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Van Bramer

Located on Rte. 32 on the right hand side of the road, just past Game Farm Road on the way to Saugerties from Cairo.

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Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf and Britni Hasenkopf October 16, 1999. Retyped by Annette Campbell.

  1. Mariah S. Vedder, b.  24 Jun 1828, d. 17 Jun 1898 w/o Peter Van Bramer

  2. Elizabeth Van Bramer b. 17 Apr 1848 (apparently died at the County Poor House - SH)
    Belle Van Bramer d. 10 Jul 1885, aged 34y

Postscript: In June 1962 Dorothy and Walter Smith transcribed this cemetery. Located at the site at that time were the following additional stones:

  1. Peter Sax, d. May 2, 1838, aged 69y

  2. Catharine, d. May 6, 1839, aged 64, w/o Peter Sax

  3. Peter P Sax, d. March 18, 1829, aged 53y8m28d

  4. Elizabeth, d. April 7, 1848, aged 70y6m, w/o Peter P Sax

  5. Eliza, d. April 29, 1832, aged 25y1m25d, w/o Peter L. Sax

  6. Margaret Rowe, d. July 31, 1866

  7. Henry Van Bramer, d. October 5, 1854, aged 82y

  8. Catharine Smith, d. December 1, 1878, aged 96y, w/o Henry Van Bramer

  9. In Memory of Nicholas Huffman, remainder missing.

An interview with Mr. Sinclair, who owned the land at that time (1962), revealed that 35 years prior to 1962 some tombstones were used as part of the foundation of the barn and the house. He also stated that Henry Van Bramer was the grandfather of George Van Bramer. Maria S. Van Bramer was George's mother, and Peter Van Bramer his father. When George's father absconded, George tore down the front room fire place looking for his "poke". George's older sister, Elizabeth, (6 years older), married a widower with two boys, by the name of Louckes. When he died she gave the boys their father's money. She then gave what money she had to a family to keep her. When it ran out they put her into the county farm at Cairo where she died and was buried. George not having the decency to have her put into the family plot here. She had been willed this farm and George the small rectangular six acre place across the road now (1962) owned by McDowells. He somehow got her to switch so he could lumber off here which he did by contract for years running. George ended up in Poughkeepsie but is buried in Catskill.

In 1931 Mrs. Vedder transcribed this cemetery too. The following stones were there at that time, but are no longer locatable.

  1. Margaret Sax, d. December 19, 1827, aged 91y, w/o John Sax

  2. Catharine Mower, b. November 14, 1815, d. July 31, 1893, w/o Ira B. Sax

  3. Ira Sax, d. January 14, 1883, aged 76y3m

  4. Maria Sax, d. July 7, 1828, aged 20y3m25d, w/o Alexander Vedder and d/o Peter P. Sax and Elizabeth Sax

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