Van Vechten Family 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the Rossi Records at the Durham Center museum
Mrs. Rossi transcribed bible records from throughout Greene County and compiled them into a series of record books.

Anno 1702
Property of W. Washington Van Vechten, Leeds, NY 

Dirick Teunisen Van Vechten emigrated from Holland with his wife JnYannetie Vralant. 

Their children born in Catskill, NY
1660 Sept. 25 JnYannetie Van Vechten born
1662 Jany 17 Wyntie Van Vechten born
1663 Noov. 20 Migkeel Van Vechtne born
1665 March 24 Neeltie Vam Vechten born
1666 Jany 24 Yiohannes Vamn Vechten born
1668 May 24 Theunis Van Vechten born
1670 May 4 Antie Vam Vechten born
1671 Decm 6 Tryntie Vam Vechten born
1673 Apr 12 Samuel Van Vechten born
1675 Jany 8 Saertie Van Vechten born
1676 Oct 30 Eliesabet Van Vechten born
1679 Apr 14 Abraham Van Vechten born 

The above named Teunis Van Vechten had a son:

Teunis was born April 1, 1707 and adopted by his uncle Samuel Van Vechten and married Judica Ten Brook
Their children:

1742 Sept 28 Samuel Van Vechten was born
1747 Sept 18 Jacob Van Vechten was born
1749 Apr 24 Teunis Van Vechten was born
1757 Oct 6 Elizabeth Van Vechten was born
1762 Decm 5 Abraham Van Vechten was born 

The above named Samuel Van Vechten was married to Sarah Van Orden .

Said Sarah Van Orden was born Aug. 18, 1758

Their children:
1782 June 18 Teunis Samuel was born and died
1784 Jany 20 2nd Teunis Samuel Van Vechten born
1785 Nov 24 John 3rd Van Vechten born
1788 July 3 Jacob S. Van Vechten born
1790 Nov 28 Benjamin Vam Vechten born
1791 Oct 13 Abraham Van Vechten born
1794 Feb 5 (looks like 15?) Peter Van Vechten born
1796 Aug 4 Samuel Van Vechten born
1799 Jany   13 Wm. Washington Van Vechten born
1802 June (?) Catherine Judith Van Vechten born 

1812 March 26 John Van Vechten the 3rd son of Samuel Van Vechten, married Elenor Schuneman. She was born June 4, 1793.

Their children:
1813 Feby 3 Samuel, 1st son, Van Vechten born
1815 Oct. 20 Wm. Schuneman Van Vechten born 2nd son
1818 Sept. 18 Catherine Judith Van Vechten born 1st daughter
1820 Aug. 11 Anna Maria Van Vechten born 2nd daughter
1823 Auíst 24 Sarah Elizabeth Van Vechten born 3rd daughter
1827 Abírl 15 Peter Van Vechten born 3rd son 

On an old paper with this bible is:
Cornelia Beekman born June 4, 1794 

1702 Nov 15 Dirick Theunisse Van Vechten died
1714 Decím 11 Yannitie Vraland died
1741 March 30 Samuel Van Vechten died
1753 June 9 Johanes Van Vechten died
1783 (looks like) Apr. 9 Teunis Samuel Van Vechten died
1785 Apr 3 Teunis the grand(father) Van Vechten of the above Teunis Van Vechten died
1783 March 8 Judith Ten Brook the wife of Teunis Van Vechten died
1790 Decím 5 Benjamin Van Vechten died
1805 Decím 4 Catherine Judith Van Vechten died
1813 Febíy 12 Samuel Van Vechten died
1813 Febíy 17 Elizabeth Van Vechten widow of Heusikiah Van Orden died
1806 Apr. 30 Jacob Van Vechten died
1819 June 9 Wm. Schuneman Van Vechten, son of John Van Vechten died
1824 Decím 12 Sarah Van Orden widow of Samuel Van Vechten died
1826 Sept. 19 Anna Maria Van Vechten died
1826 Sept. 30 Catherine Judith Van Vechten died 

John Van Vechten born Nov. 24, 1785 departed this life Feb. 3, 1879
1827 Oct. 2 Elenor the wife of John Van Vechten died
1879 Feb 3 John Van Vechten died 3rd son of Samuel and Sarah Van Vechten
8th son Samuel son of Samuel and Sarah Van Vechten died
Sept 29 1885 Abraham Van Vechten died 6th son
1836 Abraham Van Vechten died
1852 Decím 24 Samuel Van Vechten died son of John Van Vechten
1852 Jan 21 Teunis L. 2nd son of Samuel and Sarah Van Vechten died
1871 Sept 14 Jacob Van Vechten died 4th son of Samuel and Sarah Van Vechten
1845 Aug 25 Wm. Washington Van Vechten died
1854 Aug 29 Peter Van Vechten died 7th son of Samuel and Sarah Van Vechten 

John Van Orden b. May 16, 1727
Catherine Du Bois, his wife, b. Apr 24, 1729

Catherine Van Orden born March 11, 1752
Wm. Van Orden born Feby 15, 1754
Benjamin Van Orden born Aug. 27, 1756
Sarah Van Orden born Aug 18, 1758
Peter Van Orden born Sept. 19, 1761
John Van Orden born Sept. 20, 1763
Margaret Van Orden born Sept. 1, 1769

Benjamin Van Orden born married to Elizabeth Van Denburgh who was born March 29, 1758

Their Children:

Catharine Van Orden born Nov. 27, 1780
Sarah Van Orden born May 15, 1784
Benjamin Van Orden born July 3, 1790 

Sarah Van Orden married William MacCarty 1809
Their children:

Daniel MacCarty born June 4, 1810, died July 23, 1821
Sarah MacCarty born and died July 20, 1821
Sarah MacCarty died Feby 17, 1847

John Van Orden died Feby 4 1813
William Van Orden died Oct 23, 1777
Benjamin Van Orden died Feby 7 1837

The above was taken from a Bible in possession of Mrs. Mayo in Leeds NY Nov. 1871

On a paper of records in Dutch is:

Ano Samuel Van Vechten Ten Boeck en Catskill Den 52 Maart Anvi 1726

On another sheet of paper is also:
1783 Oct 23 William Salisbury son of Barant Stats Salisbury was born
1786 June 2 Peggy Salisbury daughter of Barant Stats Salisbury born
1788 July 8 Eunis Salisbury daughter of Barant Stats Salisbury born

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