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VanDenburgh Family

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Transcribed by Dave Van Denburgh April 8, 1979.

Picture and validation of tombstones completed April 15, 2006 by Sylvia Hasenkopf and Carol Scerzio

Here is a list of graves in a small cemetery in the Climax -W. Coxsackie area, it is located at the the VanDenburgh family farm, on Vandenburgh Road.

1. Richard H. Van Denburgh, died July 21, 1860, aged 43 years

2. Edith R. daughter of Richard & Rachel Vandenburgh, died June 3, 1853 AE 2y4m5d

3. Rachel Lampman, wife of R.H. VanDenburgh died Mar. 4, 1910 aged 85y6m6d

4. Rebecca, daughter, Richard & Rachel Van Denburgh died Oct 2, 1878 Aged 19y10m21d

5. Henry Van Denburgh May 12, 1853 aged 77 yrs

6. Rebeckah, wife of Henry Van Denburgh died February 3,1852 Aged 74 years

7.Albert, son of Henry & Rebecca died Dec 28, 1887, 86 yrs _______

8.Lydia Hunter Crane, wife of Albert Van Denburgh  Oct 27, 1802, d. Apr 21, 1886

9. Christina, daughter of Henry & Rebeckah  Van Denburgh died May 8, 1816 Aged 4y7m4d  _____ __ young child  __  ___ may shortly die

10. Rachel VanDenburgh died Dec 19, 1866 Aged 55y2m12d (missing in 2006)

11. Philip, s/o Adam and Catherine Miller, d. August 15, 1866, aged 11m12d


Also that same day I transcribed various fragments from a burial site East of the VanDenburgh stone house (with 1783 in metal on the wall) by Indian Ridge and south of Rte 81. The site was in the field scattered and broken. Some of the fragments were used as a foundation for a utility tower. I would think this site contained graves of the 2nd and 3rd generations of Vandenburghs. Richard Janse VD, the original settler, may have been buried in this area.

1. Margaret wife of Robert Vandenbergh died Mar. 10, 1843 Aged 90 yrs Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
2. In memory of __ NNA___ (Hannah?)
3. M. V.
4. Lydia daughter of Nathan & Lydia Prentiss and wife of Samual Westcot was born Sept (7) and was remov__ to__
5. Amanda Prentiss died March 13th 1823, aged 14 years 9 months
6. H. VDB (Henry VanDenBergh?)
7. L.W.
8. M. A. V. B ( Van Bergen?)
9. M.V. (Mathias Van Denbergh?)
10. M.V.
11. Christine van Denb___ Died __ (1/28?) 1878 __85 yrs married to Dr. A.D. Spoor
12. Robert Van DEn__ 82 yrs 13. June 23, 1---- Aged 82 yr A good man has gone to his rest (possibly this is a second fragment to #12)

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