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Greene County Recruits 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf
Contributed by Tonya Warner
Her grandfather, Stanley B. Warner, is situated in the front row, 4th from the left

From an undated newspaper clipping


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Greene County Selectees Report for Army Duty in 1943

Greene County's first group of selectees of the new year left the morning of January 9, 1943 via West Shore train for the reception center at Camp Upton, where they were outfitted  in their uniforms and from where they were sent to various training camps in the country.

The group, 42 strong, was in charge of George E. Bartley of Catskill as acting corporal and reported at Selective Service headquarters in the courthouse, from where they were taken in cars to the station. Each man was presented with a pocket notebook with the compliments of Catskill Rotary Club, while the American Legion distributed copies of the booklet "Fall In." to aid them in their early days at camp.

The following men, accepted at the Albany induction station, reported for duty: (order  #/name-address)..75/Egbert C. Craw - Coxsackie, 141/William Steenburn - Catskill, 383/ Edward K. Costell - Coxsackie, 520/Bertram H. Hommel - Catskill, 556/James M. Kennedy - Coxsackie, 616/Willie D. Duncan - Catskill, 811/Anthony L. Vizzie - Athens, 945/Ronald T. Costello - Coxsackie, 959/Salvatore J. DeBenedictus - Catskill, 1001/George Dobson - Lexington, 1084/Richard B. Frisbee - Athens, 1102/Joseph Z. Kisselberg - Athens, 1111/John G. Schmidt - Cairo, 1140/Joseph F. Firth - Athens, 1177/George E. Bartley - Catskill, 1205/Kenneth S. Lawyer - Greenville, 1220/Stanley A/ Adsit - Catskill, 1270/Erwin A. Yeomans - Norton Hill, 1295/Donald F. Kerr - Tannersville, 1304/Charles W. Roscoe - Catskill, 1394/Scott V. Hommell - Haines Falls, 1408/Sherwood J. Simpkins - Cairo, 1416/Charles Helicus - Hunter, 1575/Arthur J. Van Valkenburgh - Westkill, 1600/Irving V. Steele - Coxsackie, 1619/Clifton S. Baldwin - New Baltimore, 1751/Raymond F. Bennett - Freehold, 1785/William H. Mahland - Cairo, 1822/Joseph A. Alulis - Catskill, 1895/Richard E. Brady - Prattsville, 2344/Pasquale J. Alcuri - Coxsackie, 2470/Fred R. Schmidt - Athens, 2643/Amos W. Flint - Athens, 10929/Raymond A. Webber - Catskill, 11252/Alfred J. Yannone - Catskill, 11273/Dominic J. Cornelius - Catskill, 11574/Russell H. Garrison - Earlton, 11670/Stanley B. Warner - Oak Hill, 11799/John N. Van Hoesen - Athens, V-11824/Vincent R. Cramer - Catskill.

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