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Marriage Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Marriages that Have occurred in the Town of Windham in the County of Greene, N.Y., during the year ending June 1, 1865. This table was prepared on the tenth day of June, 1865, Cicero C. Peck, Enumerator


Husband Name Age Previous Civil Condition Wife Name Age Previous Civil Condition Date of Marriage Name of City or Town where the marriage occurred Marriage solemnized by a clergyman Marriage solemnized by a civil magistrate Marriage solemnized by a declaration before witnesses
West E. Baldwin 21 S Nettie A. Mattoon 19 S 10-Oct Windham, Greene Co Preb.    
James Richmond 21 S Caroline Doolittle 26 S 1-Nov Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
John M. Cole 23 S Alice Osborn 23 S

Jany 19

Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
Hubbard Bump 28 W Helen A. Barlow 21 S 15-Feb Prattsville, Greene Co Presbty    
Henry White 31 S Mary Schoville 25 S 8-Sep Windham, Greene Co Presbty    
Horatio Martin 28 S Lottie Brackett 27 S 10-Aug Durham, Greene Co Presbty    
Edward Slater 25 S Almira Law 22 S 3-Oct Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
James Madden 35 W Roselyn Hitchcock 30 S 7-Jun Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
Linus Peck 27 S Amelia Newcomb 24 S 23-Oct Windham, Greene Co Presbty    
Abel Holcomb 36 S Augusta Peck 31 S 20-Nov Catskill, Greene Co Baptist    
Milo Lameraux 19 S Carrie Parsons 18 S 20-Sep Cairo, Greene Co, NY Preb.    
Willis Holcomb 19 S Hattie Wetmore 24 S 6-Oct Durham, Greene Co M.E.    
John Tormer 26 S Susanna Slater 21 S November Prattsville, Greene Co M.E.    
Roswell Fuller 20 S Mary A. Rusk 23 S 21-Jun Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
Joseph Pelham 26 S Julia M. Jacobs 19 S 26-Apr Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
Alexander McGlashan 35 S Mary J. Newcomb 25 S 4-Oct Windham, Greene Co M.E.    
George Newcomb 21 S Lydia A. Avery 19 S 8-Mar Jewett, Greene Co Presbty    
Willia Chatfield 35 W Elizabeth Newcomb 28 S 2-Apr Durham, Greene Co Episcopal    
John West 48 W Julia A. Teter 26 S 28-Sep Windham, Greene Co M.E.    


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