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Skiff Family Cemetery

The Skiff Cemetery is located off Wright Road, between Ford Hill Road and State Route 23A, in South Jewett, Town of Jewett. It sits on a high knoll and is not visible from the road below. Access is by way of a steep, old logging road. Follow the path and bear to the right each time it forks. This cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall and contains many uninscribed fieldstones. Most of the stones are damaged and hard to read. These inscriptions were transcribed by Susan Neugebauer, the Jewett Town Historian, and Patricia Morrow, the Windham Town Historian, on September 16, 2000.  Photos courtesy of Patricia Morrow.

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Row 1
1. (fallen off its base)
    Anson Skiff, d. 30 Apr 1879, aged 39y 8m 11d    
2. (broken)
    Julia A. Travis, wife of Stephen Skiff, d. 20 May 1878, aged 63y 1m
3. (broken through date)
    Stephen Skiff, d. 23 Oct 1867? (uncertain of month & year), aged 54y7m 21d    
4. Mary A. Skiff, d. 12 Feb 1870, aged 25y 8m    
5. (broken, sections containing part of her name, date of death & age
    are missing)
    Sally, twin dau of Stephen & (?) Ann (?), d. (?)
    [Sally, twin dau of Stephen & Julia A. Skiff, d. 10 Jul 1850, aged 2y
    2d - from the records of Margaret O'Bryan, a former Jewett Town Historian]
6. Estelle, dau of Stephen & Julia Ann Skiff, d. 2 Sep 1858, aged 11y
    10m 27d

Row 2
7. (hard to read)
    Eli Brandow, d. 31 Mar 1840, aged 29y 1m 2d? or 7d?
8. (lying face up, hard to read)
    Lorinda Brandow, d. 31 Mar 1813, aged 19y 5m 1d

Row 3
9. (wooden cross with a brass plaque)
    In Memory of "Squirt" passed 10/15/91
10. Benjamin Burroughs, d. 24 Oct 1849, in his 30y 

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