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Windham Town Supervisors, Town Clerks and Justices of the Peace 1798-1883

From Beers, History of Greene County. Retyped by Annette Campbell.

Minutes of the first town meeting held in the town of Windham, ULSTER County, New York.
"At a town meeting held at the house of Richard Peck, in the town of Windham, Ulster County, agreeable to the law of 1798."
     William Beach--moderator:
     Reuben Hosford, clerk:
"Voted that Alexander Boyd, John Tuttle, and Isaac Miles be a committee to conduct the business of the town as the law directs."
"And likewise the following persons was, by a plurality of votes, appointed to the office annexed to their several names in the said town of Windham.   N. B.---Those officers are:
William Beach, supervisor; Samuel Gunn, town clerk; Ephraim B. Hubbard, Martinus Laraway, Munson Buell, assessors; Enos Baldwin, Benjamin Johnson, Darius Briggs, commissioners of highways; Justus Squires, Alexander Boyd, Richard Peck, commissioners of schools; Zephaniah Chase, John Tuttle, overseers of the poor; Elisha Thompson, Constant A. Andrews, Harmonius Garlick, Elijah Bushnell,Richard Jersey, constables; Henry Becker, collector; John Mabin, John Tuttle, Darius Briggs, Smith Parks, Martinus Laraway, fence viewers; Samuel Gunn, Samuel Aimes, Theophilus Peck, Justus Squires, Peter Laraway, pound masters.
Likewise voted that the next annual meeting for the said town of Windham should be holden at the meeting-house near Samuel Ives', and the meeting dissolved.
                      Reuben Hosford, Cl'k of meeting
The foregoing is a true copy.
                       Test, Samuel Gunn, Town Cl'k
We, whose names are hereto subscribed, being three of the Justices of the Peace in and for Ulster county, residing near the town of Windham, have at the request of Alexander Boyd, John Tuttle, and Isaac Miles, a committee appointed by a plurality of votes to nominate their town officers in the town of Windham, we do nominate and appoint the officers whose names are here uner written to the offices annexed opposite their several names in the said town of Windham, agreeable to a law of this State, in that case made and provided. In Testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals in the town of Kingston, on this 12th of April, 1798.  N.B.--Those crossed sworn. (cross-indicated by a *).  [same list of officers as above, repeated]
                                                                            John Hasbrouck  [seal]
                                                                            Peter Roggen  [seal]
                                                                            John VanGaasbeck, Jr. [seal]
The foregoing is a True Coppy of the Original.
                          Certified pr.     Damuel Gunn, Town Clerk."
List of supervisors, town clerks, and justices of the peace for the town of Windham, 1798-1883.  
SUPERVISORS 1798-1883:
William Beach   1798-1800
Stephen Simmons   1800-1804, 1806
George Stimson   1805, 1807-1808
Isaac Buell   1809
Thomas Benham   1810-1814, 1818
Perez Steele   1815-1817
Jarius Strong   1819-1821, 1823
Asa Osborn   1822
Sidney Tuttle   1824-1825
Cornelius Fuller   1826
Zadock Pratt, Jr.   1827
Foster Morss   1828
Levi H. Alden   1829
Lyman Morss   1830
Russell Glading   1831-1833, 1836
William Tuttle   1834
Aaron Steele   1835, 1837
Stephen Steele   1838, 1840-1841, 1858
Jared Matthews   1839
Daniel B. Strong   1842-1843
Daniel B. Tuttle   1844-1846
Merritt Osborn   1847
Howland Macomber   1848-1849
Erastus T. Peck   1850
Austin Newcomb   1851
George Robertson   1852
Jared F. Matthews   1853
John Olney   1854, 1861
Jonathan North   1855
Thomas B. Holcomb   1856-1857, 1862
Richard Gorslin   1859
Isham Newcomb   1860, 1865-1866
James Loughran   1863
Barnard B. Osborn   1864
Noble P. Cowles   1867-1868
Alphonzo Cobb   1869-1870
Charles Stedman   1871-1872
Martin L. Newcomb   1873-1874
Arland H. Chittenden   1875-1876
Friend H. Holcomb   1877
Austin B. Hitchcock   1878
Milo C. Osborn   1879-1880
Cyrus E. Bloodgood   1881-1882
George P. Griffin   1883
TOWN CLERKS  1798-1883:
Samuel Gunn   1798-1800
Munson Buell   1801-1812
Sanford Hunt   1813-1816
William Tuttle   1817, 1819-1821, 1823, 1832-1833, 1837
Samuel Reynolds   1818
Jesse Hollister   1822
Lyman Morss   1824-1827
Lauren A. Tuttle   1828-1829
Austin Strong   1830
Orrin Robinson   1831
Eli P. Robinson   1834-1836, 1839
Daniel Hunt   1838
Burrit O. Stone   1840
Harvey Sheffield   1841-1842
John Olney   1843
Hiland H. Hunt   1844
Gurdon H. Doty   1845-1846
Garry O. Baldwin   1847
Charles P. Hunt   1848
Charles Stedman   1849, 1861
Edwin Hunt   1850
Noble P. Cowles   1851, 1857
Gurdon H. Doty   1852Watson Osborn   1853
Henry Bagley   1854
Augustus R. Macomber   1855, 1858
Lemuel H. Munson   1856
Harland Peck   1859
Henry Bagley   1860
Luman B. Hunt   1862-1863
Henry Bagley   1864-1866, 1868
Addison P. Roach   1867, 1877, 1879, 1881-1882
Luzern Smalling   1869
S. D. Kingsley   1870
Cornelius Hidecker   1871
Romain L. Parsons   1872
John E. Hitchcock   1873-1874
Lucius S. Graham   1875-1876
George H. Lamoreau   1878
Alvin E. West   1880
Anson R. Mott  1883
Nathan Osborn   1810-1813
John Jones   1810
Jacob A. VanValkenburgh   1810-1812, 1831-1833
Ichabod Andrews   1810-1812
Abraham Camp   1810-1813
Ephraim Turney   1810-1813
Silas Lewis   1811-1813
Daniel Bloomer   1811-1813
William Beach   1812-1813
Years 1814, 1815 & 1816 are missing from list.
Isaac Mallery   1817
Abijah Stone   1817-1820
Samuel Reynolds   1817
Years between 1818-1822 are missing from list.
Levi H. Alden   1823-1831
Ira Smalling   1823-1825
Harry Kinsley   1829-1831
Nicholas L. Decker   1830-1833
Whiting Rice   1831-1834
Elijah Bushnell   1831-1835
Leveritt Munson   1832-1835
Merritt Osborn   1832-1835, 1862-1865
Peter Thorp   1834
Ambrose Chapman   1833-1836
Eli P. Robinson   1834
Levi Babcock   1834-1837
Laurence Winne   1835-1838
John S. Ives   1837
Howland Macomber   1838
Perez Richmond   1839-1842
Alfred Peck   1840
Nathaniel Ormsbee   1843-1845
A. M. Barber   1844
Daniel B. Tuttle   1847
Gilbert Townsend  1847
Alexander W. Rowley   1847-1850
Albert Chase   1848
Erastus Peck   1848, 1869-1874
Isham Newcomb   1848-1851, 1862-1875
Nelson Hitchcock   1851
Matthew Winter   1852
Isaac Brandow   1854
James Loughran   1854-1866
Alexander B. McGlashan   1858-1861, 1866-1869
Samuel W. Stimpson   1858-1868
Alphonso Cobb   1866-1869
Lyman Payne   1867-1870
David S. Merwin   1868-1883
Austin B. Hitchcock   1871-1877
Isaac B. Steele   1872-1883
Samuel D. Kingsley   1874-1877
George W. Graham   1875-1878
H. N. Ford   1876-1879
D. C. Tibbals   1878-1883
Platt O. Hitchcock   1879-1883
Palmer Joshlin   1881
John B. Hapeman   1882
The town officers elected in 1883 were:  George P. Grffin, supervisor; Anson R. Mott, town clerk;  Platt O. Hitchcock, Justice of the peace; Elbert R. Barney, assessor; Levi Matthews, commissioner of highways; Luzern Smalling, Zeal Rose, overseerers of the poor; Augustus A. Lewis, collector; Augustus A. Lewis, John Tompkins, Edgar B. Seeley, Thomas Cryne, constables;  George H. Lamoreau, game constable; James Newkirk, Orson B. Baldwin, Addison P. Roach, inspectors of election;  Moses B. Austin (full term, Addison S. Hayes (vacancy), excise commissioners.

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