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Walker/Bedell Family

Contributed by Jean  Witherington


Married Dec 4th 1860
William Walker and Hannah A Bedell both of Coxsackie, N.Y.

Married Feb. 24, 1884
William Walker and Mary Dumery Edwards

Clara M married Jos. Clairmont    Jan. 1 1890

Inez married Harry Worden   June 3, 1903

George married Margaret Cautlires   Jan 4, 1923

Jurett Worden married Mildred Smith    Sept. 11, 1927


William Walker was born Aug. 25th 1838
Hannah A Bedell his wife was born March 12th 1843

Ira G. Walker was born Aug 23rd, 1862
Minna B. Walker was born Dec. 6th , 1864
Wellington Walker was born Nov 4th, 1866
Clara Walker was born July 4th, 1868
George W Walker was born June 12th, 1870
Inez Walker was born February 19th 1881

Junett Worden born April 11 1906
Walker Worden born Feb. 19 1909

Wellington Walker died July 15th 1878
Hannah Bedell Walker died Feb. 4 1883
William Walker Oct. 11, 1899
Clara W Clairmont died Feb. 18, 1900
Mary Edwards Walker died Jan. 29, 1927
Walker Worden died Jan 24, 1911
Jos. Clairmont died Nov. 27, 1912
Harry Worden died April 27, 1911
Inez Walker Worden died June 21, 1944
Ira Gage Walker died Sept 10, 1945
George Washington Walker died July 9, 1951

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