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The Miller Family

Retyped from Beers "History of Greene County" by Annette Campbell

Although there is no direct proof, yet there is good reason to believe, that this family is a branch of the Millers of East Hampton, Long Island, whose ancestor, John Miller, settled there as early as 1650. The immediate ancestor of the family here mentioned was Jonathan Miller, who came to this county from Peekskill in 1791. Jonathan Miller was born November 24th 1753. His wife, Lydia McCabe, was born December 19th 1758. Their children were:
Hannah, born November 2nd 1777, married Ephraim Garret of New Baltimore; Matthew, born January 8th 1779; Sarah, born January 16th 1781, married James, son of Timothy Green; Elizabeth, born August 13th 1783, died young; twin boys, died in infancy; Jonathan; Lydia, born August 15th 1791, married Levi Garret of New Baltimore; Rhoda, born January 3rd 1793, married Levi Hathaway; Jesse, born May 1st 1795; Stephen; and Daniel S..
Jesse Miller married Ann Kirk (born in 1800), November 28th 1821, and their children were: Lydia, born December 9th 1822, married Henry P. Miller; Rosetta, born July 8th 1824, died young; Abigail K., born May 12th 1826, married Benjamin Lisk; Elizabeth H., born December 30th 1829, married Rev. Warren Hathaway of Orange county, of whose eloquence as a pulpit orator the Christian church is justly proud; and wpe3.gif (152624 bytes) Martin Silas, born February 29th 1832, married March 24th 1868, Mary E., daughter of William H. Rice of Albany, who was born in 1816, a granddaughter of Charles Rice, who was born in 1789, and a great granddaughter of Jesse Rice, who was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, and whose mother was Abigail Woodford, who came to this country about 1690. The children of Martin Silas and Mary E, are William, born January 2nd 1869, and Ernest born September 2nd 1870.
Mrs. Miller is a lady of well known literary ability. Her firstwpe5.gif (144892 bytes) appearance in the literary world was as the winner of two prizes, offered by the publishers of Wood's Household Magazine.  The story that took the first prize was a little work for children, entitled, "A Word and a Blow," and the second, "Ruth." She is a regular contributor to the Illustrated Christian Weekly.  Her work entitled, "Little Margary," is very popular, and two sets of books for children, called the "Holly Books," and "Books for Bright Eyes," have had a very extended sale, and their popularity has not diminished. Among her other works may be mentioned "Bessie Kirkland," "Riverside Farm House," and "Bertie's Fall." Her works are specially adapted to the wants and capacities of children.  Mrs. Miller is a member of the Episcopal Church, St. Paul's of Albany, being her mother church, and her father's faithfulness as vestryman for many years, and Mrs. Miller's devoted labor in all the charities of the church, and as a successful Sunday-school teacher, are well and affectionately remembered.
wpe8.gif (626224 bytes) Mr. Miller's home, on one of the tracts purchased by his enterprising grandfather, is in a beautiful location. He is extensively engaged in the raising of superior horses, and among his stock may be reckoned, "Roland," half brother of the famous "St. Julien,"  and a horse that has developed remarkable speed. Mr. Miller is a member of the republican party, and a man of recognized influence. He is also a prominent member of the masonic fraternity. Like the rest of the family, he is a supporter of the Christian church, founded by his grandfather.
Jonathan Miller, Jr., was born June 8th 1787, and married Margaret, daughter of Elisha Powell, April 26th 1810. Their children were: Lydia, Henry Powell (born July 10th 1812), Luman, Elisha D., Rachel, Jonathan J., Margaret, Daniel S., and Agnes.  Mr. Miller died April 25th 1854; his wife, Margaret, died June 23rd 1856.
Ann Kirk, wife of Jesse Miller, was a daughter of George Kirk born December 27th 1770, a granddaughter of Richard Kirk, born April 8th 1737, and her great-great-grandfather was Richard Kirk, who had sisters Jemima and Jerusha.  George Kirk's wife was Elizabeth Hendrickson, born April 8th 1837. The Kirks were Friends, and noted for their integrity and worldly success, as owners of the large paper mills at Roslyn, Long Island. In the stream that turned the mill, an aunt of Ann Kirk was drowned in sight of her mother. Another aunt of Ann, a childless widow, found in old age a hospitable home with her niece Ann, becoming well known throughout the neighborhood as "Aunt Abby," a sort of dowager queen who entertained both old and young with stories of her once beautiful home at Roslyn, a place famous as having been the home of the lamented poet, William Cullen Bryant. Silas Kirk, a bachelor brother, is well remembered as the recipient of a beautiful portrait in oil, the gift of his sister Ann, for his name.

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