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Taken from History of Herkimer County by George A. Hardin and Frank H. Willard, published in 1893.

FALLIS, Theodore, Little Falls, was born in Fultonville, Montgomery county, August 22, 1855. He received an excellent education in the schools of Johnstown, after which he learned the trade of cigar-making. Mr. Fallis then traveled extensively throughout this county working at his trade. In 1876 he decided to settle in Little Falls, N. Y., starting a business for himself, which proved a success, and which he still conducts. He manufactures cigars for wholesale and retail trade and also deals in tobacco and smokers' goods. He employs a corps of skilled assistants. Mr. Fallis is a member of the I. O. R. M., Elks, etc., and has served a treasurer of the poor fund, collector, etc. He is a staunch Democrat. Me married Mary Pierce, by whom he has five children.

FARBER, Christopher, Ohio, was born in Germany, March 2, 1850, a son of John Farber, who married Annie Fisher, a native of Germany, and to them were born five children. In 1874, Mr. Farber came to Ohio, N. Y., where he lived until his death in 1885. His wife died in 1881. The father of John was Albert Farber, a native of Germany. Christopher Farber was reared on a farm in Germany and was seventeen years old when he and his brother John came to America. John settled in Russia where he still resides and Christopher settled in Ohio, where he has since made his home. Subject was a poor boy when he came to America and worked on a farm by the month for six years. He then purchased the farm where he now resides. In 1875 he married Rachel Hoffman, a native of Ohio, born in 1851. Her parents were Peter and Sophia (Hafer) Hoffman, who reared eleven children. Mr. Hoffman and family reside at Washington Mills, N. Y. To Mr. Farber and wife have been born four children: Albert E., Amelia A., Mary E., and Edward all of whom are living. Mr. Farber is a Democrat.

FARMER, Woolcott G., a native of Newport, was born June 1, 1861, a son of James D. and Abbie (Wait) Farmer. He started as a clerk about 1885 for V. S. Kenyon, grocer, in which business he continued until 1890, when he entered the employ of C. W. Palmer & Company, of Herkimer. January 1, 1892, he rented the grist and flouring-mill at Middleville. He was one of three children, the other two being Grace A. and Minnie, the latter deceased. James Farmer was a son of James and Lydia (Robinson) Farmer, and he and his wife are active members of the Universalist church.

FARRELL, Thomas P., Frankfort, was born December 14, 1843. He went into the grocery business in Frankfort, and has continued it to the present time, a period of twenty years, he being one of the stirring merchants of the town. April 27, 1876, he married Mary Josephine Carry, of Utica, and they have one daughter, Mary Julia Farrell. In 1886 he purchased the fine George Gates mansion for a residence. Mr. Farrell is a member of the Board of Education, of the Board of Water Works, and is one of the largest taxpayers in the town.

FAVILLE, Henry, Dolgeville, is a grandson of John Faville, who settled here in 1795. He was born December 5, 1830, and after receiving an academic education followed the occupation of farming for many years. He married Miss Sarah L. Slauson, and they have two children, a son and a daughter. William H. Faville, his son, is engaged in the hardware business in the Faville block, Dolgeville. The ancestors of this family participated in the war of the Revolution, also the war of 1812. Members of the family also held commissions in the late war. Henry Faville has long been identified with the progress of Dolgeville. He owns large real estate interests in and adjacent to this village, comprising the Faville block, seventy-five to eighty acres of building lots, etc. He has held important public offices most acceptably to residents and property owners.

FAY, Rimmen C., German Flats, superintendent of the Remington Armory, born in Ludlow, Mass., Aug. 6, 1848. After having received a liberal preliminary education he was employed for several years by the Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Conn., as machinist, contractor and draughtsman. During this time he made complete sets of working drawings of the celebrated Gatling Machine Gun under the direction of the inventor, Dr. Richard J. Gatling. He left Colt's Armory to enter the employ of the Fales & Jenks Machine Company at Pawtucket, R.I., as contractor upon the well-known Rabbeth spindle, and remained there about seven years, when Mr. Rabbeth sold his interest in the spindle to the Hopedale Machine Company of Hopedale, Mass. Mr. Fay was then engaged by the Hopedale Machine Company to design the tools and fixtures required to manufacture the spindles there. After this was accomplished he was engaged for about two years manufacturing the spindles by contract, after which he was engaged as superintendent of the Hopedale Machine Company's entire works. After having served in this capacity about four years he resigned the position on account of ill health. He next entered the employ of the Pratt & Whitney Company of Hartford, Conn., as designer and draughtsman of special machinery and also as traveling salesman. He remained with this company until he was engaged July 1, 1888, by the Remington Arms Company as superintendent. Mr. Fay has taken out about twenty patents. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the leading mechanical engineering society in the United States. In 1870 Mr. Fay married Miss Izette Doane, of Brookfiled, Mass., and they have a family of seven children. Mr. Fay's father was Lucius N. Fay, of Brookfield, Mass., and Mrs. Fay's father was Cheney Doane, of the same place, who was a cousin of Bishop William Croswell Doane, of Albany. Her grandfather was a drum-major in the Revolutionary War, and her uncle, Nathan Doane, was a drum-major in the war of 1812, both father and son using the same drum, the live oak shell of which is now in the possession of the G.A.R. Post of Worcester, Mass. Her grandfather was a lineal descendant of John Adams.

FELLOWS, Charles L., Newport, a son of George W. and Louisa H. (Brown) Fellows, was born April 8, 1867, and had one sister, Ruth V. George W., the father, was a son of Joel and Angeline, who had five children. The subject was married to Emma L., daughter of Albert A. and Harriet L. Bullard. He is a Republican and is town, also village clerk. He commenced as a drug clerk for Dexter & Holcomb when sixteen years old, and after three years entered the employ of D. Wells, in the meantime studying law with C. A. Moon. He entered Albany law school in 1889, from which he graduated June 18, 1890. He was admitted to the bar at General Term of the Supreme Court April 28, 1892. After graduating he entered the office of C. A. Moon of Newport, and on the death of the latter assumed charge of business and office. The subject is a member of the Newport Lodge F. and A. M., No. 455, in which he serves as senior warden.

FENNER, A. G., Fairfield, was born in Fairfield December 24, 1823, and has been farmer all his life. His grandfather, Daniel Fenner, settled here from Massachusetts, and his father, George Fenner, was also a native of the place. The farm consists of 100 acres (old survey) and a dairy of twenty-six cows. Mr. Fenner married M. A. Wetherwax in 1848 and they have five children living. Mr. Fenner is an independent in politics, and a member of the grange.

Fenner, Calvin, Fairfield, was born on the farm where he now lives August 4, 1804, and has been a farmer all his life. His father came from Massachusetts in 1792. In 1829 Mr. Fenner married Rhoda Ann Harvey, and they had five children, three of whom survive. Mrs. Fenner died in 1882. Mr. Fenner is the oldest living resident of Fairfield, and has voted at every presidential election since 1825. His brother, Joseph Fenner, was a soldier at Sackett's Harbor, and in the War of 1812. Our subject is the owner of a farm of 200 acres and a herd of forty-five cows.

FENNER, John B., Manheim, was born in Fairfield, and received his education in the schools of Norway. His family is of New England descent, having settled in this State about 1800. After passing several years in the employ of different representative firms of Little Falls and Dolgeville, established his present ready-made clothing and men's furnishing store about two years ago. In February 1892, he was elected town clerk, which position he still most acceptably fills. He married a Miss Jackson, and they have one son.

FENNER, Rosell, Newport, was born at Cold Brook January 13, 1825, a son of Jeremiah and Phosa (Rich) Fenner. His father came from Rhode Island to Newport when two years old, in 1794. He was a son of George, whose children were: Jeremiah, Harding, Gorton, Seth, George, Lydia, Sallie, and Elsie. Rosell Fenner had one sister, Maria Louisa (deceased). He married on October 15, 1863, Mary Ann, daughter of Henry Bristol. He entered the lumbering business at Forestport in 1850 and after seven years engaged in the livery business at St. Paul, Minn., for seven years. In 1849 he went to California, remaining but fourteen months (in mining interests). He was also in the cigar business at Utica for seven years. He died October 2, 1892. His family are attendants of the Baptist church. Mr. Fenner's father was one of the original owners of the water-power of Newport.

FERGUSON, Thomas D., Little Falls, was born in Little Falls February 2, 1866. He received his education in the common schools and Little Falls Academy, after which he clerked for about six years. In 1888 he bought out the grocery and meat market of M. Craske & Company, which he has since most successfully conducted. He employs about four clerks and delivers about Little Falls and vicinity. Mr. Ferguson was nominated for corporation treasurer upon the Republican ticket, and ran far ahead of his ticket but this being a strong Democratic town he was not elected. He married Laura B. Staley, of Michigan. They have no children.

FIELDS, John, supervisor of Fairfield, is a native of Westmoreland, Oneida county, and has been a farmer all his life. He has resided on his present place for nine years. In 1873 he married Adeline Todd. His father and mother both came from England. Mr. fields is an active and influential Democrat, and was elected supervisor of Fairfield in the spring of 1892. He was assessor when living in Newport, and is a member of grange and Royal Arcanum.

FIKES, Jacob A., Stark, was born in Steuben county January 1, 1838, son of Adam and Catherine (Conderman) Fikes. The grandfather, Jacob, was born in Stark, and his father was born in Germany, and settled in Stark before the Revolutionary War. Jacob was in the War of 1812, and was born in Stark. He was over seventy years old when he died. His wife was Elizabeth Miller, and they raised eleven children: Michael, Peter, Adam, Jacob, James, Abram, who died young, Katie, Betsey, Clarinda, Mary A. and Margaret. Adam was raised in Stark where he lived all his life except three years in Steuben county. He died in Stark in 1866, aged fifty-three years. He served various town offices, and was a Republican. He had three children and raised two: Jacob A. and Franklin. His wife still lives, aged eighty-two She was born in Warren, a daughter of Adam and Catherine (Conderman) Bronner. Subject has always resided in Stark. After his marriage he began for himself, and after his father's death he bought the homestead farm of 150 acres, to which he has since added fifty acres. He owns another of 135 acres and one of 120 acres. He was elected in 1871 supervisor and served two terms, was elected justice of the peace in 1880, in 1855 commissioner of highways, and is now justice of the peace. He married, December 25, 1862, Mary L., daughter of Nelson and Maria (Frost) Phillips of Stark. Mr. and Mrs. Fikes have one child, Nelson A., who married Lillie M., daughter of David Ecker. They are Universalists.

FIKES, Willard, Stark, is a son of Adam H. and Amanda (Shimel) Fikes. His grandfather, Henry was a son of Adam Fikes, who came to Stark and bought the farm where subject resides. His wife was a Miss Walts, and they had four children; Christina, Adam H., Menzo and Harvey. Menzo died young. Adam Fikes was born in 1883(?), and resided here all his life, except three years, when he lived in fort Plain. He died January 1, 1881, leaving a wife and three children, Luella, deceased, Willard and Arthur. The wife of Adam was born in Stark, a daughter of Jacob and Katie (Fort) Shimel. The former was born in Jefferson county, and died at Richfield in June, 1890, aged ninety-two, and his wife died age seventy. They had ten children, nine survived: Lena, Ephraim, Louisa, Eli, Levi, who died young; Almira, Amanda, Sylvester, Lucy and Amelia C. Willard Fikes was born where he now resides May 28, 1861. He was educated at district schools and after his father death took charge of the farm, the fourth generation in possession of same. Arthur Fikes was born November 30, 1862, and married Carrie daughter of William and Jennie (Fikes) Armstrong. They have one child, Howard J.

FINSTER, George, Schuyler, was born October 6, 1817, and in 1851 he married Emeline M. Sweet. They have two sons, R.V. and Delos. The former resides at home on the farm. Delos married Emily Husted, and they have three childre, two sons and a daughter. The father of George was Jacob, and his father was John Finster, who participated in the war of the Revolution, and fought at the battle of Oriskany.

FISH, Charles P., Litchfield, a farmer, was born in that town August 20, 1855, and married Belle Coolidge by whom he has four children: Lois C., Bertha B., MAry P. and Warren L. Charles P. Fish was a son of Samuel, a native of this town and a son of Ilias W., who came here with his father, Nathaniel, one of the first settlers. Mrs. Belle Fish is a daughter of Warren Coolidge, a native of Frankfort and a son of Horace Coolidge, also a resident of Frankfort.

FISH, Irving K., Litchfield, was supervisor of Litchfield, in 1888, 1889, and 1890. He was born here on the farm where he now lives July 26, 1847, son of Alonzo L. Fish, who by his pen and practical instructions, was one of the first to advance dairy interests in Herkimer county, and establish export trade in dairy products. Was supervisor of Litchfield in 1860, 1861, and 1862 and the originator of many useful enterprises; a native of Connecticut, who came here with his father Samuel Fish, the original owner of this farm which has been in the family ever since. Samuel was a son of Nathaniel Fish. Irving K. Fish married E. Jennie Beals, and they have one daughter, Cornelia J. Mrs. E. J. Fish is a daughter of Rev. Oliver Beals, who was a son of David Beals, one of the first settlers of this town.

FISH, Wallace Isaac, Litchfield, is one of the prominent farmers of Litchfield. He married Emma M. Underwood, December 24, 1856, and they have two children living, S. Lynn, who married Gertie E. Rider, and Fred P., who married Jennie M. Davis, and is overseer of the poor. Isaac W. Fish is a son of Elias W., who was supervisor of this town for many years, he was a son of Samuel who came here with his father Nathaniel, one of the first settlers here. Isaac W. Fish's mother was Alma P., daughter of Isaac Parker, a brother of the Rev. Archibald Parker, both of them being among the first settlers of the town of Litchfield. George Parker was the father of the Parker brothers, who were the first settlers here. George Parker died June 26, 1820, aged 89 years, his wife Sarah died July 23, 1836, aged 94. Isaac Parker died January 23, 1840, aged 67, his wife Mercy, died October 29, 1856, aged 86. Elias W. fish died June 26, 1869, aged 66, his wife Alma P., died February 2, 1883, aged seventy-seven. The deed of this farm, dated December 8, 1794 from Archibald Parker, to Isaac Parker, is now in the possession of Isaac W. Fish, and was recorded July 29, 1818, signed Walter Fish, clerk.

FISHER, Henry, Ohio, was born in Germany in 1825. His parents were John and Barbara Fisher, who had five sons and two daughters. In 1847 Mr. Fisher and family came to America and settled in Ohio township, where he purchased sixty acres of land in the wilderness. On this he built a log house, in which he spent the remainder of his life. He was a Democrat, and he and his wife were Lutherans. He died in 1853 and his wife in 1872. Henry Fisher was twenty-two years old when he came to this country with his parents. He married Christina Fisher, a native of Germany by whom he had five children, Nicholas, Charles, Rachael, Amelia, and Emily, all of whom are living. Mr. Fisher owns 269 acres of land, and keeps a large dairy. He is a Democrat, and he and his wife are members of the Lutheran church. He is one of the stockholders in the Poland union store.

FISHER, J.H., Ohio, was born in Germany in 1827, a son of John and Barbara Fisher. He was reared on a farm and received a good common school education. At the age of twenty he came with his parents to this country, and in 1854 he married Rachel Hafer, a native of Germany, and they had eight children: Celia, May, Christina, Amelia, Caroline, Frank, Ann and Emma. In 1851 Mr. Fisher made a trip to California, remaining three years. He is now one of the leading farmers of Herkimer county, and keeps one of the largest dairies. He is a Democrat in politics, and has been assessor twelve years, highway commissioner three years, and supervisor two terms. He and his wife are Lutherans.

FISHER, John C., Ohio, was born in Germany February 23, 1840, and was reared on a farm. In 1869 he came to America and first settled in Indiana. After residing there ten years he came to Herkimer county, where he has since lived. He married in Germany Ona Farber, a sister of Christopher Farber, of Ohio township. To Mr. Fisher and wife were born seven children: John, Henry, Lewis, Willie, Sophia, Mary and Lillie. Mr. Fisher has 229 acres of land in Ohio township and keeps a dairy. He is a Democrat in politics.

FITZGERALD, James, was born in Ireland November 29, 1851. His father came to this country and settled in Little Falls in an early day, when James was a child. The latter received a common school education and after coming of age commenced life as an employee of the Central Railroad, with which corporation he remained seventeen years being promoted from brakeman to conductor. On the 21st of April, 1892, he established his present lucrative grocery business, which is at the corner of Ward and Burwell streets. His wife was Mary Hart, and they have three children, two daughters and a son. Mr. Fitzgerald has held the office of postmaster, and is identified with local, social and benevolent institutions.

FITZGERALD, John W., Little Falls, was born June 24, 1857, in the town of Fairfield. In March, 1874, he entered Fairfield Seminary, and graduated with honors in 1879, taking a three years' classical course. December 15, 1880, he commenced the study of law in the office of Hon. Arphaxed Loomis and Watts T. Loomis, and was admitted to the bar in April, 1882, and has continued his connection with that office ever since. In 1884 he commenced the business of insurance in connection with law. In 1891 he bought out the interests of the late Philo Reed, in connection with W.S. Reed, uniting these two agencies under the firm name of Fitzerald & Reed. The agency now represents the largest insurance companies doing business, and more actual assets than any other agency in New York State. The interest of Mr. Reed in the agency was purchased by Mr. Fitzgerald, January 1, 1893.

FLANSBURG, Cornelius, Ohio, was born July 16, 1834, son of Bartholomew and Angeline Flansburg, and was educated in the common schools. In 1867 he married Elizabeth Cummings, born October 4, 1848, a daughter of James and Margaret Cummings of Ohio. Mr. Cummings died July 25, 1885. His wife is still living at the age of seventy-two years. Subject and wife have two children, Olive A. and Jessie B. At twelve years of age Mr. Flansburg began working on a farm by the month. In 1858 he went to California for seven years, following lumbering and mining. He then returned to Ohio, and has since been a farmer. He is a Republican and has been assessor for six years. He with his family attends the M. E.

FLANSBURG, Jerry, Ohio, was born in Ohio, December 12, 1844. He is a son of Bartholomew, and Angeline (Stephens) Flansburg, and was reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. July 29, 1862 he enlisted in the 152d N. Y. volunteers, Company B, and was discharged at Munson Hill, Va., in 1865. He served at the battles of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Mine Run and North Anna River. At the later place he was wounded in the right arm and taken to the hospital at Washington (Mt. Pleasant). After his recovery, by request he returned to his regiment, and at the close of the war returned to Ohio. In 1867 he married Mary J. Potter, of Ohio, daughter of Chauncey and Margaret Potter. January 12, 1876, Mr. Flansburg lost his wife, and he married second, Iola Hess, of Ohio, Daughter of Adam and Helen J. Hess. By his first wife he had one son, Egbert; his second wife bore him two children, Helen M. and H. Lee. Mr. Flansburg is a Republican, has been supervisor one year, assessor nine years, justice of the peace one term, town clerk, collector and auditor. He is member of G. A. R., Helmer Post, at Herkimer, and he and his wife attend the M. E. church.

FLANSBURG, John V., Ohio, was born in Ohio, May 15, 1838. His father was Bartholomew, a son of Richard Flansburg, of Revolutionary fame, who was a boatman from Albany to Fort Stanwix. Joseph Flansburg was a resident of Mayfield, Fulton county, and at an early day came to Russia, and afterwards went to Hasenclever Hill, Herkimer county, and spent the remainder of his days. He was in the war of 1812. Bartholomew Flansburg was born in Mayfield in 1809. He married Angeline Stephens, of Russia, by whom he had six sons and four daughters. In 1824 Mr. Flansburg came to Ohio and purchased a farm, where he lived and died May 3, 1882. He was a Whig and later a Republican. He and his wife were Methodists. The latter is now living with her son, Francis, in Wilmurt, at the age of eighty-two. John V. Flansburg was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools of Ohio, where he has always lived. In 1861 he enlisted in Company E, Ninety-seventh regiment, N.Y. Volunteers, and was in service eighteen months. He was in the battles of Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock Station, Thoroughfare Gap and the Second Bull Run. At the latter battle he was wounded and held prisoner on the field eight days, when he made his escape and joined the hospital corps, where he remained from September 9, 1862, to January 30, 1863, being then discharged. At the close of the war he returned to his home in Ohio, and has since followed farming. October 17, 1868, he married Sarah E. Conklin, daughter of Henry S. and Annie (Edick) Conklin, of Columbia county. Mr. Conklin and wife were early settlers of Ohio, where both died. Subject and wife have one child, Dean R. August 6, 1871, Mrs. Flansburg died, and February 19, 1874, he married second, Ann Cumming. She died September 29, 1877, and in 1878 he married Jane Boyce, of Saratoga, daughter of David and Elizabeth Boyce. By his third marriage he has four children: Earl G., Edna A., Edith M. and Fred. Mr. Flansburg is a Republican.

FLANSBURG, Philip J., Ohio, a native of Ohio, was reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. He a farmer by occupation and has always resided in Ohio. He is a son of Francis A. Flansburg, whose parents were Bartholomew and Angeline (Stephens) Flansburg. Francis A. was born in Ohio, December 17, 1830. From 1852 to 1855 he worked for Hinkley & Ballou. April 28, 1855, he married Casandana Conklin, of Duanesburg. Her parents were Samuel and Mary B. (Curtis) Conklin, who were the parents of fourteen children. They came early to Schoharie county in 1843 went to Ohio, and in 1862 moved to Attica, Wyoming county, where Mr. Conklin died November 19, 1882, and Mrs. Conklin July 15, 1879. Francis A. Flansburg and wife had four sons and two daughters: Mary C., Charles G., Bertha F., Philip J., Albert E., and George F., all of whom are living. Mary G. is now Mrs. Charles Wagner. Charles D. is a farmer at Erie, Pa. Bertha F. is the wife of John A. Doonan, and resides in South Dakota. Philip J. resides in Wilmurt, and Albert E. is a guide at Honalogue Lake. George F. lives at home. Mr. Flansburg has always been a farmer, except for three years spent at lumbering, and has held the offices of justice of the peace, poormaster, highway commissioner, clerk, constable and inspector of elections.

FLEMING, G. C., Little Falls, was born in Little Falls and received his education in the schools and academy here. He established himself in the present business in 1871, prior to which time he had been engaged in clerking here. He is of Irish-American descent, and identified with local Democratic politics. He served as assessor for six years. His business consists of the retail of fine groceries, fruit confectionery and oysters. He married Miss McCormick, of Little Falls, and has three children. His establishment is located at No. 307 Second street, in which he furnishes employment to several clerks and keeps two delivery wagons constantly on the roads.

FOLEY, Daniel, German Flats, chief of police of Ilion, was born in Ireland but has been in America since 1849. He settled in Little Falls. In 1862 he enlisted in Company H, 121st N. Y. Regiment and was in some of the most important battles. He was wounded at Spottsylvania and was honorably discharged March 28 1865. He took up blacksmithing after the war and has followed it ever since. He came to Ilion in 1875 and was appointed chief in 1892. Chief Foley married Miss Catherine Mulqueen and they have five children. He is a Republican in politics.

FOLNSBEE, William, Norway, was born in Canada in May, 1837. His parents were Thadeus and Maria Folnsbee, natives of Scoharie county, N.Y., to whom seven children were born. When a young man Mr. Folnsbee wnet to Canada. He returned to New York, where he married. Then again he spent several years in Canada, and then returned to Scoharie county. He finally moved to Delaware county, N.Y., where he died in 1891. His wife resides in Delaware county. William Folnsbee was reared on a farm, and received a common school education. In 1860 he married Elizabeth Newman, a native of Bellinger, Oneida county, N.Y., born in 1838. She was a daughter of Isaac and Mary (Bellinger) Newman, who reared nine children. Mr. Folnsbee and wife have had five children: Charles, Ellen (deceased), William, Jessie, and John. He is a tanner and farmer, a Republican in politics, and he and his wife are members of the Methodist Church.

FOLTS, Mrs. D., Herkimer, is one of remarkable women of the age, and lives a mile and a half from Herkimer, Her son, W. P. Folts, works the farm and manages outside affairs and she does a great deal of magnetic healing. She has been practicing twenty-two years and has established a wide and substantial reputation. They have one hundred acres of land used for dairying and grain. Mrs. Folts' father was a doctor. From the Gloversville Intelligencer: "One mile and a half east of Herkimer village lives an old lady called Mrs. Folts. This person has obtained a wonderful reputation for the healing of diseases. It is now twenty-two years since she began to attract by her great healing powers, and to-day her house is a modern Mecca for the sick, many of whom travel hundreds of miles to consult her. Her patients consist mainly of chronic cases, though the diseased and crippled of all kinds seek her aid. Many wonderful cures are said to have been performed by this remarkable woman, and her patrons have unlimited confidence in her powers. Two busses are kept running from Herkimer to her house, and every Central train stopping in Herkimer brings her new patients. Sometimes as many as twenty will come on one train to see the old lady. Mrs. Folts is about sixty-five years of age. Her father was also gifted in the healing art. She lets the cures she does do all her advertising. In Herkimer, where she is well known she is regarded as very skillful and the patronage she is receiving from all the world is truly wonderful." From the Rome Sentinel: "We read of miracles in the healing art, but one has lately come under our own observation. One of our nearest neighbors, Mr. Hanley has a little son thirteen years old, who has been afflicted some tow years with hip disease. Our most eminent physicians could do him but little good. An open sore on his limb discharged continually and the pain was almost unbearable. Two weeks ago he was taken to see Mrs. Folts, at Herkimer, who treated the case by rubbing with the hands and by medicine and since that hour he has suffered no pain, the wound has healed, and there are fair hope of a permanent cure."

FORD, A.W., Fairfield, is a native of Middleville, and has always followed farming. He was born September 7, 1826, and in 1863 married Irene Isham. They have four children, one son, David, and three daughters, Addie Belle, Mary and Irene. Mr. Ford owns three hundred acres of fine dairy farm in Fairfield, where his grandfather settled. His father, David Ford, was born in this town in 1782 and served at Sackett's Harbor in the war of 1812 as captain.

FORD, C. T., mason and contractor of Middleville, was born in Fairfield May 28, 1829. He began his trade at the age of fifteen with his father, and has followed it continuously and successfully all his life. He has erected a good many important buildings besides doing all kinds of contract work throughout this part of the county, in fact about all of it and has a high reputation as a business man and a reliable contractor. In 1863 Mr. Ford married Miss Margaret Davis. Mr. Ford is a Republican in politics and his father served at Sackett's Harbor in the War of 1812.

FORD, Daniel, German Flats, was born in Mohawk, December 28, 1831. He followed boating until thirty years of age on the Erie canal, and then began the contracting business on State and railroad work, which he has followed ever since. Mr. Ford is a prominent Mason, a member of the Memphis Shrine, the thirty-second degree, Scottish Rite. In 1852 he married Miss Ann E. Van Alstine, and they have two daughters, both married, Mrs. Dr. Rasbach and Mrs. Isaac Small of Topeka, Kansas.

FORD, James W., Fairfield, is a native of Fairfield and was born June 3, 1836. He has been a farmer all his life, and owns two fine dairy farms of 128 and 164 acres, upon which he has a herd of seventy milch cows. Mr. Ford's grandfather came here from Green River, Conn., about 107 years ago. Mr. Ford married Miss Sarah A. Ives in 1861, and they have a family of one son and three daughters, William, Mrs. Truman Cole, Fannie S. and Mabel H. Mr. Ford is a Republican in politics, and is recognized as a leading man in every way in this part of the county.

FOREST, John W., Russia, was born in Russia, September 19, 1853 a son of Mark, whose parents were John, born December 23, 1774, and Martha, born November 9, 1773, natives of Ireland, who were among the first settlers of Poland. Their children were: Mary, Betsey, William, John and Mark, James Martha Betsey and Sallie. Mr. Forest died April 14, 1855, and his wife August 29, 1854. Mark Forest was born in Russia, July 20, 20 1818, and married Angeline Hunter, a native of Hamilton county, born May 20, 1824, and a daughter of David Hunter, a native of Massachusetts. The children of Mark Forest and wife were: Ethel, George, deceased; John, Alvira, deceased; Frank, Ida, deceased. He died November 7, 1869, and his wife now resides with John W. Forest. The latter married February 22, 1888, Hattie Simpson, born March 5, 1866, a daughter of William Simpson, a son of Abel Simpson, a son of Abram Simpson, of Revolutionary fame. Mr. simpson was born October 17, 1830. In 1851 he married Mary Hine, of Norway, and had four children. He married second, Susan C. Plumb, by whom he had one daughter, Hattie, the wife of subject. Mr. Forest has manufactured cheese about two years, but his principal occupation is that of general farmer. He is a Democrat in politics.

FORREST, David J., Russia, was born in Russia March 31, 1851. His father was William Forrest, a son of John and Martha Forrest. (See Sketch of J. W. Forrest.) William Forrest was born August 5, 1805, in Russia. He was educated in the common schools and reared on a farm. He was a great reader and a well informed man. His wife was Abigail, daughter of David and Effiah Hunter. They had three sons and four daughters. Mr. Forrest followed clerking for some time in Utica, but afterwards became a farmer. He was a Democrat and was assessor and highway commissioner. He was a captain of a rifle company in the State militia. David J. Forrest was reared on the farm he now owns, and was educated in the common schools. In 1879 he married Lillias McArthur, a native of Russia, and daughter of Donald McArthur. They have four children: Raymond H., Fred E., Edna J., and George A. Mr. Forrest is a farmer and a Democrat. He is a member of Russia Grange, No. 630. He and wife are members of the regular Baptist Church of Russia.

FOSTER, Aaron Stile, Dolgeville, a nephew of Matt Foster, of sharpshooting fame, was born in Salisbury April 1, 1822. He received a common school education in the schools of this vicinity and assisted his father until his seventeenth year. After this he worked at the carpentry trade until 1847, when he became engage in the lumber traffic until 1879. He then moved to Dolgeville to build the wool factor of Alfred Dolge. Mr. Foster married Hannah, daughter of Peter Getman, and they have two sons and two daughters living, having lost a son and a daughter. A. S. Foster was himself in his youth a noted dead shot, being able to bring down game with his rifle when on the wing. He has served in Fulton county as highway commissioner and justice of peace. His ancestors participated in the War of the Revolution and the War of 1812. On his mother's side he is a descendent of the Talcotts.