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Thomas Brand Family 

Contributed by Jeanne M. Williams

Jeanne purchased the Brand Family bible at a tag sale years ago and
donated it to the Durham Museum

July twenty fifth 1812 then was married Thomas to Polly Freyor (Freyer -this is hand written)
February twentyeth 1826 then was married Thomas Brand to Caroline Freyor (Freyer)

January 14 1815 then was bornd (born) Hatty An Brand
May first 1817 then was bornd Catherine Brand
April seventh 1820 then was bornd Sophiah Brand
May sixth 1827 then was bornd Delia Brand
Febuary the 10th 1834 then was bornd Zelotes Brand

Died May 26th 1827 Polly Brand
Hetty Ann Potter died May 5th 1891 Age 76
Thomas Brand died
Caroline Brand died October 22 1885 age 83, 7 months and 14 days.

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