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Sanford Family Bible

Transcribed copy of a bible record located in the family file of the Durham Center Museum. Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Bible of Ward Sanford
Bible printed and published by G.M. Davison, Saratoga Springs, 1830

Restcome Sanford and Sarah Coggshall married February 18th, 1789
Joseph Bell and Ruth Sandford married 1808
Thomas Sanford and Catharine Lemreaux married December 5, 1813 (entry penciled over)
Luther S. Sanford and Catharine M. Church married November 16th 1848
John L. Sanford and Kitty O'Hagon married September 17, 1878 (original entry inked over)
Amos Bailey and Sally Bell married December 24th 1829
Restcome S. Bell and Anna Brewster married December 28th 1831
Lucius H. Church and Catharine Ann Schultus married November 6th 1833
John D. Church and Lucinda Ann Miller married December 27th 1837
James Shepard and Lovina Church married November 17th 1842
Jacob Benjamin and Mary Ett Church married April 26th 1849
Dudley Conner and Olive O. Church married November 8th 1856
Elaxandre Edwards and Sarah Ann Church married June the 7 1857
Walter J. Sanford and Alice Macomber married December 21st 1908

Restcome Sanford born March 3, 1759
Sarah Cogshall born 25 July 1767
Ruth Sanford born December 1st 1790
Thomas Sanford born December 20th 1793
Catharine Lamoree born December 13th 1792
Joseph Bell born
Restcome S. Bell born December 23, 1808
Sally Bell born June 26th 1810
Amos Bailey (f) born June 10th 1802
Anna Brewster born April 17th 1811
Ruth Bailey born April 11th 1831
Hariet F. Bailey born 23 Feby 1833
Paschal P. Bell born April 1st 1833
Simeon C. Church born December 25 1792
Catharine Church born March 13 1793
Lucius H. Church born February 18th 1815
John D. Church born October 10th 1818
Lovina Church born March 17th 1822
Sarah Ann Church born April 6th 1824
Mary Ett Church born October 30th 1826
Olive O Church born September 15th 1836
Luther S. Sanford born September 11th 1823
Catharine M. Church born May 14th 1832
John L Sanford born July 25, 1851
Kate O'Hagan born January 30th 1860 (?) San Francisco, California
Walter J. Sanford born September the 6 1879
John L. Sanford Jr., born July the 2 1881
Luther S. Sanford born June 25 1883

Restcome Sanford died 15th November 1823
Sarah Sanford died December the 7 1846
Simeon C. Church died September 23, 1867
Lovina Church, wife of James Shepherd, died September the 14, 1876
Catharine Church, widow of Simeon C. Church, died May the 31, 1884, aged 90
Katherine A. O'Hagan died July 21st 1921
John L. Sanford died October 28th 1921
Walter J. Sanford died November 7, 1934, aged 55yrs
Ruth Bell died May 20th 1811
Thomas Sanford died 30th August 1828
Hiram L. Sanford died January 24th 1817 (date inked over)
Catharine Sanford, wife of Thomas Sanford, died August 18th 1877
Catharine M. Church, wife of Luther S. Sanford, died March 12th 1887, aged 54y9m28d
Luther S. Sanford died May 16th 1892, aged 68y8m5d
John L. Sanford, Jr., died July 4th 1899 at Jacksonville, Ill.
Luther S. Sanford 2ond, died November 8th 1927, aged 44y5m12d

A small sheet (5x7) enclosed in this bible and titles Family Record contains the following data:
May 6 1914 Lucino Vonny (or Jonny) Church died May 6, 1914
Margret Argusta Church died Febuery 11, 1915
Died Nov 17 1898 Sareharrn Ann Church
Alexander Edwards died April 27, aged 78 years, 1905
Maryett Church Benjamin died October 27, aged 79 years 11 months 27 days
Mary Catharine Church Head died November 10, 1913 aged 76 years

A letter to John L. Sanford, dated Clyde, New York, August 11, 1921, from Virginia Moscrip, a descendant of Ann, sister of Restcome Sanford, who married Sally Coggshall, spells Lamoree as Lamorreux

Notes found elsewhere indicate that Catharine Lamoree was born in Rensselaerville, New York; her husband, Thomas Sanford, in Rhode Island, their children in Rensselaerville

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