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Sarah and Mary Hallsted
Israel Titus

From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf


Addressed to:

Israel J. Titus in
Constantia Oswego County
State of NY
To be left at Cleavland Post Office

Coxsackie the 27 of 10 month 1838

Respected parence Brother and sister  I now take my pen in hand to inform you that we are all well at present hoping these few Lines mey find you all in good health injoying the Comferts of Life this summer to be the greates blessing this woarld can aford  I will now inform you the 17 of October Smith and Mary was mared  this was very pleasing to me and I have no dout but it will be to you   I expect you will be sory to part with her company but I rejoice that I have the company of her so near hose absence I have so Long mornd for I can truly say that I Loved her as my oan soul and I have some times thought that we ware Like Jonathan and David that our Souls ware truly Linked to gether and whey should we be parted  we all went Last seventh day to Coeymans found them all well as comen  Larence talked of Starting the next morning to visit you in them parts we ofen talk about you and should be very glad to se you one and all of you  when I git think about visiting you it seames all most Like adream to me  I cant hardly realize it that I have bin thare  Zilpha wishes to be rememberd to you all  She has ofen spoke of wat a good visit she had with Israel and prudence the night she staid with them   Mary in formed me that you talked of coming out this winter and I hope you will come for we shall be very glad to se you come and I hope father and mother will trie to come and spend some time with us  I think they could come if they wanted to come  how ofen I do think of you my Dearparence tho we are widely separated and never meat in this world any more if not o that we may be faverd to meat ware parting will be no more  I shall now leave this for Mary to finish with my Love to one and all of you  pleas to write as ofen as posible           Sarah Hallsted

Coxsackie the 2 of November 1838

Respected parentes Brother and sister  i  have sat down to write a few lines to you to let you know that we are well hopeing these lines may find you enjoying the same blessing and wishing to still remind you that ihave not forgoten you that you have often benn on my mind sense ileft there and you my and you my Dear parents itthink must spend some verry lonsome hours ican fell for you who how so long benn my company through so many scenes of sorrow and deep tribulation othat imight have it in my power to make amends for the many privileges ihave received from you and if iam never granted this my desire is that povidence may bless you and make you as happy as you deserve to be iwill now inform you that Christina Hallsted is to buried to morrow  Jane Hallsted is here and wishes to be remembered to you all  my Sister has informd you of what has taken place here. I need say no more on the subject for ihave just received aleter from you which informs me that the newes has alredy benn unfolded to you which I expect was rather surpriseing you spoke in your leter of my coming back to live  I should like to live neighbors to you all in that part of the land for you all look verry near to me and ishould never again dwell among you you will never be forgotten by me   we have made phebe a visit and found her to all appearance tolerable comfortable I want Israel and father if they will should sell off the cow and heifer sheep and pig to the best adantage if they can either for the money or something as good and thers will be some hay to part with  to and iwish you would do by them as though they were your own and iwill try to sadisfy  you when icome which I expect will net be before slaying   mother Hallsted wishes verry affectionately to be remembered to you all  this from your ever well wishing child who has perhaps transgresst so as never to be forgoten although ihope you will overlook it and still let me have aplace in you bosoms        Mary Hallsted

To father and Mother Israel and Prudence with my love to all that takes the trouble to enquire after me  Zilpha wishes to be rememberd to one and all of you and says imust tell Israel and Prudence   she often thinks of the good visit she had there that night she staid with them  know I must bring my leter to aclose though not with out inviting you all to come and see me  mother iwant the to take care of my beds and things in the house until icome      Mary Hallsted

Coxsack th 4 of 11 month 1838 

Respected parence I have sat down this evning to write afew more Lines to you to in form you that we reseived your Leter night be fore Last wiek we ware very glad to se  It in formed us that you ware very Lonesome and I think you must be so that I could ofen be with you my Sister and I ofen talk about you if you are out if site you are not ofen out of mind that we could ofen be together  my parence dotrie and come out and spend some time with us  this would be agrate comfert to me  how I feal for you in your Lonely situation that I could step in this moment with you thare my very prairs are put up for you that you mey not be forgoten in your declining years that the nabers will ofen visit you and I think my brother will ofen come and spend some ours with you  I yirstday attended the the funerel of Cristina Hallsted that it used to be and avery solem meting it was they have to more of thare children that Lois very Loe so that thare is but Little hopes of them  Joshua Powell babe has bin very sick to   it is beter now  your Leter in formed us that epenetus is Little girl was very poorly  this is very tring but it is wat we must all submit to  I have not much more rome to write so I must bid you farewell with my Love to one and all of you   John wishes to berememberd to one and all         Sarah Hallsted to Israel and Bety Titus and Israel J. and Prudence Titus

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