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Kuyahoora Valley Historical Society
P.O. Box 445
7435 Main Street
Newport, NY 13416
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About Us


The Kuyahoora Valley Historical Society was organized on October 25, 1983, at a meeting of interested citizens called by Jane Dieffenbacher, Town of Fairfield Historian. The meeting was held in Middleville at Corey Hall. Jane Dieffenbacher was acting chairperson and Betty Marko, of Fairfield, was acting secretary. Alice Hawkins, Town of Newport Historian, supported the new society as did Elizabeth Agne, Town of Norway Historian. The first officers of the Kuyahoora Valley Historical Society were: President, Anne Marvin; Vice President, Margery Foss; Secretary, Betty Marko; Treasurer, Richard W. Tucker; Directors Pro Tem were Alice Hawkins, Jane Dieffenbacher, and Elizabeth Agne.

On April 26, 1985, the Board of Regents granted a provisional charter to the KVHS, incorporating Alice Hswkins, Elizabeth Agne, Helen Garlock, Joyce Murphy, and Jane Dieffenbacher and their associates and successors as an educational corporation. Contributions and donations to the Society are 50% tax deductable under IRS regulations governing educational corporations.

In September 1989, the Town and Village of Newport leased a building on Main Street in Newport in which to preserve their municipal recores. They granted the KVHS permission to hold meetings and display artifacts and exhibits, thereby enabling the group to apply for an absolute charter which was granted on March 10, 1998. The Newport Historical Center continues to host the KVHS, its artifacts, reference material, and items for sale.

The mission of the KVHS is to disseminate and encourage a greater knowledge of the history of the Kuyahoora Valley and its environs; to gather, preserve, display and make available for study artifacts, relics, books, manuscripts, papers, photographs and other records relating to the history of the State of New York and particularly the Kuyahoora Valley and the surrounding area.

Dues are $10 for one person, $15 for a family, mailed to: KVHS, P.O. Box 445, Newport, NY 13416. Members receive The Chronicle, an annual publication containing articles of historical interest to the Kuyahoora area. Members also receive The KVHS Newsletter, an annual report outlining all the programs and activities of the Society. Other KVHS publications are for sale in the gift shop at the Newport History Center.

Program meetings are held on the last Monday of the months of March, May, July, September and November. A field trip is taken once a year to a place of historical interest.

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