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Family Bible

Typed transcript of this bible in the possession of Cairo Public Library.

This bible was the property of Floyd Simpson Parks, who died in November of 1976, and is now in the possession of his grandson, Alan Gordon Baker, Albany, NY

Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible published in 1825


Peter Simpson joined in Matrimony with Catherine Story, May 28, 1829
Rowland Simpson joined in Matrimony with Jemima Verminyea, February the 16 1853
Claudius Delamater joined in Matrimony with Jennie Simpson, December the 24, 1873


Margaret Simpson was born April the 3, 1755
Catherine Simpson was born March the 1, 1805
Benjamin Story, born May 2nd 1764
Elizabeth Story born January 10th 1767
Peter Simpson Jn., born October 15th 1792
Minnie Delamater was born September the 9 on Wed 1874
My daughter Sally Ann was born December 11th 1830
Gracie Delamater was born on April the 28 on Friday 1876
Rowland Simpson was born June 13th 1833
Anna Delamater was born June 21 1879 on Friday
Raymond Simpson  born September 9th 1892
Althea Simpson was born August the 20, 1855 on Monday
Catherine Van Hoesen was born January the 10, 1851
Rowland Cassius Simpson was born September the 14, 1862 on Monday
Peter Van Husen born April 3rd 1853
Eliza Simpson was born July the 19, 1870 on Tuesday
Jane Simpson was born February 16th on Thursday 1854
Margaret Van Hoesen was born April the 10, 1855
Idella Simpson was born February the 2 on Sunday 1857


Peter Simpson departed this life August 11, 1822
Margaret Simpson departed this life November 30, 1836
Benjamin Story deceased April 28th 1841
Elizabeth Story deceased January 22, 1846
Peter Simpson deceased May the 24, 1862
Sally Ann Simpson deceased February the 6, 1870
Jemima Simpson November 29th 1890
Minnie DeLamater January 3rd 1891
John H. Whitmore May 21st 1890

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