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 Windham Congregational Church
Church Records

Original records located at the Vedder Library. Retyped by Arlene Goodwin from a transcription of the original records by unknown individual.

Officers, Elders and Members


1803  Jedediah Hibbard  
__?___  Beach

1808  William Hubbard
          Nathan Osborn

1807   Gideon Hosford

1817   George Babcock

 Church Clerks

1803  George C. Stimson

1813 Luman Squires
         Robert M. Turney

1808   Noah Pond


1812   Erastus Beach

1826    A. Stone

 Standing Committee

1807 George Stimson
         Jonathan Beach
         Israel Thomsin
         Isaiah Babcock

1814 James O. Gates
         George Babcock
          Joseph Hamilton

1809  Theophilus Peck  
Nathan Osborn
          Munson Buel
          Perez Steele 

1817 Elisha Strong
         John Tuttle

1812  William Beach


1813  Jarius Munson
          Timothy Hubbard     




Timothy Hubbard       1834  Jarius Munson    1837  Argulus White

Ruling Elders

1826 Timothy Hubbard
         Nathan Osborn
         James Robinson
         Robert M. Turney
         Argulus White
         Abijah Stone
          Jarius Munson
         Austin Strong
         Aaron Steele

1833 Buel White
         Abner Berry
         Henry Osburn
         Consider Camp

1828 James Robertson

1837  Nathaniel Stimson


1808  Noah Pond
          Philetus Reynolds
          Nathan Osborn
          Timothy Hubbard
          Elijah Strong
          Jarius Munson

  1830  Austin Strong

1809 Perez Steele

1831  Henry Kinsley

1810 Ephrahim Turney
         Argulus White

1832 Eli P. Robinson
         Albert Steele

1811  James O. Gates
          Nathaniel Stimson

1833 Halsey Hubbard
         Albert Tuttle

1812  Robert M. Turney
          Levi Babcock

1834 Charles Voose
         Stephen Steele

1813  Joseph Hamilton
          James Robertson

1835 Chauncey Hubbard

1814  Orange Munson

1836 Elisha White

1815  John Tuttle
         Aaron Steele

1837 Sylvester Hitchcock
         Daniel B. Strong
         George Arnold

1816  Jarius Steele

1839  Lawrence Winnie

1817  Benjamin Kinsley

1840  George L. Morss

1818  George Babcock

1842  E. S. White

1819  Aaron Claflin


1820  Abijah Stone
          Josiah Chatfield


1822  Clark Finch
          Nehemiah Finch


1823  David Arnold
          Curtis Mattoon


1825  Bennet Osborn
          Buel White


Communicant Members


Original Members

Elisha Strong

Esther Rice

Sabara Hubbard

Samuel Ives

Ichabod Brown

Rebekah Tuttle

Lowly Ives

Elijah Strong

Anna Buel

Jedediah Hubbard

Samuel Crocker

Increase Claflin

Amos Hubbard

Betsey Crocker

Sarah Claflin

Martha Hubbard

Lydia Baldwin

George Stimson

Dolly Hubbard

Lois Lockwood

Experience Stone

Dolly Hubbard jr

Abigail Snow

Hannah Morison

Jared Rice

Abigail Stimson

Sarah Rice

Added Subsequently

Abraham Dudley

Mary Pond

Molly Robinson

Benjamin Chamberlin

Noah Pond

Gilbert Saxton & wife

William Chamberlin

Simon Pratt

William Beach & wife

Mary Chamberlin

Abigail Fitch

James Coe & wife

Sarah Brown

Isaac Miles & wife

Lucy Baldwin

Hannah Munson

Daniel Miles & wife

Joseph Hamilton

Richard Peck

Samuel Baldwin & wife

Sarah Lord

Betsey Peck

Ebenezer Johnson & wife

(woman) Squire

Elihue Rogers

Samuel Peck & wife

Truman Hinman & wife

Elizabeth Rogers

Harvey Baldwin

Sylvester Miles

Lucy Hull

Isaac Babcock & wife

Sally Miles

Edward Pond

Alanson Saxon & wife

Nathaniel Stimson

(woman) Pond

Philetus Reynolds

Sarah Stimson

Adoniram Miner

Theophilus Peck

Rebecca Stimson

Patience Miner

(Feb. 1807

Jonathan Beach & wife

Jonathan Beach & wife

Sylvia Strong

Jarius Munson & wife

Deacon Beach

Cynthia Claflin

Mrs. Allen

David Johnson & wife

David Arnold & wife

Loly Ives

Theron Hough’s wife

Perez Steele & wife

Samuel Baldwin

Zadoc Pratt’s wife

Gideon Hosford

Aaron Claflin

Rockwell Strong

Samuel Hubbard

Robert M. Turney

Ephrahim Chamberlin

Josiah Chatfield

Betsey Steele

Sally Stimson

Reuben Smith & wife

Nancy Stone

Sally Skiff

Samuel Henson & wife

Debora Stone

Stephen Johnson’s wife

Freeman Snow

Levi Babcock & wife

Rebecca Osborn

Widow Pangman

George Babcock

Widow Tichenor, 1806

Lucinda Wears

Timothy Bailey & wife

Theophilus Peck’s wife

Nathan Osborn

Elisha Thomson & wife

Anna B. Tuttle

Derrick Conine

Anna Hitchcock

John Sturges

Mrs. Boardman

Mrs. Mary Ann Barlow

Orange Munson & wife

Mrs. Timothy Baldwin

John Rice & wife

 Mrs. Lydia Baldwin

Esther Chatfield

Mrs. Aaron Steele

Phoebe Stimson

Mrs. Jacob Hitchcock

Mrs. Stimson

Mrs. Cherry Burnham (Benham)

Joseph Atwood & wife

Mrs. Parnel Tyler

James O. Gates

Mrs. Abram Cargill

James Robinson

Mrs. Nathan Osborn

James Saxton

Mrs. John Ives

Theron Hough

Mrs. Peter Lewis

Lemuel Hitchcock

Mrs. Polly Bush

Phoebe Hitchcock

Mrs. Laura Hale

Widow Parsons

Mrs. Freeman Snow

Henrietta Claflin

Mrs. Rachel Beers

Sally Claflin

Mrs. Samuel Smith

John Tuttle jr.

Mary Strong

Hannah Tuttle

Mrs. Dumah Tuttle

Polly Tuttle

Mrs. Benjamin Morss

Beul White

Mrs. Benjamin Kinsley

Jarius Strong

Mrs. Buel White

Selina Hough

Mrs. Lewis Bagley

Ruth Smith

Mrs. Nicholas Hummel

Andre Hubbard, 1816

Mrs. Samuel Hubbard

Hudson Kinsley

Mrs. Charles Voise

Austin Strong

Mrs. Charles Graham

Docia Strong

Josiah Brainard

Halsey Hubbard

Mrs. Nathaniel Stimson

Susannah Prout

Mrs. Ebenezer Beers

Lucy Prout

Mrs. Widow Stimson

Cornelius K. Benham

Mrs. James Robinson

Zalmon Hitchcock

Mrs. Polly Stimson

Abijah Stone & wife

Mrs. Elias Fanchier

Mandana Hamilton

Mrs. Bennet Osborn

Martha Hubbard

Mrs. Henry Osborn

Olinda Munson

Mrs. Stephen Steele

Mrs. Lucy Steele

Mrs. John Sturges

Benjamin Kinsley

Mrs. Austin Strong

Benjamin Morss

Mrs. Sally Edmonds

Henry Van Slyke

Welthy Hubbard

James Wears

Suca Prout

Charles Voise

Betsey Stone

Ephrahim Turney

Lydia Robinson

Argalus White

Aaron Steele

 Nathaniel Stimson

Ebenezer Beers

Curtis Mattoon

Enoch Blakeslee

Merrit Osborn

Caleb P. Ives

Whiting Race

Henry Osborn

Albert Tuttle

George White

Alfred Smith



 1826 – 1830

Mrs. Hannah Barber

Mrs. Lois Beers

Mrs. Polly Strong

Elenor Osborn

Mrs. Sally Osborn

Lydia Robertson

Aletta Bell

Mrs. Hannah Beame

Huldah Turney

Margaret Mathews

Keziah Goodrich

Loring Andrews

Eli P. Robinson & wife Mary

Eliza Shipman

Roma R. Ives

Albert Tuttle & wife Minerva

Emily Hubbard

Mrs. Sally Ann Youngs

Mrs. Archibald Bronough

Mrs. Barber (aged 82)

Gurnsey Osborn & wife Mariah

Mrs. Frayer

Austin Morss


          Joined in 1831

Dr. Consider King & wife Lucinda

Mrs. Julia Camp

William Hubbard

Mrs. Polly Turney

Albert Steele & wife

Mrs. Lydia Lovejoy

Aaron B. Steele

Mrs. John Rose

Alvin Smith & wife

Mrs. Roma R. Ives

Geo. Robertson & wife

Mrs. Lemuel Stimson

Thomas Southard & wife

Mrs. Eugene Bennet

Chauncey Hubbard & wife

Mrs. Harry Kinsley

William Robinson

Mrs. J. M. Job

Consider Camp & wife

Mrs. Clarissa Williams

William Young & wife

Arinda Arnold

Horace Graham

Diadema Voose

Humphrey R. Potter & wife

Clarissa Thorp

Almos M. Babcock & wife

Hannah Beam

Abner Berry & wife

Dorcas Strong

Eugene Bump

Aurelia Strong

Lyman Bigelow

Elvira Strong

Isaac Cornwall

Abigail Stevens

Joel Brandow & wife

Florilla Brainard

William Doty & wife

Fanny Hinman

Elisha White & wife

Emily Osborn

James M. Lamoreaux

Fanny Hubbard

Lawrence Winnie

Martha Wears

Milton Robinson

Nancy Tuttle

Gilman Morss

Adeline Tuttle

Walter Southerland

Mary Tuttle

George Arnold

Clarissa Tuttle

Horace Hubbard

Julia Tuttle

Harmon Hitchcock

Mahala Tuttle

Levi Tiel

Jane Ann Ives

George L. Morss & wife

Thursa Chidester

Henry C. Stimson

Eliza Ann Morss

Nathaniel Stimson Jr.

Florilla Kinsley

Benjamin Morss Jr.

Marian Lake

Samuel Robinson

Harriet Barney

Ornan Stimson

Mary B. Stimson

Mrs. Sidney Tuttle

Silva Doty

Mrs. Halsey Hubbard

Eliza Ann Robertson

Mrs. Bennett Osborn

Laura Goodrich

Mrs. Daniel Hunt

Eunice Osborn

Mrs. Fanny Loomis

Clarissa Munson

          1832 – 1842

Electa Mattoon

Antoinette Stannard

Laban A. Hubbard & wife

Harriet Stannard

Mrs. Lydia Goodrich

Mrs. Desire Mattoon

George Goodrich

Mrs. Lucy Osborn

Philander M. Smith

Elias Kirtland

Alexander Reynolds

Mrs. Lucy Steele

Isaac N. Reynolds

Mrs. Eliza Stevens

Elijah Fuller

Steven S. Keeler & wife Amelia

Mrs. Anna Reynolds

Mrs. Lorinda Hitchcock

Loretta Reynolds

Mrs. Jane White

Mrs. Mary Miller

Harriet Hubbard

Nancy Etsall

Mrs. Mary Atwood

Cynthia Carndell

Mrs. Sarah Turney

Sally Sherman

Joel Peet & wife

Alexander Palmer

Elizabeth Peet

Eliakim Stannard & wife Frances

Mrs. Allen Smith

Mrs. Samuel Ormsbee


 Note:  There were probably a few others, who were members before 1827, whose names are not in the above list, owing to deficient records. Some females perhaps, appear twice both under their maiden and married names.


By Rev. Henry B. Stimson 

                                  Sept. 26th, 180­  Chauncey Hubbard to Anna Brainard

                                  Mar. 18th, 1804  John Sneathen to Mrs. Doolittle

                                  Apr. 5th, 1830    James Robertson to Miss Betsey Rogers

 By --------

                                  Jan 1st, 1830  Alvin Smith to Aletta Bell

                                 June 17th, 1830   Harman Parker to Loiza Shipman.

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