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Van Dusen/Miller/Parker
Family Bible

Bible copyright 1835 published in Cooperstown, NY “Sterotyped, printed and published by H. E. Phinney and sold by them at their bookstore, and by booksellers generally in the United States. 1835”

Contributed by Sheila


Stevan Van Dusen was born November the 8th 1782

Margaret Van Duzin daughter of Stevan born June 2, 1810
Simon Miller Sr born August 29, 1809 *note Simeon’s name is spelled Simon in bible on this entry

Abraham Parker was born July 13, 1806
Elizabeth Boardmann Buell his wife was born Nov 11 1805

Their children
Silvanus Parker Jan 5 1829
Jesse Buell Parker Oct 28 1830
Lydia Ann Parker July 8 1838 wife of Lee Miller
William Parker April 18 1841
Ruth Smith Parker Jan 9 1844
Isadore Newell Parker Sept 30 1846
Abraham Parker Jan 11 1849

Children of Simeon and Margaret Miller
Asa William Lee Miller was born April 20, 1837
Henrietta Miller was born Feb 24 1843
Margaret Poland born Aug 38, 1870

Children of Lee and Lydia Miller
Simeon Miller Jr was born Aug 5, 1863
Hannah Miller born May 19 1868
Buel Miller born Nov 19 1859
Julia Miller Aug 29 1873
David Poland was born April 25 1842 husband of Henrietta Miller *note lived near Durham*

Their children
Denis (?) Poland
Grace Poland Vandusen
Margaret Poland
Maggie Van Dusen was born July 18, 1888
Miss Hannah (*indicating Hannah Miller *)
Newell Miller born March 4 1888 son of Hannah Miller
Bruce A Buell born July 25 1892
Vernon S Miller son of Simeon Jr born Aug 13 1890

Children of Newell Miller & Golda Becker Miller
Carrie Belle Miller born Oct 3 1911
Nelta Miller April 6 1918
Clement Miller Jan 21 1922
Francis Robert Miller Oct 1 1925
Living miller
Ruth Miller May 6 1929

Children of Bruce and Vadna Buell
Chester Keith Buell Sept 21 1929
Living Buell

Children of Carrie Miller and Chauncey Dent
* 4 living children

Children of Keith and Lillian Buell
4 living children

Living Buell
2 children


Simeon Miller was married to Miss Margaret Van Dusen in the year of our Lord October 24, 1832
Abraham Parker and Elizabeth B Buell Feb 13 1828
Asa William Lee Miller was married to Miss Lydia Ann Parker in the year of our Lord
April 11 1859
Sylvanus Parker and Julia Ann White April 15 1852
Jesse Buell Parker and Louisa Benjamin Feb 19 1852
Jesse Buell Parker and Stata Coe Paine Sept 17 1855
Simeon Miller and Rachel Barlow Feb 14 1885
Simeon Miller and Dora Bogardus March 8 1887
Hannah Miller and Harmon Buel Dec 1 1890
At Stamford, NY by Elder Van Hoosen
Newell Miller and Golda Becker at Roxbury by Cormany?
Bruce A Buell and Vadna Ellerson July 31 1922 at Renselaerville NY by F Fennen
Carrie B Miller and Chauncey Dent October 20 1927 at Stamford, NY
Vernon Miller 1935
Chester Keith Buell and Lillian Janette Lines June 26, 1948 at Jefferson, NY
Francis Robert Miller and Vilma Jean Cole June 15 1947
Ruth E Miller and Elwood Clark Sept 21 1947

*living entry omitted*
*living entry omitted*


William Parker March 4 1842
Abraham Parker April 5 1852
Elizabeth Parker Oct 20 1864 age 59
Sylvanus Parker Nov 16 1890
Isadore Newell Parker July 13 1913  

Stephan Van Dusen died September the 15 1865 age 83
Hanah Van Dusen died Oct the 10, 1858 aged 73
Margaret Poland died August 14th 1812 aged 2yrs 1 month
Simeon Miller died March 13th 1884 aged 75 years
his wife Margaret Miller died May 21 1888 aged 78
daughter of Newell Miller, Nelta Miller June 4th 1935
Henrietta Miller Poland died December 9th 1905 age 62 years 9 months and
15 days
Rachel Barlow Miller August 10th 1885 wife of Simeon Miller, Jr January 23rd 1912 aged 48 years 5 months 18 days
David Poland died November 23 1814 aged 72 years 5 months 8 days
Julia Miller died May 27th 1875 age 1 year 9 months daughter of Asa William Lee Miller
Asa William Lee Miller died Sunday morning October 1 1916
Lydia Ann Miller died Monday morning May 14th 1917
Buell Miller died April 23 1923
Hannah Elizabeth Miller Buell died January 11 1932
Harmon Buell died January 16 1923


(* relatives of Greene Co families* newspaper and dates unknown)

William H Barlow
Wm Barlow died at his home in this village Wednesday lat aged 70 years. Death was caused by heart trouble of which he had been a sufferer for a number of years . The funeral was held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock from Grace Episcopal church of which he had been a member for several years. Rev W.J. Wilkie, officiating and burial was made in Locust Hill cemetery at Hobart. Mr Barlow as a son of the late Samuel Barlow and was born on Roses Brook. He formerly lived near Hobart occupying the farm now owned by Hon James R Stevenson. He was three times married. His first wife was Miss Sarah Carroll, the second Mrs Forrest Gibson and the third Mrs Harvey Lewis who survives him. He is also survived by six children, Mrs William Smith of Bovina, Mrs Daniel Craft of Stamford, Mrs Abbie Chambers of Kingston, Ward Barlow of Treadwell and Frank and Fred Barlow who reside in Colorado.

Madison H Stryker
Madison H Stryker died at 10 am at the home of his daughter Mrs Mihalko, in Harpersfield. Mr Stryker sustained a stroke of paralysis two weeks ago and a second yesterday morning of which he died. Mr Stryker was born in Conesville, Schoharie County 76 years ago next November, where he resided until about five years ago when he and Mrs Stryker came to live with their daughter.

Simeon Miller
Simeon Miller aged about forty eight years, died on Jan 23 his funeral being held last Friday at the house with interment in the cemetery here (*Ashland). Mr Miller had suffered from asthma for many years and some time ago complications set in so that his life was despaired of. However, he recovered partially and was thought to be regaining health when about a week before his death a relapse occurred. He leaves a wife, one son and his aged parents.

Isadore Parker
The remains of Isadore Parker of Ashland were brought to this village for burial Sunday. Mr Parker for many years at Conesville and a number of old friends gathered to pay their last respects. After he was laid to rest his grave with four beautiful floral pieces.

Ralph Disbrow
The Death Angel came to our midst on Saturday morning April 5 after a brief illness removed from out midst Ralph A Disbrow , a young man of only 34 years of age. Left in their sad bereavement are the morning friends, a young wife, a small son and daughter and an aged father and mother. Ralph was a man of estimable character and more than ordinary intellect. From the time of his youth his spare time, aside from manual labors has been devoted to literature and this knowledge his unsparingly used for the benefit of the community. He had capably served our town as supervisor and was just beginning his second term when the Great Reaper of Time came to close his books once for all. The funeral services were held on Wednesday, April 9th at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs P Disbrow, Rev Morse, a former pastor, officiated at the services which were conducted under the auspices of the Gilboa Masonic Lodge of which he had been an honored member. Many beautiful floral offerings were banked on the costly casket as silent tokens of friendship from those unable to be present. His body was laid to rest in Gilboa Cemetery.

Mrs John Vanduser
(this may be a newspaper typo and should be “Van Dusen”)
Mrs John Vanduser died Thursday Dec 20 after a brief illness in her 30th year. Services were held in the M.E. Church. The deceased leaves a husband and two small children to suffer her loss . A large gathering of relatives and friends attended to pay their last respects to the departed. Mrs Vanduser was a native of New York State, her parents living near Catskill on the Hudson. It seems hard when death invades a home like this taking a mother whose care is so much needed. But there is no respective persons. Death is written in everything that has life. A learned writer has said: “We live by death.” It is not the decree of an angry God, or the chastisement of sin. It is when our natures have been overtaxed and the laws of health broken that our system gives up and we die. Some term it “passing over the divide” but it is all the same. It is the solemn fate that marks the closing chapter of life. Death in some instances appears more sad, because of the duties and cares that are left to those who can never take the place of mother.

There are words that speak of a quenchless love,
Which burn in the hearts we cherish;
And kindness that tells of a friendship proved
That will never fade or perish.
There are soft words murmured by dear, dear lips
Far richer than any other
But the sweetest words the writer ever heard
Is the blessed name of mother.

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