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Taken from History of Herkimer County by George A. Hardin and Frank H. Willard, published in 1893.

ABEEL, J.W., Ohio, was born December 7, 1855, in Ohio, N.Y. His father was Albert, a son of David Abeel, a native of Greene county, born in 1795. The wife of David Abeel was Gertrude Myers, and they had four sons and two daughters. Mr. Abeel came to Ohio, where he died in 1844, and his wife in 1867 at the age of sixty-five years. Albert Abeel was born in Greene county in 1812 and came to Ohio with his parents. September 16, 1841, he married Mary Snyder, a native of Greene county, born in 1820. She was a daughter of Jonas and Rhoda Snyder. To Albert and wife were born two sons and two daughters. He was a farmer and hotel proprietor, and for many years he also carried on the mercantile business. He was a Republican in politics, supervisor sixteen years, justice of peace twelve years and assessor a number of years. He died December 18, 1891, and his wife resides with J.W. The latter was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools and in Utica Business College. In 1890 he married Viola, daughter of Robert and Catherine Richards, of Ohio. Mr. Abeel is a farmer and continues his father's mercantile business. He is a Republican and was supervisor three years in succession. He is a member of Ohio Grange, No. 686, and is a supporter of the Methodist church. Jonas Snyder came to Ohio and resided a short time, then went to Greene county, where his wife died. He then went to live with his daughter, and there died. They had one son and two daughters. Mr. Snyder was in the war of 1812.

ABBOT, Sardis L., Litchfield, one of the representative farmers of Litchfield, owns a dairy and grain farm of 120 acres. He was highway commissioner for three years, was three times justice of the peace, and held that office for ten years; he also held the office of assessor for five years. He was born in Cobleskill, Schoharie county, February 19, 1810, and settled in this town April 7, 1834. He married Rebecca Budlong, a native of this town, and born on this farm, where she lived all her life. She was born May 3, 1811, and she died October 3, 1888, leaving one son, Charles F.; she had two children who died: John J., August 21, 1858, and a daughter, Ophelia L. Maltby, who died September 15, 1878, and left three children: Eugene A., Charles W. and Lelia R. Maltby. Charles F., the only son of Sardis L. and Rebecca Abbot, married Alice E. Vincent, and they have four children: Florence A., Charles W., Gordon N. and Robert. Sardis L.Abbott is a son of James P., who was a son of Joseph, a native of Hamden county, Mass. Mrs. Rebecca Abbot was a daughter of John Budlong, a native of this State, and son of Aaron Budlong. The law in early days was that every boy eighteen years old was liable to military duty, consequently Sardis L. Abbott was enrolled, and went into the ranks, from which he rose to the rank of captain, and after serving four or five years he resigned.

ABBOTT, William H., Little Falls, was born in the State of Maine. His earlier years were passed upon a farm, and when about sixteen years of age he learned the photographic business he has since carried on. He, after becoming a skilled artist, traveled for some time and located eventually about thirty-three years ago in Little Falls where he now conducts the leading art studio. He was appointed deputy sheriff under Valentine Brown in 1884 and served under him for three years and in 1892, January 1, he was again appointed deputy sheriff under Sylvester Wilson of Herkimer. He has also been foreman of one of the local fire companies. He married Miss Nancy E. Dygert of Little Falls, and has three children: Two sons and one daughter. Sheriff Abbott is thoroughly identified with local, social and benevolent institutions and has been just at present writing appointed excise commissioner.

ABRAMS, Professor J.K., principal of the Church Street Union school, Little Falls, was born in the town of Charleston, Montgomery county, N.Y. When nine years old he moved with his parents on a farm near Braman's Corners, Schenectady county, attended the village school and worked on the farm when there was no school. When the Princeton Academy opened he entered that institution as a student; afterward the Charlotte Seminary, where he developed as a mathematician. He began teaching early in the fifties, when ir was the ambition of farmers' sons to teach school for $14 per month and board 'round. Twenty-five years ago he came to Little Falls to assume his present position, and has filled it with ability and success ever since. He is the oldest teacher in the county in point of actual teaching, which amounts to almost forty years. During all these years of teaching Prof. Abrams has been a close student of professional literature, besides covering a wide field of general reading. Prof. Abrams is a descendant of an old and honorable German family that came to America in the seventeenth century. He is a Mason and a member of the Presbyterian church. His people on his mother's side came from Connecticut in 1795, and his father served at Plattsburgh during the war of 1812.

ABRIAL, John, Little Falls, the foreman of George & Holden's mills, known as the Little Falls Paper Company, is a native of Livingston, Columbia County, N.Y. He has worked successfully in many factories, including Bingham Mills, Glencoe Mills, Livingston, and foreman at Linlithgo. He came to his present position four years ago and three years ago was promoted to the position of foreman. His ancestors were residents of this State for upwards of a century. Mr.Abrial is an expert in all departments of the manufacture, and to his skill and intelligence is due much of the credit for the excellence of the products of these mills.

ACERS, Frank B., Warren, was born in Warren August 22, 1854, and is a son of William E. and Caroline (Duell) Acers. His grandfather, George Acers, came from Vermont and settled north of Little Lakes. He raised a large family and died September 23, 1830. William E. Acers was born in Vermont March 4, 1788, and came to Warren with his parents. He was married three times; first to Attie Scott, who bore him eight children, and died April 4, 1825; and he married second Margaret Scott, who bore him one child. His third wife was Caroline (Duell) Wall, the mother of our subject. Frank B. Acers began life for himself at the age of fourteen, working by the month. In 1876 he located where he now lives on 150 acres. He is a breeder of Ayrshire cattle, the only one thus engaged in this section; also of Cotswold sheep, of the Dan McDonald flock, for which McDonald received the first premium at the State Fair. He married June 25, 1875, Josephine, daughter of Lewis and Orpha (Waldron) Staring. They have three children, Carrie L., Grace M., and Kenneth G. He is a Republican, and both he and his wife are active in the Methodist church.

ACKLER, John A., Litchfield, was born in Columbia July 29, 1853, and settled on the farm where he now lives in 1867. He married Belle, daughter of Elijah Manning, of Columbia. John A. is a son of Jacob Ackler, a native of Columbia, and he was a son of Jacob, who came to Columbia from Danube with his father, Leonard Ackler, who was a soldier of the Revolution, entering the army at the age of sixteen. His parents were German and were among the first settlers of Danube. Jacob Ackler, grandfather of John A., had seven children: Jacob jr., David, Deborah, Dorathy, Mary, Phillip and Emily Ackler. All are living in this county.

ALAND, Charles, Frankfort, was born in London, England, in November, 1855. He was one of three children of Henry and Martha Martin Aland. He was educated at Helperton Academy, Wiltshire. He married Annie E. Weaver, of London, and in 1880 came to the United States, locating at Rome, N.Y. Mr. Aland took charge of an iron foundry, where he remained for five years, when he came to Frankfort, and was placed in charge of the brass and iron foundry of the West Shore Railroad shops, where he has since remained.

ALEXANDER, Mrs. James, Fairfield, widow of James Alexander, is a native of Salisbury. Her father was Rodolphus Gillette. In 1847 she married James Alexander, who died May 24, 1889. She has three children living: Mrs. B.I. Cooper, Mrs. James B. Hart and Miss Jennie Alexander. Mrs. Alexander owns 140 acres of land, which she rents out. She is a member of the Episcopal church and is a most estimable lady.

ALLEN, D.E., German Flats, was born in Mohawk, April 12, 1852, and has been in the furniture business since he was eighteen years of age. In 1886 he married Miss Blanche Elwood. Mr. Allen is a Mason and a man of high standing socially in Mohawk. His father, Enos Allen, came to Mohawk in 1840 from Connecticut. His grandfather, Delaney Allen, was a native of Connecticut and the family history extends back two hundred years in this country. This well and favorably known furniture business was founded nearly half a century ago by E. Allen, father of the present proprietor. Some twenty years ago Mr. Allen associated with him his son, D.E.Allen, when it was conducted under the firm name of E. Allen & Son, and finally in 1886, at the death of his father, D.E. Allen assumed sole control; and he has fully maintained the high reputation of the house which it has always borne for handling the most reliable goods at the most reasonable prices. The warerooms are comprised in a four story building 22 x 60 feet in dimensions and having a floorage area of 6,000 square feet. D.E. Allen was born in Mohawk and is a gentleman of excellent business standing, enjoying the respect and esteem of the entire community. He is a director of the Mohawk Valley National Bank, the Mohawk Valley Knitting Mills, and the Knitting Company of Mohawk, Limited. He is also the possessor of considerable real estate in the village, and although busily engaged in his enterprise, he still finds time to interest himself in fine Holstein cattle, and has one of the finest dairy farms of 225 acres in this section of the State, with a creamery and cheese factory attached.

ALLEN, W.D., Frankfort, one of six children of James K. and Nancy E. (Sherwood) Allen, was born in the town of Norwich, N.Y., November 25, 1857. Isaac Allen, the grandfather, was born in New York city; Nancy E. Sherwood, the mother, was born at Guilford, N.Y., her father, William Sherwood, having been born in Connecticut. William D. Allen left his native town when twenty-five years of age, going into the railroad business, first with the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad, coming from there to the West Shore Railroad shops office at Frankfort. He advanced to the position of chief clerk of motive power and rolling stock, and has occupied that position to the present time.

ALVORD, John M., Frankfort, was born in Frankfort October 11, 1835, he being one of three children of Joseph M. and Desire (Hakes) Alvord, of Frankfort. His grandfahter, Medad Alvord, was born in Connecticut, and came to New York State when quite a young man. Desire Hakes, the mother, was a daughter of John and Catherine Hakes, of Little Falls. He married Eliza Elmer, of Sauquoit, by whom he had three children: Mary L. (Mrs. David F. Davis), Rosa D. (Mrs. Edward Brigham), and Harriet C. (Mrs. Robert Salisbury), their mother dying when they were young. He subsequently married Angeline Woodbridge, of Gulph, Frankfort. He has always lived in Frankfort, running his farm as a dairy. He has been postmaster of Gulph post office since the office was first established six years ago.

ANDREWS, George F., carriage manufacturer, Little Falls, is a native of Cooperstown, Otsego county, and was born in 1851. He has been in the carriage business all his life, but commenced his present enterprise February 1, 1882. His business life extends over twenty-three years and has been successful. He is highly esteemed in this town, and at present holds the office of exciseman. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, the Royal Arcanum and other social organizations.

ANGELL, Delavan A., Winfield, is agent and operator at Cedarville Station, on the Richfield Branch of the D. L. & W. R. R. He was the first station agent there, and had his office in a box car the first summer, that of 1870, when this branch was completed to Richfield Springs. He is a trustee of the Universalist church at Cedarville. He was born where he and his sisters, Amelia D. Angell and Louisa A. Angell, now live, in Chepachet. They have a brother, Charles D. Angell, who has one son, Elon Delavan Angell. They are children of Emer Angell, who was born in New Berlin, Chenango county, and Fidelia A. Payne Angell, who was born in Litchfield, this county, a daughter of Seth Payne, of Rhode Island, and Ruth Lynde, of Massachusetts. Their grandfather, Emer Angell, married Lydia Rice, in 1797, and emigrated from Providence, R. I., to New Berlin, N. Y., as one of the first settlers, journeying by marked trees. He was drafted to serve in the war of 1812.

ANGELL, M.D., German Flats, was born in Otsego county September 7, 1848, and spent the first twelve years of his life on the farm. He came to Ilion, and after following various pursuits established himself in the undertaking business in 1888. He was chief of police in Ilion for one year and is a Republican in politics. His father was F.C. Angell, an artist, and his grandfather came from Connecticut.

ARMSTRONG, George A., Winfield, was born in Otsego county July 14, 1859, a son of Azariah and Hannah Armstrong. He was educated at the Academy of West Winfield. He read with Dr. J.F. Huntley and studied medicine at the University of New York, graduating in 1884. He commenced practice at Elizabeth, N.J.; after that went to Burlington, Otsego county, where he practiced four years; then came to West Winfield and bought out Dr. J.F. Huntley, and has been here ever since. He married September 9, 1885, Emma Kate Greene, of Tarrytown, a daughter of Joseph and Hester Greene, and they have three children living, Vera H., and Allan Stone and Kenneth Greene. They have lost one child, Edna Grant, who died September 24, 1891, aged about one year.

ARNOLD, Harry C., Fairfield, is a representative of one of the oldest and best families. He was born June 12, 1862, on the farm he now owns. He received his education at Fort Plain and Fairfield. His farm consists of 350 acres and a dairy of seventy cows. He is a member of the Grange, and takes an intelligent interest in the affairs of the county. His father, Daniel B. Arnold, died in 1887.

ARNOLD, Thomas, Russia, was born in Rhode Island in 1820, a son of George, a son of Thomas, who was a native of Rhode Island, born 1730. He was a farmer and lived and died in his native State. His wife was Hannah Green, a relative of General Green of Revolutionary fame. They had three sons and one daughter. George Arnold was a native of Rhode Island, born in 1777. He was a carpenter and built the court-house at Providence, R.I. He married Hannah, daughter of Jonathan Randall,, and Annie Sprague Randall. She was a daughter of Peter Sprague, of Cranston, R.I., who was a cousin of Governor Sprague. Mr. Arnold was a colonel in the State militia. He came from Newport in 1821, where he engaged in the manufacture of cotton yarn. In 1823 he removed to Poland, and there manufactured yarn for eight years. He afterwards engaged in buying and selling cotton until his death in 1871 in Poland, and his wife in 1871. Thomas Arnold came to Herkimer county with his parents when a child, and has resided in Newport and Poland for seventy years. He received a common school education, and was reared on the farm where he now resides. He was for a number of years engaged in the same business at Utica. He is a Republican, and has been justice of the peace for about twenty years. His maternal grandfather was Jonathan Randall, a resident of Cranston, R.I.

ASHENHURST, W.F., Little Falls, is a native of Philadelphia and has always been in the plumbing business. At fifteen years of age he began his trade in New York City, remaining until 1872. He then went to Oswego and after spending seven years in that city, came to Little Falls in October, 1880, and the following March entered into partnership with Mr. McDermot. Mr. Ashenhurst is a thorough business man, of the highest integrity, and to his own abilities and industry he owes the success that he has met with. He is a high degree Mason, being past high priest of the chapter of R.A.M., and also an officer in the Little Falls Commandery of Knights Templar. He is also a member of the Royal Arcanum, and in politics he is a Republican.

AVERY, Sanford, Litchfield, was born in this town April 20, 1825. His father, John S., was one of the first settlers of this town. Sanford Avery married Clara Davis, who died, leaving two children, Ella M. and Albert F. He married second Harriet E. True. Mr. Avery has a dairy and fruit farm, and ships berries to different markets and to New York.

AVERY, William W., Litchfield, was born on the farm where he now lives November 9, 1818, a son of John S., who came from Preston, Conn., and was one of the first settlers of this town. He married Apphia P. Remington. John S. Avery died December 28, 1878, aged eighty-seven years. He left eight children, of whom seven are living. William W. married Emeline Hopson, and they have ten children living: Apphia J., Elva F., Frances E., Erford H., William M., Edward H., Annette L., John S., Nellie M. and Dollie N. John S. married Cora B. Doremus, and they reside on the old homestead.