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Stott Family

Stott family bible record, copy of entry pages owned by David Stott

Submitted by David K. Stott,

The Stott family lived primarily in Coeymans Hollow, but later generations lived in various portions of Greene County.

Elisha W. Stott
born Sept 3, 1820 in the year of our lord in England.
wife, Elizabeth Leedings born  August 6, 1826 in NY

Children births:
Elizabeth Stott born November 6, 1845
Mary Ann Stott born July 24, 1847
Rufus W. Stott born April 11, 1849
Jacob L. Stott born March 24, 1851
David L. Stott born September 24, 1853
Phillip K. Stott born September 10, 1855
Lucy L. Stott born  June 1, 1856
John L. Stott born January 2, 1858
Jurian W. Stott born November 6, 1859
Nicholas H. Stott born September 6, 1861
Harriet V. Stott born November 6, 1863
Martha H. Stott born Aug 2, 1865
Elisha W. Stott Jr born April 14, 1867
Abbie D. Stott born Jan 8, 1869

Elisha W. Stott married Elizabeth Leedings February 11, 1845

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