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Ye Olden Time - Chapter Nineteen
An Interesting Paper Containing Names of people who Lived in this Period 

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin. From the book entitled, "Ye Olden Time, as compiled from the Coxsackie News of 1889" written by Robert Henry Van Bergen, together with notations by Rev. Delber W. Clark, and edited by Francis A. Hallenbeck, 1935

An Interesting Paper Containing Names of People Who Lived in the Early Part of This Century.

In the history of the First Ref’d Dutch church of Coxsackie, given under this head two weeks since, was included quite a sketch of the Rev. Henry Ostrander who was pastor of the church from 1801 to 1810. Mr. Whitbeck brings us a subscription paper which was circulated during that time, and thinking it would interest the present generation to know the names of people who were living here more than four score years ago and were interested in the affairs of the church then, we publish the list entire. The paper is headed as follows:

(Names printed as written and spelled.)

Jacob and John Caylor, Jesse Wood, Nathen Stone, Benjamen Moore, Richard Stone, Andrew H. Heermance, Edwerd Wells, James Christie, Antony Bogardus, Thillian Winne, John Bogardus, Isac Fitchett, Sebery Fish, Samuel Ludlow, Timothy Mapes, Penn Parish, Stephen Warren, David Sharp, Johannes Van Deusen, Isaac Minor, jr., Lemuel Williams, Dorrance Thirtland, Pete C. Adams, Richard H. Van Den Berg, Abram Van Vailen, Georfie Wilson, Peter Bogardus, Ephriam Bogardus, Robert Burrell, Epenetus Reed, Daniel Maxson, Henry Van Begen, John R. Van Den Berg, Michal Knifer, Thomas Keeler, jr., Leonard L. Conine, Robert VdenBergh, Willhelmus Roan Barg, John W. Crane, Henry Llomadue, Archibale Michar, Wm. Iaques, John Bartlett, Henry D. Van Bergen, (gave one ton of hay), Isaac Wells, Ephram Bogardus, jr., James McVickar, Simeon Fitch.

About $49 is the amount subscribed.

Many of our citizens of today will notice names in the above which are very familiar to them, even if they are not means of their own relatives.

Note:--the following names may be the better for a little interpretation: Caylor is obviously Cuyler; Thillian is Killian Winne and so is Dorrance Thirtland, Kirtland. Michal knifer is the Michael Knifer who appears in the 1788 tax list. Archibale Mikar looks like Archibald McVickar. Henry Llomadue is Henry L’Hommendieu.

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