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Reuben Jump Family 



Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from copies of the original Bible records in the possession of Barry Schinnerer

Pictures found in the bible follow the transcription

The Bible was presented to Mrs. Vina L. Van Valkenburg By her Mother Christina Jump


Rehiben Jump was married to Christina Hollenbeck Jan 24, 1849
Henry R. Jump was married to Ella Hollenbeck in Oct 1871
George L. Akins was married to Mary C. Jump 22 of Dec 1875
George D. Jump was married to Fannie King March 10 1886
Watson Jump was married to Elisebeth Kipp
James F. Jack was married to Rachel C. Jump July 4th 1895
Ellsworth Van Valkenburg was married to Vina L. Jump Sept 24, 1891

Marriage Certificate:

This Certifies that Ellsworth Van Valkenburg and Vina L. Jump were united by me in Holy Matrimony at the M.E. Parsonage in the 24 day of Sept in the year of our Lord 1891. In Presence of Mrs Ferris and Daughter, Signed George W. Ferris, Officiating Minister.


Reuben Jump Born Dec 22, 1822
Christina Hollenbeck Born Dec 26, 1826
Henry R. Jump born Oct 7, 1849
Mary C. Jump born Jan 1 1853
George D. Jump born March 7, 1855
Watson Jump born Oct 12, 1858
Rachel C. Jump born Aug 10 1863
Vina L. Jump born Sept 8 1866


Morris Jump died June 22, 1851
Mary Jump died May 13, 1863
Alexander Jump died Dec 5, 1868
Affaann Jump died Dec 13, 1868
Reuben Jump died Feb 4, 1891
Christina Hollenbeck Jump died Feb 20, 1895
Elizebeth Hollenbeck wife of John Spoor died March 25, 1898
Henry R. Jump died August 27, 1900
Watson Jump died April 4, 1901
Dear Mary Spoor died July 12, 1904, sister of John Steele
Rachel C. Jump wife of James F. Jack died March 20, 1911
George D. Jump died May 6, 1930
Vina L. Jump died July 24, 1939

Certificate of Church Membership:

This certifies that Via L. Jump having in the presence of God and the public congregation renewed the solemn promise contained in the baptismal covenant, and expressed her belief in the doctrines of the Holy Scriptures as set forth in the articles of our Church, and expressed her willingness to be governed by its Discipline, has this day been duly received into full connection with the High Hill Methodist Episcopal Church at High Hill Greene Co, New York, according to the form of Discipline.

C.G. Deming, Pastor
August 22d, 1886



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