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Family Sketches

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Taken from History of Herkimer County by George A. Hardin and Frank H. Willard, published in 1893.

O'BRIEN, M.G., Ilion, was born in Troy, N.Y., September 1, 1846, and after graduating at St. John's College, Fordham, N.Y., he entered the wholesale grocery house of Knapp & Walradt in Troy. He afterwards was three years surveying for the Iron Mountain Railroad company in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas. In 1874 he located at Ilion, and was connected with the Remington armory for twelve years. In 1879 he established the insurance and real estate business, which he still successfully conducts. Was elected justice of the peace in 1880 for four years, and elected police justice in 1892. Mr. O'Brien is an earnest Republican in politics. He is executor for several estates and has a high reputation. In 1886 Mr. O'Brien married Miss Nellie H. Ryan, of Ilion. They have two sons and one daughter.

O'DWYER, Thomas, Little Falls, was born in Oneida county and reared on a farm. He came to Little Falls and became connected with the variety business for nearly six years. Disposing of this he assumed proprietorship of the Farmer's Hotel, which he is refitting and refurnishing. This hotel will accommodate twenty guests. Mr. O'Dwyer married Miss Mary Dooharty, and they have one child. He was game constable for the town of Marcy for several years and is a member of the Red Men.

O'ROURK & HURLEY, dealers in drugs, oils, paints, etc., Little Falls, commenced business in April, 1892. Mr. John Hurley is a native of Little Falls and has always been in the drug line. He graduated from the Albany College of Pharmacy in 1885 and is a member of the New York State Pharmaceutical Society. He is a Republican in politics and treasurer of the Republican club. At the present age of thirty-one he has by his own industry and ability advanced himself to his present prosperous condition. His wife is a sister of Mr. O'Rourk, the senior member of the firm, who is also a young man and a member of the fire department and the Republican party. He was bookkeeper for Lintner & Babcock for ten years prior to the formation of the present partnership.

ONUF, DR. B., Dolgeville, was born in Jennisseisk, Siberia, July 4, 1863. He was educated in the schools of Zurich, Switzerland, and graduated in medicine in 1884, after which he studied eye diseases eight months at the Eye Clinic, Zurich. The doctor was engaged in the practice of his profession for six years prior to coming to this country, being for two and a half years upon the staff of physicians attached to an insane asylum. After this he became physician on the Rotterdam-Lloyd line of steamers in the East Indies, also on the Trans-Atlantic lines. In September of 1890 he settled in Dolgeville, where he is building up an extensive practice. The doctor's sister is a German teacher in the Dolgeville school and academy.

OLMSTEAD, Osmond B. is a native of Fulton county, N. Y., and at the commencement of the late war was a resident of Washington, D. C. and in the spring of '61 enlisted in the Fifth N. Y. Cavalry, serving his country faithfully and well, participating in many battles and engagements and was honorably discharged from the service in 1865 from the Fourth N. Y. Heavy Artillery, after which he became a very proficient barber. After working in several towns and cities he finally in 1879 established a business in Dolgeville, where he has been successfully doing business since, being patronized by all the leading citizens in town. In 1872 Mr. Olmstead married Miss Ida. A. Reed, a lady of Peeksville, N. Y. They have no children.

ONYAUS, William, German Flats, was born in England, November 20, 1832, and learned there the trade of gun barrel roller. He came to Springfield, Mass., in 1858, and during the war had charge of the rolling department of the government gun shops there. He came to the Remington gun works after, where he has been ever since. He is one of the most noted men in his line in the world. He was once sent to Liege, in Belgium, to superintend gun-making. Mr. Onyaus has been a Mason over thirty years and a Republican all his life. He married Harriet Langton and has a son, William Langton. Mr. Onyaus married second Adeline M., daughter of Charles Graham, of Whitesboro.

OSGOOD, Josiah S., German Flats, was born in Mohawk, March 29, 1828, and was clerking in a grocery business when ten years old. He then went to New York and was in the hotel business for eight years. He returned to Mohawk and was in business for several years. In 1852 he took an interest in the Osgood House in Ilion, but in 1870 he gave up the business, since which time he has lived retired. He married Fannie Jones. His business operations were very successful, and he retired in 1870.

OSTERHOUT, S., German Flats, was born in German Flats, October 1, 1845. He has been connected with farming nearly all his life and is now one of the prominent small fruit growers of the State. His father was Daniel Osterhout, and his grandfather, John, came from Germany. His grandfather, on his mother's side, was a Revolutionary soldier. In 1869 Mr. Osterhout married Abbie Silliman, and they have two daughters, Mary and Kate. He grows about 50,000 quarts of strawberries annually.

OWENS, Hugh R., Winfield, mason, contractor and builder, has erected some of the finest buildings in this vicinity, including the Baptist church of this place, the First National Bank at Richfield Springs, also a number of fine residences, among which is Cashier McKee's house, at the same place, and a number of residences of this and surrounding towns. He ws born in Wales in 1851. In 1862 he commenced his apprenticeship, finished in 1866, and worked there then as superintendent on contracts for his fahter (Robert R. Owens), also a contractor and builder. April 6, 1869, Hugh R. came to America and settled in Fair Haven, Vt., where he engaged in the same business with his brother. In 1871 he came to Utica. In 1873 he went to Plainfield, and engaged in the same business there. In 1878 he settled in West Winfield, and has been in business here since that time. He married Katie Hughes, September 9, 1875, and they have two children: Fred T. and Herbert E. Mrs. Katie Owens is a daughter of Thomas Hughes, of Plainfield, Otsego county.