
Celestine W. Whitmore b. May 14, 1855
Children of Theodore and Celestine Deane:
Henry Jay Deane b. March 29, 1890, Urlton, NY
Katherine B. Beechmon b. December 5, 1893
Children of Henry Jay and Katherine Deane:
Lawrence Henry Deane b. January 15, 1921 at Ravena, NY

Theodore H. Deane d. December 9, 1928
R.C. Deane Jr. d. April 23, 1893 (written by hand on typed sheet)
C.H. Deane d. December 3, 1863
James C. Deane d. May 12, 1872
Caroline Diatre Deane d. December 21, 1885
R.C. Deane Sr. d. April 23, 1893 crossed out and hand written December 30, 1909
Celestine W. Whitmore d. February 6, 1911, buried at Coxsackie, NY
Katherine B. Beechmon d. January 3, 1953
Lawrence Henry Deane d. June 24, 1944

306 Inf. Hdq. Co. 77th Div. A.E.F. Henry Jay Deane served in the World War 1 in France from February 25, 1918 to May 9, 1919. He left for the US April 325, 1919 Honorably discharged May 9, 1919 from Camp Upton, L.I. NY

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