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Rundle Family 

Located on the south side of Route 26, in the Town of Greenville, 1/2 mile west of the intersection with Scutt Road. It is situated on a hillock behind a large white farmhouse. It is surrounded by a stone wall with an iron fence, although the wall has fallen down in many places.

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Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf on November 11, 2001

From Beers' "History of Greene County" Page 303:
Hardy Rundle opened a hotel here (East Greenville) as early as 1820, and in 1821 built a large cider-mill. Two years afterward, he commenced the manufacture of cider brandy, and in  1826 opened a store. In 1827 his distillery turned out 3,000 barrels of cider brandy, the largest production of any one year. The distillery was continued at intervals till 1855, though Mr. Rundle had previously been succeeded by his son George L., who, during this time, was also largely engaged in the manufacture of rectified cider, to which he afterward added elderberry and currant wines. An article published in the Windham Journal, October 1st, 1857, shows to what extent he was at one time engaged in the business:
"George L. Rundle, of Greenville, in 1851 sent a small quantity of elderberry and currant wines to the State fair at Utica, upon which he received a premium. He has made only small quantities since that time, until the present season, when he purchased, and had picked, in the county and suburbs of Albany county, 23 3/4 tons of elderberries, from which he expressed 3,000 gallons of pure juice. Of this enormous quantity, he used 500gallons of juice in distilling 40 gallons of liquor, to which he has given no name, but which is the condensed steam of the elderberry. He still has 2,500 gallons of juice, which will make 5,000 gallons of wine, and which Mr. Rundle will send into market at the proper time. Mr. Rundle also made 700 gallons of currant wine."
Mr. Rundle retired from the cider and distillery business soon after 1860, and at present no manufacturing or business, aside from farming, is carried on in the place.  

  1. Hardy Rundle, d. April 26, 1869, aged 80y9m25d
  2. Cornelia Simpson, w/o Hardy Rundle, d. November 16, 1854, aged 64y7m13d
  3. In Memory of Minerva Augusta, d/o Hardy and Cornelia Rundle, d. May 11, 1827, aged 2y5m10d
  4. Margaret A. Rundle, b. April 26, 1818, d. April 1, 1878
  5. Elizabeth Simpson, d. September 18, 1875
  6. James Ostrander, d. July 6, 1855, aged 23y26d
  7. In Memory of Sarah, d/o Bartholomew and Hannah Gedney, d. April 18, 1852, aged 8y10m
  8. In Memory of Jehue Rundle, d. February 19, 1827, aged 30y
  9. In Memory of Nelson Rundle, s/o Reuben Rundle, d. July 22, 1805, aged 6y3m28d
  10. In Memory of Sarah Rundle, d/o Reuben Rundle, d. December 5, 1795, aged 1y9m13d
  11. Sacred to the Memory of Hannah, w/o B. Gedney, d. December 30, 1823, aged 29y11m30d
  12. Sacred to the Memory of Sarah, w/o Reuben Rundle, d. December 1, 1829, aged 72y9m
  13. In Memory of Reuben Rundle, d. October 25, 1848, aged 91y7m15d
  14. Reuben Rundle Jr., b. May 1, 1785, d. October 5, 1850, aged 65y5m5d. Killed instantly, a stone from a blast on the H.R.R. Road at Hudson, NY
    Charlotte King, his wife, b. August 31, 1862, aged 75y
  15. George L. Rundle, b. June 30, 1814, no death date
    Naomi Bayham, b. March 7, 1816, no death date
    Thomas J. Rundle, b. September 12, 1838, no death date
    George A. Rundle, b. November 17, 1850, d. May 21, 1866
    Winfield S. Rundle, b. October 25, 1852, no death date
  16. Dear Arthur, no dates
  17. James Fairlee Burroughs, b. July 17, 1806, d. August 8, 1873
    Julia Antoinette Rundle, w/o James Fairlee Burroughs, b. January 31, 1816, no death date
  18. Infant s/o T.J. and E.B. Rundle, born and died December 13, 1878
  19. Infant s/o T.J. and E.B. Rundle, born and died October 11, 1872
  20. Ellen Brown Whiting, w/o Thomas J. Rundle, d. December 25, 1878, aged 44y3m17d

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