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Van Tassel Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

 Bible printed in 1859


Theodorus Van Tassel and Mary Holmes on January 25, 1809
Alanson Van Tassel and Olive Lovica Winans on January 31, 1860
Peter Winans and Elizabeth Bear on January 14, 1836
Henry W Barker and Fannie Van Tassel on February 25, 1891


Libbie Van Tassel b. April 23, 1861
Mary Van Tassel b. June 7, 1863
Cora Van Tassel b. August 9, 1866
Fannie Van Tassel b. June 14, 1868


Cora Van Tassel d. August 18, 1867
Fannie Van Tassel Barker d. January 11, 1901
Alanson Van Tassel d. July 31, 1911
Olive L. Van Tassel d. November 4, 1921
Libbie Van Tassel d. March 6, 1931
Mary Van Tassel d. December 30, 1934

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