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Samuel Wolcott Family

Transcribed and contributed by Lynn Kenney

[Note:  Sarah, widow of Samuel Wolcott, applied for a Revolutionary War widow's pension in 1840.  When a copy of her marriage registration could not be found in Wallingford, CT, the births from her family Bible were entered into the records of the Court of Common Pleas as proof of her marriage.  I have not seen the Bible mentioned in this deposition, nor do I know if it still exists.  --Lynn Kenney]

State of New York ~ Green County

Samuel B. Wolcott of the Town of Lexington In the county of Green and State of New York being duly sworn according to Law on his Oath deposeth and Saith that Samuel Wolcott deceased and Sarah Wolcott His Widow Is my father and mother and he further says that His said father was a pensioner of the United States for many Years Before he died, and that he died at His own House in Lexington on Saturday the Sixteenth day of May Last 1840 and that His said mother Sarah Wolcott Is now alive and remains His Widow, and he further Swears that he Has Very Carefully and Correctly Examined the record that His father Samuel Wolcott deceased made In his own Hand Writing In his Old great family Bible of His Own age and my mothers, and also of all their children, which is sett down In the names characters and figures Herein after named and As I Have always Lived with them untill Lately and now Live within a few rods from them I Have Long known this to be my fathers great family Bible and have many year ago seen and red this Same record as Is now written, But there Is not one Word wrote In the said Bible of their marriage, I Have the Concern of the family, the record Begins and runs thus, Samuel Wolcott Born January 3d 1760, Sarah Wolcott Born October 7th 1765, Electa Wolcott Born August 22d 1785, Ziba Wolcott Born January 3d 1787, Martin Wolcott Born November 16th 1788, John Wolcott Born January 31st 1790, Ransom Wolcott Born December 10th 1791, Joel Wolcott Born October 2d 1794, Lois Wolcott Born July 4th 1796, Juli Wolcott Born August 17th 1798, Reuben Wolcott Born March 24th 1800, Levina Wolcott Born August 27th 1802, Malinda Wolcott born January 28th 1804, Aaron Wolcott Born April 7th 1806, Samuel Wolcott Born April 4th, 1808, Samuel B. Wolcott Born December 29th 1809, this Is a perfect and correct copy of the records Set down In my fathers Old family Bible as aforesaid
sworn and subscribed this                                            Samuel B. Wolcott
fifth day of September 1840
Before me Levi H. Alden one of
the Judges of the Court of common pleas In
and for the County of Green State of New York

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