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Van der Zee and Skinner
Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf
See Vanderzee Family Bibles for a transcription from the original bible

The following record was cut out from an older bible and glued to the page of a newer one.


Andrew Van der Zee b. May 22, 1766
Jane Ten Eyck b. June 16, 1784
First child Agnes b. March 20, 1798
Second child Garritie b. September 16, 1801
Third child Cornelius b. April 7, 1804
Fourth child Conrad Ten Eycke b. May 20, 1806
Fifth child John b. October 8, 1808
Sixth child Caroline b. September 26, 1811
Seventh child Barent b. December 22, 1818
Eighth child Andrew junr, half blood b. November 22, 1828


Jane, wife of Andrew (Van der Zee) d. June 4, 1827
Conrad C. Ten Eyck d. January 18, 1846
Garitie Ten Eyke d. January 11, 1848
Charlotte Amelia Skinner, wife of I.L. Richmond, d. December 10, 1855
David Von Planck d. June 28, 1776
Kastina, wife of David Von Planck d. November 18, 1787
Hariet Skinner d. July 11, 1796
Salmon Skinner d. February 4, 1813, aged 49y9m
John Skinner d. October 14, 1822, aged 24y8m25d
Catherine, wife of Salmon Skinner, d. February 24, 1827, aged 58y8m10d
David Skinner d. August 19, 1839
Charlotte Amelia, wife of David Skinner, d. October __, 1839
Christina Van Antwerp d. January 1851
Samuel Coeyman d. 1670
Aresantie Coeyman d. 1692
Barent Van Derzee d. December 19, 1857
John Van Derzee d. December 2, 1861
Ten Eyck Van Derzee d. September 26, 1805
Isaac Skinner d. at Coeymans May 25, 1870, aged 70y5m11d
Elizabeth Spisk d. December 1, 1870, aged 78y7m
Catherine Nestell d. April 29, 1875, aged 50y8m14d
Harriet Van Dalson d. May 25, 1872

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