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Some History of the Town of Norway, NY

The Town of Norway was organized in 1792, but the first permanent settlement was made by the Potter family, on Sulphur Spring Road. There is a state plaque designating the settlement.

Dairy farming was always the main industry in the town, and cheese making took place at seven cheese factories within the town at one time. There are now only five or six operating dairy farms. The "Military Road" runs through the town from east to west and was built in 1803, and used during the War of 1812. There were many inns and dwellings along the road. The eastern part of the road is not maintained, but the rest of it is still maintained by the town.

One of the heroes of Norway is General David L. Brainard, who was one of the seven survivors of the Greeley Expedition in the 1880's. He lived in Norway until he was about eleven years of age.

In 1887, a centennial took place commemorating the first settlement by the Potters, and in 1889 a bicentennial took place. Both were successful events. A new community hall was built at that time and replaced the old Grange Hall, very much a part of Norway. The 1830 Baptist Church is now the Norway History Center.

Norway is mainly a "bedroom community" where residents of the town earn their living elsewhere, commuting to their jobs in valley towns.

By: Helen Wheatley -- Norway Historian
Copyright ©March 2011

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