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Ye Olden Time - Chapter Twenty-Seven

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin. From the book entitled, "Ye Olden Time, as compiled from the Coxsackie News of 1889" written by Robert Henry Van Bergen, together with notations by Rev. Delber W. Clark, and edited by Francis A. Hallenbeck, 1935

Notes on Rev. Reuben Winegar Prepared by Miss Dorothy Mersellis

References to the Rev. Winegar, etc., copied from Baptist Church Records in the Library.

"Feb. 28, 1833, 1st., Resolved that we consult with Elder Reuben Winegar about labouring with us the ensuing year from 1st April next. 2nd., Resolved that the brethren subscribe what they will give for support of Elder Winegar.

"Coxsackie, April 2, 1833. Resolved that our meeting for public worship be at 10 o’clock a. m., and 3 o’clock p. m., on each Sabbath during the ensuing season.

April 3. Appointed Brother Ambrose Baker and Lewis Town and David French a committee to search a place for worship every other Sabbath in the morning. Adjourned until Friday next the 19th. Closed in prayer by the clerk. Edwin S. Keep, Church Clerk.

Coxsackie, June 1833

At a meeting of the brethren appointed at Brother Lewis Town’s, 1st., it was resolved that we request admission to the Hudson River Association. 2nd., Appointed Brethren Reuben Winegar, Pastor, Deacon, Ambrose Baker, Caltern Briggs, Charles Worcester as delegates to attend the association.

At a special church meeting held at the house of David French for business—Brother R. Winegar opened the meeting by prayer and then—

1st, Resolved that we send as delegates to the association our pastor, Reuben Winegar, John C. Clapper with our contributions at monthly concert for home missions amounting to $14.00—for minutes $1.50 and request the association to hold their next anniversary with us—done by order and in behalf of the church this 14th day of June 1834

Edwin S. Keep Church Clerk.

Since Last Association:
8 received by baptism
3 received by letter
3 dismissed by letter
1 deceased. Whole number of members---47

Coxsackie, Friday, Sept. 26, 1834

Church met for covenant meeting. There seems to be an increased degree of feeling in the cause of religion. Union prevails

October 3, 1834

Church met in special church meeting opened by singing and prayer.

Brother Ambrose Baker stated that there was something yet unpaid toward the pastor’s support and that it was time something be done to that purpose the present year. Therefore, 1, Resolved that Brother A. Baker, L. Town, (?) and G. Fuller, be a committee to solicit subscriptions for that purpose.

2.—Resolved that this committee be directed to call on those members of the church who are delinquent in duty and admonish them to return to the church.

3.—A complaint being presented to the church against Sister Urilla Miller for unchristian conduct and forsaking the church then refusing to give satisfaction for these things. Therefore, Resolved that we withdraw from her the hand of fellowship. R. Winegar, Pastor.

Saturday evening, June 6, 1835

Special Church Meeting—Prayer by the moderator

  1. Resolved that Bros, I. M. Green, R. Winegar, A. Baker, Marshall French, Lewis Baker and Simon Town be our delegates to attend the Hudson River Association at Schenectady on the 16th inst.

end of quoted part.

---Pages are missing in the minutes from July 26, 1835—The next entry is May, 27, 1836. On an entry on that date---mention is made of "Bro. Green, (I. M.) the Pastor."

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