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Sandy Plains Methodist

50th Anniversary
South Cairo, NY

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and retyped by Arlene Goodwin

The Sandy Plains Church of South Cairo  
Cairo Charge  
Cairo—Round Top—Acra—South Cairo  
Kingston District  

New York Conference  
Resident Bishop -  -   -  -  -  -Frederick Buckley Newell  
District Superintendent  -  -  -   -   -  - D. George Davies  
Minister - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ernest Mac Millan    
Mrs. Peter Suttmeier—Mrs. Percy Lampman  

Board of Trustees  
Percy Lampman               Percy Duncan 
Burr Jump                         Raymond Rouse 
Ervine Lampman              Lamont Duncan, Jr.  

Board of Stewards  
Mrs. Raymond Rouse          Mrs. Burr Jump

Mrs. Arnole Schieren            Mrs. Percy Lampman
Mrs. Peter Suttmeier            Ms. Lamont Duncan, Jr. 
Mrs. W. Darling                    Mr. Peter Suttmeier  

Superintendent Sunday School
Ervine Lampman

                President W. S. C. S.                 Church Treasurer

Mrs. Lamont Duncan, Jr.             Lamont Duncan, Jr.


 Fiftieth Anniversary Service
September 25, 1955 – 3:00 P. M.
Order of Worship

PRELUDE   “Meditation” by Oberg



 *HYME No. 533 “O God, Our Help in Ages Past”

 PRAYER OF CONFESSION (in unison; seated):

Have mercy upon us, O God, according to Thy loving kindness; according to the multitude of Thy tender mercies blot out our transgressions. Wash us thoroughly from our iniquities and cleanse us from our sins. For we acknowledge our transgressions, and our sins is ever before us. Create in us clean hearts, O God, and renew a right spirit within us, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.




 QUARTET  “Take Time To Be Holy”

 *RESPONSIVE READING: “The House of Prayer.”  Page 590



 SOLO:  “He Smiled on Me”  (O’Hara)

 SCRIPTURE READING, Rev. Francis A. Potter

 PRAYER, Rev. George A. Cole

 QUARTET,  “Dear Lord and Father of mankind”


 OFFERTORY SOLO: “Divine Redeemer”  (Gounod)


 *HYMN   No. 256 “Faith of Our Fathers”

 SERMON:  Dr. D. George Davies


 HYMN No. 381 “The Church of One Foundation”


 POSTLUDE “souvenir” by DRDLA

*Congregation standing


SPEAKER:    Dr. D. George Davies, District Superintendent, Kingston District, New York Conference


                    Rev. Francis A. Potter,  Greenville, N.Y.
Rev. George A. Cole,  Ravena, N.Y
Rev. Doland Russet, Shrub Oak, N.Y.

ORGANIST:    Miss Beverly Wendelken,  Cairo, N.Y.

SOLOIST:      Mrs. Robber H. Pixley, Kingston, N.Y.

SOLOIST’S ACCOMPANIST:  Raymond C. Corey, Minister of Music, St. James Methodist Church, Kingston, N. Y.

QUARTET:   Catskill Glee Club Quartet---Donald Fellows, Robert Hayes, Edward Terpening, Roland Heermance


“My church is the place where the word of God is preached, the power is felt, the spirit in God is manifested, the love of God is revealed, and the unity of God is perceived.

It is the home of my soul, the altar of my devotion, the hearth of my faith, and the center of my affections.

I have united with it in solemn covenant, pledging myself to attend its service, to pray for its members, to give to its support.

I owe to it my zeal, my benevolence, and my prayers. When I neglect its services, I injure its good name, I lessen its power, I discourage its members, and I chill my own soul.

I have solemnly promised, in the sight of God and men, to advance the interests of the church by my faithful attendance, by never neglecting its ordinances, by meeting with fellow members, by watching over their welfare, by joining with them, in prayer and praise and service; and that promise, I this day, renew before God, my Father, Christ, my Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, my Comforter.”


The Sandy Plains Methodist Church at South Cairo is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. This week will be known as Anniversary Week with the conclusion on October 2nd with Holy Communion and a Service of Re-Dedication. The Rev. Ernest F. Mac Millen presiding minister.

This littler church is the oldest organized Protestant church in Cairo Township. It had its beginning in 1791 where John Crawford was stationed at Coeymans.

The Sandy Plains Society was organized in 1835.

The first meeting place was at the home of Henry Weeks of Indian Ridge. The “Circuit rider” came around once every four weeks and preached on Wednesday evenings. At length the “Circuit” was divided and there was preaching every two weeks.

As the country became settled and the inhabitants more numerous, the meetings were held in the hay press, on the farm of John Pine.  This press is still standing.  The property is now owned by Mrs. Leona Simpson, formerly the Ira Vail property.

In 1837 the congregation erected a church on the Sandy Plains Road near the Four Corners.  Services were held every Sunday morning by the ministers that preached in Catskill. In 1856 the Leeds Methodist Church was built and  South Cairo and Leeds were united.  The same minister preached in both places. The Leeds Methodist Church was closed a few years ago.

In 1905, the growth of the community made it seemingly necessary to build a new edifice nearer South Cairo. An eligible lot was donated by Mr. Herbert Duncan, a son of James Duncan, one of the officials of the church.

The plan of the new church was furnished by the Church Extension Society.

The six large cathedral stained glass windows were moved from the old church building to the present building.

Notable gifts at the time were:  the pulpit Bible given by Prof. John Lind; the bell, given by Leroy Goodrich; the organ, given by Porter Jones; the carpet given by women of the church.

One hundred loads of stone were cut out from the quarry of Sanford Duncan and drawn by Nick Deyo.

At the time of dedication, this church was free of debt, with a surplus of $18 which was put in the treasury.

The trustees who planned and executed the construction of the building were: Dwight Mead, John Lind, Ira Vail and William N. Goodrich of Shady Plains who is the only surviving members of the board.

Miss Annie Pine of Catskill, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Owens of Coxsackie, Mrs. Justus Rouse and Mrs. Adeline Wetmore of Leeds are the oldest living members of the church.

The lovely old church was dedicated on Aug. 11, 1905 with the Rev. H. I. Hoag, presiding minister. The Rev. Joel Lincoln of Rifton, preaches the dedicatory sermon.  Rev. Lincoln returned to South Cairo on a visit 40 years later and preached a Sunday sermon form the same pulpit.

The beautiful painting of “Christ Healing the Sick,” which hangs over the Sanctuary was painted and donated by the Rev. P. St. John Coleman, minister from 1907-1912.

Later gifts donated, were the Church Bulletin Board, made and donated by Louis J. Tressler, and the Hymn board donated by Mrs. Grace Schieren in memory of her mother Elizabeth Tressler.  A pair of vases were donated by Wilfred and Thelma Adolphi in memory of Mrs. H. H. Montgomery. The piano was a gift from the Young Peoples Group. The cross was made and donated by Mrs. Weidemeer of Cornwallville, the candlesticks by Mrs. Weidemeer.  The gas range was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Garcia.

The cornerstone was covered up when the need for a Sunday School room and a room for the social activities of the church became necessary. This addition was made in 1930, just 25 years ago. 

This historic old church has drawn many people from neighboring towns to enjoy the fine suppers which the ladies of the church have put on through the years. 

This church has been blessed many times with the singing and laughter of children, and the good fellowship of small community. The prayers of the faithful followers have brought this church and its members through 50 years of Christian Service. 

May the Lord bless us and keep us, and make His Face to shine upon us. Bring us peace, that we may enjoy another 50 years in His Church. 

(The history was complied by Mrs. V. B. Jump and Mrs. A. Ricci, from the existing records, that were diligently searched, and information supplied by some  of our oldest members. If there are any discrepancies, or omission we truly regret it.) 

 Ministers Deceased Since 1905 

Rev.  H. I. Hoag

Rev. J. H. Fyfe

Rev. St. John Coleman

Rev. John E. Parker

Rev. G. C. Morse

Rev. J. A. Hurn

Rev. J. E. Spence

Rev. M. H. Ryan

In Loving Memory
Gladys Irene Whetmore Duncan
Organist 1915-1954

  Present Living Ministers

Rev. W.  B. Chandler
Hunter, N. Y.

Rev. George Cole
Ravena, N. Y.

Rev. D. T. Keil

Rev. Francis A. Potter
Greenville, N. Y.

Rev. G. A. Skaggs
Indianapolis, Ind.

Rev. Dorland Russet
Shrub Oak, N. Y.

Rev. H. Kishpaugh
Olive Bridge, N. Y.

Col. John Fellows

Rev. Ernest Mac Millan


Oldest Living Members

William N. Goodrich

Miss Annie Pine, Catskill

Mrs. John Lind, Catskill

Mrs. Justus Rouse

Mrs. Adeline Whetmore

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Owen, Coxsackie


Mr.  & Mrs. A. Alp

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Flinn

Mrs. L. K. Angell

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Garcia

Mr. & Mrs. Bart

Mrs. Bertha Geske

Mr. John Beers

Miss May Goodrich

Mr. & Mrs. G. P. Benedetto

Mr. William N. Goodrich

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Brandow

Mr. & Mrs. William Griffith

Mr. & Mrs. Briggs

Mr. & Mrs. Max Hessel

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Byrne

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Hoch

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Holdridge

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Commetti

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hotaling

Mr. & Edward Cone

Mr. & Mrs. George Jones

Mrs. Loretta Cusker

Mr. & Mrs. Burr Jump

Mr. & Mrs. Erling Dale

Mr. Claude Jump

Mrs. &  Mrs. William Daring

Mr. & Mrs. William Kleeman

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman Drake

Mrs. Adelaide Kops

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence M. Duncan

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Lampman

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Duncan

Mr. Erwin Lampman

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Duncan Jr.

Mr. Ervine F.  Lampman

Mr. Percy Duncan

Miss Patricia Lampman

Mr. & Mrs., V. Lamont Duncan Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Percy Lampman

Mr. & Mrs. V. Lamont Duncan Sr.

Mr. & Mrs. D. S. Lampman
(Ruth Jump)

Mr. & Mrs. August Essenwein

Mr. & Mrs. Lebenberger

Miss Susan Essenwein

Mr. & Mrs. W. Lester

Mr. & Mrs. George Essig

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Leute

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Field

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ludecker

Miss Ethel Fiero

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Mac Donald

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Fisher

Mr. Thomas MacDonald

Mrs. Vera Marsh

Miss Julia Schuerman

Mr. & Mrs. Roland McLaren, Sr.

Mrs. Beulah Simpson
In memory of mother,
Elizabeth Jump

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Miller

Mrs. Clyde Simpson, Sr

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Morillion

Miss Norma Simpson

Mr. & Mrs. M. Morillion

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Mortrensen

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Snyder

Mrs. Angelina Mowers

Mr. & Mrs. David Speenburg

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Stanley

Mr. & Mrs. A. Orin

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stein

Mr.  Donald Patterson

Mr.  Ed Sullivan

Mr.  & Mrs. Lyle Patterson

Mr. & Mrs. John Suttmeier

Miss Annie Pine

Mr. William Taggart

Mr. & Mrs. Priputen

Mr. & Mrs. George Taranto

Mrs. Beulah Burroughs Rouse

Mr. & Mrs. John Tressler

Mr. & Mrs. A. Ricci

Mr. Andrew Trevalle

Mr.  & Mrs. Raymond Rouse

Dr. & Mrs. E. B. V an Deusen

Mrs. Freda Russak

Mr. & Mrs. Vaselak

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Schieren

Mr. & Mrs. Waechter

Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Schieren

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Waldron

Mr. & Mrs. H. Schlobohm

Mrs. Anna Rouse Warner

Mrs. Edith Sessa

Mrs. Emeline Weeks

Mr. Amos Shelley

Mrs. Adeline Whetmore

Mr. & Mrs. Fred ShelleyIn memory of first S. S. teacher, Mrs. Dusten

Miss Inez Whetmore

Mr. & Mrs. J. Winans

Mr. Otto Youmans


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