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Traver Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Mr. and Mrs. Traver, bought June 21, 1873, Catskill, Greene Co, NY


Norman Traver and Mary L. Bryan  m. September 11, 1872
Arthur Traver and 1st Emma Tice  m. October 16, 1907
Orson Traver and Dora Haskins  m. August 24, 1904
Edward Biesiadecka and Edith M. Traver  m. February 19, 1905
Norman B. Traver and Calantha Grobe  m. May 29, 1906
Pauline V. Traver and Louis Boukey  m. 1st (no dates)
Pauline V. Traver and Howard Decker  m. 2nd (no dates)


Norman Traver  b.  January 31, 1841
Mary L. Bryan  b. May 4, 1851
Arthur N. Traver, b. August 30, 1874
Edith May Traver, b. April 19, 1879
Orson A. Traver, b. February 18, 1884
Norman B. Traver, b. May 16, 1886
Pauline Traver, b. January 17, 1909
Norman Arnold Traver, b. August 8, 1910


Norman Traver, d. December 21, 1917, aged 76y
Emma Traver, d. December 5, 1921, aged 46y
Mary Traver, d. February 6, 1923, aged 71y
Eldith Biesadecker, d. November 19, 1909
Orson Traver, d. April 4, 1946
Dora H. Traver, d. August 4, 1979
Arthur Traver, d. (no dates)
Edward Biesadecker, d. (no dates)

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