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Rice Family

Contributed by Peter Rice
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf
There are multiple handwritings within the Family Record, and some rewriting of the family record. Where additional info is provided, such as middle name, or different info altogether, such as different dates for the same event, that information will be provided in parentheses.

Addison S. Rice married to Polly E. Chamberlin March 15th 1841 (by Elder Chapin, Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Voorhs)
Ellen F. Rice and Walter B. Peck married October 18, 1865
George E. Rice and Maria S. Peck married December 25, 1865
Rosetta E. Rice and George Peck married March 13, 1866
Adelaide L. Rice and Emerson G. Harrington married July 3, 1867, by C.C. Kendall
John Rice married to Fayette Vorse June 24, 1844
John Rice and Volucia Goslee married March 6, 1847
Rufus P. Rice married Polly Delina French October 27, 1844
Julia F. Rice abd Arthur Harrington married 1870
Mary E. Rice and Geo. Peck married March 1872
Addison S. Rice and Addie Pond married May 1880
Anna B. Rice and Emmons Pond married [no date given]
Frank C. Rice and Sarah A. Haney married October 8, 1885

John Rice born December 7, 1792
Fayette Rice born March 9, 1792
Rufus P. Rice born December 21, 1815
Esther L. Rice born March 30, 1824
Addison S(tandish) Rice born July 24th, 1820
Polly E(merett) Rice born May 17th, 1819
Ellen F(ayette) Rice born March 31, 1842
George E(liphalet) Rice born December 5 (4), 1844 (1843)
Hariet Fayette Rice born September 18th, 1845
Rosett(a) E(lizabeth) Rice born May 10, 1846
Adalade Lucretia Rice born May 5, 1848
Julia Francis Rice born July 15, 1850
Mary Emeret(t) Rice born November 8, 1852
John (Benjamin) Rice born November 7, 1854
Addison Standish Rice Jun. born April 15, 1857
Anna Blandena Rice born July 5, 1859
Frank(lin Charles) Rice born May 4, 1862

Rosetta E. Rice, w/o George Peck died April 19th, 1891, aged 24y11m7d
Julia F. Rice, w/o Arthur Harrington, died October 15th, 1871, aged 21y3m
John Rice died April 5th, 1899, at George Peck’s, West Lasanimas Bent Colorado, aged 24y5m
Fayette Rice, w/o John Rice died October 21, 1846
Volutia Rice, w/o John Rice, died June 24, 1877, aged 84y
John Rice died August 3, 1877, aged 84y8m12d
Rufus P. Rice died January 17, 1866, by the fall of a tree
Rosetta E. Rice died April 17, 1871
Julia F. Rice died October 15, 1871
John B. Rice died April 5, 1879
Ellen F. Rice died August 8 [no year given]
Addison S. Rice died January 22, 1882
Polly E. Rice died June 13. 1902
Addison S. Rice Sr. died August 5, 1906

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