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Union Society Cemetery

Cemetery is located on Old Road in the Town of Windham. The cemetery is surrounded by a mesh link fence with a gate. It is a fairly large plot and it appears that numerous stones are missing. 

From an old newspaper clipping, undated: Stones flatened to the ground by owner of property who planned to sell building lots. He was restrained by town action. In 1932 the Sgt. James G. Carty Post #1545 Veterans of Foreign Wars bought the cemetery and planned to "place in good condition, restore it, place a fence around it" some time in the summer dedicate it as a Greene Co. Historic Shrine for Memorial services.

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf November 11, 2000

  1. In Memory of Cornelius Deyoe, d. April 10, 1834, aged 21y8m9d
  2. Sacred to the Memory of Revilo, son of Oliver and Sarah Loomis, who was drowned in the Schoharie Kill near the New York Tannery in Hunter on the 12 July 1822, aged 24y10m
  3. Olive Minor, d. July 23, 1836, aged 68y, w/o Israel Minor
  4. In Memory of John Twiss, d. January 11, 1821, aged 74y2m
  5. Clark Twiss, d. June 20, 1843, aged 64y7m14d
  6. In Memory of John Hotchkiss, d. January 2, 1824, aged 34y
  7. Isaac Hotchkiss Continental Line Rev War, b. 1758, d. 1825 (military marker)
  8. Olive, d. September 3, 1847 at Cairo, aged 88y, w/o Isaac Hotchkiss
  9. Adeline, d. February 4, 1839, aged 8m, d/o Barney and Abagail Fuller
  10. Hannah, d. December 24, 1839, aged 86y, relict of Rev. Amos Stillman
  11. In Memory of Phebe, d. April 10, 1848, aged (missing), w/o James O. Gates, Esq.
  12. In Memory of James O. Gates Esq., d. October 10, 1835, aged (buried)
  13. Eleazer Miller, d. December 3, 1846, aged 87y6m
  14. Major Cornelius Fuller, d. June 10, 1839, aged 69y
  15. Zilpha, d. January 28, 1830, aged 23y1m23d, w/o Herman Bump


In Vol. 10, No. 4 of Patricia Morrow’s Greene Genes the following additional information regarding Union Society Cemetery can be found:

7. Isaac Hotchkiss’ original stone read: In Memory of Isaac Hotchkiss, a soldier of the Revolution died May 17, 1825, aged 67y

11. Phebe, d. April 10, 1848, aged 87y6m, w/o James Q. Gates

12. James Q. Gates, d. October 10, 1835, aged 75y (a Soldier of the Revolution)

Additional stones:

  1. Mary, d. January 9, 1825, aged 62y, w/o Eleazer Miller
  2. Zilpha, d. July 10, 1829, aged 45y, w/o Cornelius Fuller

From J.B. Beers & Co., History of Greene County, published in 1884, page 331:

"Several have met their death by drowning, Elijah Haynes, a son of Elisha, Vilo Loomis, George W. Willsbee, Charles Higgins, and two Irishmen, were drowned in Colonel Edward’s mill-pond. They were at work around the dam in the season of high water and were carried over the dam to the rocks below."

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