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Wilhelmus Brandow Family

Originally transcribed by Henry Brace circa 1890 from the Family Bible in the Possession Peter Groom Brandow of Athens, grandson of Wilhelmus Brandow

Located in the Henry Brace Manuscript collection, page 357 at the Vedder Memorial Library. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


J. Wilhlemus Brandow was married to Catharine Egbertson September 7, 1788
Jacob, s/o William Brandow married to Olive Groom April 4, 1813
Peter G., s/o Jacob and Olive Brandow married Helen Van den Bergh December 9, 1846
John K., s/o Jacob and Olive Brandow married Mary J. Penfield June 14, 1847
J. W. Brandow, s/o Jacob and Olive Brandow married Mary Anna May June 10, 1852


J. William Brandow was born May 23, 1769
My son William was born May 29, 1789
My son Jacob was born August 4, 1791
My son Jacob was born August 18, 1793
My daughter Euchey was born March 7, 1796

Children of Jacob Brandow:
My son William was born April 6, 1814
My son William was born August 9, 1816
My son Peter Groom was born September 9, 1818
My son John Henry was born September 5, 1820
My son Josiah Warner was born January 21, 1823
[J.W. moved to Pittsfield, Mass and died there abt 1876]
My son Theodore was born September 18, 1825
Jacob Brandow was born March 7, 1828
Olive Groom was born December 23, 1795
My daughter Catherine was born September 26, 1830
My son Isaac was born April 8, 1830

(Note: the record specifically states that Isaac and Catherine were both born in 1830, perhaps Catherine was premature)


Catherine Egbertson, w/o William Brandow September 17, 1810
William, s/o of William Brandow, died April 26, 1808
Jacob, s/o William Brandow, died May 17, 1792
Jacob, s/o Jacob Brandow died June 15, 1830
William, s/o Jacob Brandow, died July 25, 1815
Catherine, d/o Jacob Brandow, died October 6, 1830
Isaac Brandow, s/o Jacob, died April 19, 1837
William J., s/o Jacob, died December 22, 1840, with the explosion of boiler of steamboat Walker, 9 miles from Mobile
Jacob, s/o William Brandow, died May 30, 1871, aged 77.9.19

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