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William Osborne Family 

Located in the DAR Bible Records, Vol. 192, at the State Library at Albany
Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


William Osborne and Abigail Bailey  Dec. 22, 1821, at Lexington by the Rev. H.B. Stimpson
Samual W. Osborne at Lexington by Rev. J.J. Buck
Lucy Ann Osborne May 10, 1848 by Rev. J.J. Buck
Harmony E. Osborne March 10, 1852 by Rev. J.J. Buck


William Osborn  Feb. 10th 1800 at Gos(h)in
Abigail Bailey  Nov. 17th 1801 at Goshin
Sam'l W. Osborn  Nov. 27, 1822 at Lexington
Lucy Ann Osborn  Nov. 27, 1824 at Lexington
Harmony E. Osborn  Nov. 30, 1828 at Lexington
William R. Osborn  Aug. 29, 1832 at Lexington
Aurelia Osborn  Aug. 6, 1837 at Lexington
Nelson K. Osborn, son of Hinny Osborn  Sept. 5, 1840 at Troy


Aurelia Osborn  Feb. 2nd 1838
Abigial Osborn, wife of Wm. Osborn  March 19th 1871 at Windham
Wm. Osborn  Feb. 15, 1892
Wm. R. Osborn  May 25, 1854 at Amherst, Maine
Lucy Ann Osborn, wife of Luther Bailey, March 11th 1882 at Jewett
Elizabeth H. Osborn, wife of Samuel Reynolds, Oct. 26, 1887
Samuel W. Osborn  August 9th 1895

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