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Soldiers in World War 1 from the Town of Coxsackie

Commemorative plaque is located at the corner of Mansion and Washington Streets in the Village of Coxsackie

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf November 3, 2000

In memory of the boys from Coxsackie, NY who answered their country’s call in the World War 1917-1918

* Ernest Applebee, William P. McPartland, John Henry Collins, Howard W. Van Loan, Haswell Whitmore

Anthony Adamo, John Q. Adams, Reed Adams, Joseph Ansell, E. Roscoe Anthony, Floyd K. Applebee, Donald B. Armstrong, Charles E. Bailey Jr., Ralph C. Bailey, William A. Bailey, Arthur Baker, Floyd H. Barber, Herbert Boome, William E. Brady, Leonard Brandow, Frank D. Briggs, Oscar R. Carrington, Elra Cole, Joseph A. Coleman, John C. Coons, Frederick J. Costello, Joseph F. Costello, Louis T. Culkin, Earle D. Cure, Daniel H. Daley, Richard J. Dawson, Joseph Deacler, A. Donald Deane, Henry Jay Deane, Harvey Deere, Thomas Deere, George A. Desmond, Robert Doherty, James A. Dolan, Philip A. Dolan, Thomas J. Dolan Jr., William P. Dolan, Eugene Fitzgerald, William J. Fyfe, Donald Greene, William Haas, Harry Hamilton, Harvey Hempstead, Chester A. Hotaling, Claude Sager Hotaling, Corning Hotaling, Garrett Hotaling, Oswald C. Hotaling, Wesley Hotaling, William Henry Roy, George W. Hughes, John T. Hulbert, Wm. Frederick Jones, Hashell Jump, Anton Karnick, Joseph Karnick Jr., Matthew J. Kennedy, Stanley M. King, Ralph Klebes, Karl Brix Kronborg, George Gage Lampman, Charles W. Leigh, Ralph Losee, Samuel Edwin Marsh, Donald C. McClure, John McPartland, Thomas F. McPartland, Peter Molaski, Matthew Patrick Moran, George T. Morgan, Guiseppe A. Mustone, Emerson W. Newbury, Edward Oathout, William Oathout, John Edward O’Toole, Fordyce G. Overbaugh, Fred Overbaugh, Ivan Overbaugh, Frank Parker, Frank Parks, Paolo Pascuzzi, Alexander Pettit, Charles C. Pierce, Christopher J. Prendergast, Edward Prendergast, Thomas J. Quigley, William E. Reynolds, Louis Rich, Harold R. Rider, Wm. Edmond Riley, Ralph C. Robinson, Israel Sawitsky, James I. Schoonmaker, Stanley G. Schoonmaker, Walter Schultz, Leonard P. Searles, Sylvester D. Shields, Peter Snooks, Raymond C. Slater, Chas. A. Smith, Raymond P. South, Andrew J. Speenburgh, Ralph Spoor, Harold C. Stafford, Dewey Leroy Steele, Everette C. Steele, Harold E. Stone, Clarence W. Storey, Harold C. Titus, Warren I. Titus, Louis Franklin Tremmel, Andrew Turner, Franklin G. Turpin, Robert I. Van Denbergh, Walter L. Van Denbergh, Grant W. Van Loan, Clarance C. Van Wie, William H. Vincent, Howard C. Wagner, David P. Wallace, George C. Wallace, Leonard A. Warren, Frank Waters, Edwin M. Welch, John W. Welch, Lester Wells, Russell Lester Wells, Henry Widdis, Christopher Wilkinson, John K. Wilkinson, Kenneth Wilkinson, Chester Wilson, Chester Wood, Ralph J. Wood, Harold C. Woodruff

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