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Muster Roll Van Vechten's Company

Excerpt from J.B. Beers, "History of Greene County"

When the second war with Great Britain occurred-the war of 1812-the people of this county were better organized, and perhaps more in harmonious unity on the subject. Their military powers had been developed by discipline, and they were better prepared to take an active position if called upon. But the scenes of that war were far removed from this locality, and the people were not called upon to bear the heavy burdens in its prosecution.

When it was pending, the Union Volunteers of Catskill held a meeting at the house of Messrs. Baker and Wright, in the village of Jefferson, July 25th 1807, and after an exchange of patriotic sentiment unanimously resolved to tender their services to the commander-in-chief, by their captain, Jacob Haight, through the medium of Brigadier General Daniel Brown Jr. This company was fully equipped, and ready to take to the field whenever it should be called upon. Captain Haight made the offer July 27th, 1807. To this General Brown replied, in a letter dated at Durham, August 17th, assuring the Union Volunteers of his "warmest approbation and thanks for their manly behavior, at this important crisis of our national concerns."

The following abstract of the muster roll of Captain Van Vechtenís company indicates that it was in the government service in that war, but in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we presume they were not called into action.


William Horacthroop, Mathew Sayre, John Kenyon, Isaac Blanchard, Moses Waters, Jay Rowley, Robert Shaw


Drummer, John Munden; fifer, Mills Carrington


John Ashley Jr., William Ashley, Daniel Basset, Eben Beach, Richard Brownell, William Brandow, Teunis Brink, Dexter Brigham, Stephen Burgess, James Brady, Abraham Brandow, Peter Brandow, Isaiah Brandow

"Muster Roll of a Company of Militia under command of Capt. John Van Vechten, in the 61st Regiment of N.Y.S.D. Militia, commanded by Lieut. Col. Barnabas Covva from the Sixth day of Sept. 1814 to the 10th day of Nov. 1814 in the service of the United States."

Commissioned Officers:

Captain, Gerret Person Jr.; first Lieutenant, John Van Vechten; second lieutenant, John Fiero; ensigns, Benjamin Sayre, and Benjamin Maltby.


Abraham Van Vechten, Lora Nash, James C.D. Voorhis, Reuben Allerton, Tobias Britt, William Wells


Isaac Cooper, Orrin Cole, Elisha Cole, Henry Conall, Horace Cantine, Jeremiah Cuyler, Egbert Dederick, Ransom Davenport, Augustus Donelly, Nicholas Egbertson, Benjamin Echler, Wilbur Earl, Silas Finch, Jacob Ferry, Amos Finch Jr., Amos Finch, Jacob Tryover, Abraham Finch, John V. Fitch, Lewis Greene, Chauncy Goodrich, Camaranzaman Griswold, John Gardiner, Samuel Green, Joseph Hedding, Thorn Heusted, John G. Hermance, George G. Vanderberg, Wines Hubbard, Jeremiah Hamlin, Stephen Hyde, Wm. Huntington, Jacob Hollinbeck Jr., Pittick Jones, George Knox, John H. Keller, Jeremiah Kiderhouse, Cornelius Lee, Lucas Longindyke, Alfred Mann, Peter Munden, Hezekiah Milligan, Augustus Murray, Benjamin Myer, Ebenezer B. Morehouse, William Ostrander, Peter J. Overbaugh, Reuben Palmer, John Plank, John Pattock Jr., William Person, John Phillip Jr., John Robertson, William Raymond, Nicholas Rowe, Jr., John Rogers, Thomas Richley, Thomas Sutton, John Stewart, Albert Salisbury, Peter Scutt, John P. Sax, Jacob Sax, Henry I. Van Hoesen, William Webb, Esek Wilbur, Mathew Winnie, Jason Youngs, James Lewis, Henry Stebins, Benjamin Storey Jr., Christian Sax, John Stevens, Thomas Smith, David Stout, John Turner, Conrad Turner, Nicholas Turner, Benjamin Tryon Jr., Palmer Thompson, Ebenezer Thayer, Abraham Onderdonk, William G. Van Bergen, Benjamin Van Atten, Thomas F. Van Steenburg, Cornelius Vanderzee, Martin G. Van Bergen, Smith Wright, Amasa Wood, William G. Wolven, Thomas Burns, Abraham Mundy

"I certify that the foregoing Muster Roll exhibits a true statement of a Company of N.Y.S.D. Militia under my command. Dated the 10th day of November 1814."

Signed by John Van Vechten, Capt.

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