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William Wright
 Family Bible

Hand written copy from an original bible record submitted by Linda Torres and found in the Wright Family Folder at the Vedder Library

Retranscribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Notes by Linda Torres:

All entries were made by Lucy Wright except for the 2 last deaths on the pages. They were put in by Dora E. Wright.

On Wm. Wright's death certificate it states that James and Cynthia Wright were his parents.


Caroline Jane Wright and John Atkins - June 29, 1861
Sarah M. Wright and Peter Davis - Oct. 31st 1873
Emma C. Wright and John W. Babcock - July 22nd 1877
Ard N. Wright and Dora E. Crosby - Aug. 21st 1889


William Wright - March 23rd 1816 at Freehold, NY
Lucy Osborne - May 16, 1819 at Windham, NY
Caroline Jane Wright - June 11th 1838 at Iosco, Mich.
Byron Wright - Oct. 26th 1840 at Iosco, Mich.
Sarah Maria Wright - Sept. 22nd 1843 at Iosco, Mich.
Hiram C. Wright - Oct. 26th 1845, at Iosco, Mich.
Ard Nelson Wright - Dec. 28th 1847 at Iosco, Mich.
Emmet Wright - March 21st 1850 at Iosco, Mich.
Emma C. Wright - April 13th 1854 at Iosco, Mich.
Milo Wright, Dec. 23rd 1856 at Antrim, Mich.
Ella A. Wright - June 15th 1863 at Grand Blanc, Mich.


Emmet Wright died Sept. 23rd 1853
Milo Wright died June 7th 1857
Byron Wright died June 11th 1864

William Wright - Nov. 1896
Lucy Wright - Feb. 1901

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