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Taken from History of Herkimer County by George A. Hardin and Frank H. Willard, published in 1893.

PADDOCK, Robert Brayton, Litchfield, was born in the town of Frankfort, June 7, 1824. He married Mariam F. Tanner, of the town of New Hartford, and they have two children, Arthur Clifford Paddock and Fannie Esther Paddock. Arthur C. Paddock married Emma Almira Burpee, of Litchfield, and they have two children, Effie Almira Paddock and Arthur Samuel Paddock. Fannie E. Paddock married John C. McCartin, of Watertown, June 30, 1891, and he died January 2, 1892. Robert B. Paddock is a son of Samuel, who was born on the Paddock homestead, and died July 19, 1882, aged eighty-six years. His father, Captain John Paddock, was a sea captain and a native of Connecticut, who was one of the first settlers of Frankfort. He died April 4, 1817, aged sixty-five years.

PARKER, Theodore Patten, Litchfield, is a son of Archibald Parker and Cassandre Hoxie. Seven children were born to Archibald Parker and wife, of whom but two are living. Archibald Parker was supervisor of this town, and was born, lived and died on the farm now occupied by his youngest son. Theodore P. Parker was a son of the Rev. Archibald Parker, a native of Rhode Island, who settled at Parker's Corners, after which this place was named. There were five hundred acres in the tract bought by Rev. Archibald Parker and one Samuel Remington, and the tract was divided between them. Theodore P. Parker married Edwina A., daughter of Taylor Hasselkuse of Litchfield. Mr. and Mrs. Parker have one son, A. Earl. Rev. Archibald Parker was born April 12, 1769, and died January 3, 1831. He married Sarah Ross, born May 24, 1773, died October 15, 1852. Archibald Parker was born April 7, 1808, and died August 13, 1885. Cassandre Parker, his wife, was born July 26, 1809, and died October 23, 1862. The tract spoken of above was divided by the Rev. Archibald Parker, who took one-fourth, Samuel Remington one-fourth, and one-fourth was sold by them to Isaac Parker, a brother of the Rev. P., and the other one-fourth to another brother, Jacob Parker.

PARKINSON, John, of Fairfield, is a native of England, but has been in America since 1850. He was first employed as a farm hand but soon struck out for himself and with great success. To-day he owns a fine farm of 175 acres and thirty milch cows. He rents the farm out and lives in a snug house of his own in Fairfield village. Mr. Parkinson married Charlotte Herringshaw in 1843 and they have two children, George and Mrs. Alfred Childs.

PEARCE, Frank E., Fairfield, superintendent of the poor for Herkimer county (elected in the fall of 1891), is a native of Newport, and was born July 12, 1859. He is a son of James P. Pearce, one of the best known men of the county. Frank E. left the farm at the age of eighteen to embark in the sewing-machine business. He was subsequently five years in the mercantile business in Newport. Then for six years he again followed farming. He was collector of Newport and supervisor for two terms, 1888-89, and although a Democrat, he was elected in a Republican town. In 1884 he married Jane L. Harris, and they have three children, two sons and one daughter.

PECK, William, Manheim, was born in Manheim February 13, 1811. His ancestors are of New England descent, emigrating there from England, and of Revolutionary fame. Mr. Peck married Polly Silliman, and they have nine children, four sons and five daughters. Mrs. Peck died in 1890. Mr. Peck owns 1,500 acres of dairy land in Herkimer county, which is worked by tenants, besides owning other property. He has been a great traveler, having crossed the Atlantic forty-two times, and visited the principal cities and points of interest in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Egypt and the Holy Land, and is thoroughly informed upon ancient history. He is a most entertaining conversationalist.

PELTON, J. Rand, German Flats, was born in Winfield October 17, 1845. When of age he embarked in the sewing mahine business. Seven years ago he started his present business, stoves, hardware, plumbing, and in the firm of Grimes & Pelton. In 1870 Mr. Pelton married Miss fForence M. Caswell, and they have two children, Frank E. and Edwin C. Mr. Pelton is a Mason, and a member of the Royal Arcanum, and the A.O.U.W. Grimes & Pelton own the fine new block in which their business is carried on.

PETRIE, Philo, a farmer of Little Falls, is a native of this town, born on the farm he now works, in 1835. His father came to this part early in the century. Mr. Petrie works and owns 127 acres of land and devotes his farm almost entirely to dairy purposes and grass. In 1859 he married Jane Ann Snell, and they have two children, one son and one daughter, the latter being the wife of Eugene A. Garlock, of Gloversville. His son is Isaac L., a young man eighteen years of age. All the family are church members, the father being a Presbyterian and the mother and children Universalists.

PETRIE, S.A., Little Falls, is a native of Little Falls, but has been on his present farm for about a year, having purchased it in 1891. He owns 114 acres, which he utilizes for dairy purposes, grass and grain. He keeps twenty-nine milch cows and sells considerable milk in the village, outside of his farming operations. Mr. Petrie is descended from an old and historical family. His great-grandfather, Henry Keyser, was in the Revolutionary War and was taken prisoner with others by the Indians. Mr. Petrie married in 1862, Helen Getman, and has a family of five daughters and one son. In politics he is a Democrat. He is a member of the Royal Arcanum.

PHILLIPS, S.A., Russia, was born April 24, 1834, in Hammond, N.Y., a son of Samuel, who was a son of Samuel Phillips, a native of England, who settled in Rensselaer county, near Hoosac Falls. He was in the Revolutionary war. Mr. Phillips was twice married and had five children by his first wife. His first wife was Betsey Allen, youngest sister of Ethan Allen, of Revolutionary fame. He married second Mrs. Baker, by whom he had four children. Samuel Phillips, jr., was born in Rensselaer county, 1797. He married Emily Wightman, a native of Trenton and a daughter of Eleazar Wightman, and to them were born five children. Mrs. Phillips died in 1841 and he married Paulina McMaster, of Russia, by whom he had one child. He was in the war of 1812. His son, Leander, in 1861 enlisted in the Second New York Light Artillery, but was transferred to the One Hundred and Seventeenth New York Infantry and served until the close of the war. Mr. Phillips died in 1877, and his wife died in 1885. Subject was reared on the old homestead in Russia. In 1855 he married Martha Emory, a native of Oswego county, whose parents were early settlers, To Mr. Phillips and wife have been born four children: Clara V.and Clinton, deceased, Allen J. and Frank J., the former residing on his father's farm and working in the tub factory with his father. His wife is Cora Baker, of Oswego county, and they have five children: George A., Clara, Clinton, Samuel and May, all of whom are living. Frank J. is a graduate of Fairfield and Holland Patent schools and holds a New York State diploma. He is at present a teacher in the commercial department of the University at Fort Worth, Texas. His wife is Blanche Ward, a native of North Carolina. S.A. Phillips is a farmer and also has a tub factory with first -class machinery and carries on a successful business. He is a Republican. He and family attend and support the M.E. and Unitarian churches at Trenton.

PHILLIPS, William, East Schuyler, was born in Steuben, Oneida county, in 1832, and his father, Champion Phillips, was also a native of that county. His grandfather came from Connecticut. Mr. Phillips engages in general farming, but has also a large business in buying and shipping hay. He has been twice married; first in 1857 to Mrs. Mary Jane Carder of East Schuyler, Herkimer county, and in 1883 to Miss Permelia Quance of Camden, Oneida county. He was commissioner of highways six years, trustee several terms and deputy sheriff six years.

PIERCE, John, Little Falls, was born in Johnstown, N. Y., September 7, 1863. He learned the trade of baker and confectioner in Wheeling, W. Va. He came to Little Falls in 1884, remaining there until 1886, when he went into the employ of the New York Central Railroad, thence to Gloversville, N. Y., and back to Little Falls in 1887. In 1889 he went to Utica and returned to Little Falls in 1890, starting the Manheim bakery April 28 of that year. Mr. Pierce does a thriving business, having built up his trade through superior products. He married Nora Williams, and they have one son.

POPPLE, Roswell H., Russia, was born in Russia, October 29, 1845, a son of James, who was a son of William, a native of Rhode Island, born May 18, 1768. The latter married first, Rachael Frink, also a native of Rhode Island, by whom he had eight children: Zachariah, Daniel, Roswell, William, John, Amy, Lydia and Esther. Mr. Popple came to Russia about 1800 and settled one mile west of Grant, near the twin rock bridge. He was at one time assessor, and died in Russia, April 13, 1856. He was offered land where Utica now stands (then a vast swamp, with one log cabin on Corn Hill,) at $2.50 per acre. His second marriage was with Catherine Tompkins, of Norway, by whom he had one child, James. His second wife died June 8, 1852. James Popple was born August 20, 1817, and his life was spent on the farm settled by his father. He married Ann Eliza Garlock, born in Montgomery county, March 9, 1816, a daughter of Philip Garlock. Their children were Ann Elizabeth, Emily, Matilda, Roswell H., Lydia, Louisa, William and Alma Eliza, all now living. Mr. Popple followed surveying for many years. In politics he was a Democrat, and for many years was assessor and constable. He died March 13, 1868, and his wife March 24, 1880. Roswell H. is a farmer, a Democrat, and one of the leaders of his party, always taking an active part in elections, and has been inspector, census enumerator, school trustee, and is now secretary of the Grange at Grant, No. 692. For the past five years he has been agent for Listers, of Newark, N.J., the largest manufacturers of fertilizers in the country. February 2, 1882, he married Diana (Rahtbun) Gray, daughter of William Gray, an early settler of Remsen, Oneida county. Mr. Popple and wife had four children; Annie, Lydia, Willie and Charles. Annie, the only one living, was born June 17, 1883. July 2, 1889, Mrs. Popple died, and July 30, 1890, he married second, Jennie, daughter of Caleb Nichols, a son of Morey Nichols, an early settler of Remsen. Caleb married Ellen Hughes, and had a son and a daughter. They live in Remsen. Mr. Popple is a Democrat and has been inspector of elections. He was drafted in the late war, but did not serve on account of disability. He is a member of Grange No. 692 of Grant. The father of the subject, James, was the most reliable surveyor of these parts, and his lines and maps are now eagerly sought for.

POST, Dan, Newport, was born in 1771 and came to Newport with his brother Nathaniel when a young man. Dan worked at farming. He married Mercy _______, and their children were: John, Dan,jr., Spencer, Watson, Willoughby, Nathaniel, Roxy A. Benchley, and Julia A. Hale. Dan Post, jr., married Ann Stephens in 1824. She is a daughter of Benjamin Stephens of Fairfield. They had two children, Henry and Dan 3d. He married second, Delcena Kniffin, a native of Newport, and a daughter of Obediah Kniffin. They also had two children, Charles R. and Obediah K. After his second marriage Mr. Post moved to Ohio, where he remained until his death. Henry Post's father died when he was thirteen years of age, and he lived with his uncle, John Post, in the town of Russia until 1844. He then taught school in Illinois for four years, when he returned to Middleville, and has since followed farming and carpentering. While building a barn on his farm he discovered some quartz crystals, which he mines. He has one child living, Annie, wife of George W. Nellis, jr., editor of the Wide Awake Herkimer County Record of Herkimer. He is a Democrat in politics, a member of the Universalist church and superintendent of the Sunday-school.

PROSS, Geo. Adam, Little Falls, was born in Germany October 7, 1835. He came to this country in 1854, and followed farming for twenty-two years. He had charge of the Fairfield road for seven years, then moved to Little Falls and has done jobbing and contracting since that time. He married Miss Caroline F. Shakinger, and has five children, four of whom are boys. Two of the boys are Pross Bros., grocers, Little Falls. Mr. Pross was overseer of the poor in Manheim for two years. He is a member of the Royal Templars of Temperance, Chosen Friends, E.P.M.A., Key Stone of Rochester, Reform Club, etc., and a substantial and esteemed citizen.

PROWSE, WM. H., Herkimer, senior member of the firm of Prowse & Thomson, dealers in drugs, hardware, etc., is a native of Troy, N.Y., but has lived all his life in Herkimer. He established the present business twenty-seven years ago in the present stand and the present partnership was formed in 1884. Mr. Prowse's father was an Englishman, and his mother was a native of Herkimer. He married Miss Emma Greene of Rome, N.Y., in 1867. Mr. Prowse is one of the enterprising and successful business men, and is a Mason, a member of the United Friends, and other societies. He has been actively engaged in the same business continuously longer than any other man in Herkimer.

PRYNE, P., M.D., Herkimer. The Pryne family settled in Albany as early as 1661, and their descendants participated in the Revolution. Dr. P. Pryne's ancestors were Frans Jansen Pryne, who settled in Albany in 1661. Frans Pryne, jr., born in Albany September 23, 1683; David, Frans, jr's. son; Peter Pryne, David's son; then Frans P. Pryne, who was the father of the subject of this sketch. Dr. P. Pryne was born June 20, 1820, and educated at the schools of Rome and Frankfort. He comnmenced the study of his profession with Dr. Arba Blair, and continued with Dr. Dolittle. He graduated at Geneva Medical College in 1844, and commenced practice in Herkimer in 1845. In 1860 he was appointed physician to Sing Sing prison and continued there until 1872, when he returned to Herkimer and practically retired from his profession. He has the finest private geological specimens in the country. He is quoted in English journals as an authority. He married for his first wife Miss Jane Byers, by whom he had two children. His second wife was Miss Mary C. Weber. They have no children. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity.