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Soldiers from the Town of Windham in WW1

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A plaque dedicated to the citizens from the Town of Windham who served their country during the World War 1917-1919. Located in Hensonville beside the Windham Town Hall.

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

W.A. Barnum, M.S. Benjamin, A.M. Blakeslee, L.E. Brainard, L.G. Brainard, G.O. Burhans, L.L. Cook, F.S. Finch, A.L. Fleming, N.B. Ford, A.J. Gibson, M.T. Hayden, H.G. Haynes, S.S. Hidecker, L.G. Howard, D.B. Irish, G.A. Makely, H.C. Mallory, R.E. Marquoit, B.H. Martin, P.C. Mattoon, L.C. Miller, G.F. Morse, D.F. Munson, L.R. Osborn, L.L. Peck, R.L. Peck, W.J. Pelham, H.F. Perkins, J.H. Pond, C.T. Prout, M.B. Prout, J.I. Sayles, A.T. Seeley, B.E. Smith, L.P. Soper, W.J. Soper, W.W. Stevens, L.A. Strong, J.A. Texido, H.F. Tompkins, D. Van Valkenburgh, D.W. Van Valkenburgh. G.B. Van Valkenburgh, R. Weir, J.H. Yager

Miss E.S. Brainerd, Miss H.R. Tallmadge, Miss F.L. Traver

Erected May 30th, 1930 by George B. Ayres.

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