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William Wells
Family Bible

Handwritten copy of bible pages located at the Vedder Library in the 
Wells Family File

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Births and Deaths:

Mary Daniels, the wife of Joseph Wells, born the 22nd of November 1732. Dide February 20th 1822, aged 89y2m29d

William Wells, born April 24, 1768. Dide May 20th 1842, aged 74y26d

Mary Coddington, the wife of William Wells, born the September 17, 1769. Died January 31st 1837, aged 67y4m17d

Mary Wells born April 8, 1788, being deceased one year and 11 days

Mary Wells born April 20th, 1791. Died Jan 14th 1830, aged 38y8m5d

Joseph Wells born September 15th 1794. Died December 17th 1867, aged 75y3m2d

Anna Wells born January 17th 1797. Dide September 28th 1857, aged 60y8m8d

Margaret Wells born February 8th 1799. Dide November 6th 1872, aged 73y9m

James Wells born September 6th 1801. Dide February 6, 1874, aged 73y5m

Christopher Wells born October 11th 1803. Died February 14th 1854 , aged 50y3m

Elizabeth Wells born February 11th 1806. Dide May 5th 1889, aged 83y2m24d

Sally Wells born August 25th 1808. Died May 13th 1873, aged 64y8m19d

Hariett Wells born February 7th 1811. Deceased being 8 months old

Hariett Wells born December 23rd 1812. Died October 10th 1862, aged 49y2m

Juliette Wells born April 22nd 1816. Dide March 11, 1888, aged 71y10m17d

John C. Fuller, 2nd husband of Sally Wells, August 19, 1815

John W. Coddington born 19 January 1828. Died October 22, 1862, aged 34y3m3d

Eugene Van Buskirk born October 29, 1839. Died December 30, 1908, aged 69y1m2d

Mrs. Anna Lampman died September 28th 1857, aged 60y8m9d

Peter I. Lampman born September 11, 1800. Died April 24, 1862, aged 61y7m13d

Anna Wells, wife of Peter I. Lampman, born January 17th 1797

Rufus Lampman born February 17th, 1829. Died March 27, 1830

Wm. Rufus Lampman born February 17th, 1833. Died June 5, 1834

William Wells died February 26, 1881 in his 42 year

Ida E. Fuller died August 31, 1881, aged 32y

William Wells died February 26, 1881, aged 42y


Peter I. Lampman and Anna Wells were married 22nd October 1820

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