1868 - 69 Eaton Business Directory

(Post Office Addresses In Parentheses.)

ALBE, L., (Eaton,) lot 89, farmer 50.
ALFORD, W. F., (West Eaton,) harness and saddle dealer.
Allen, E. E., (Morrisville,) blacksmith.
Allen, F. J., (Eaton,) lot 71, farmer 12.
ALLEN, HENRY, (Eaton,) meat market.
Allen, John S., (Morrisville,) lot 24, farmer 29.
Armour, L. B., (Morrisville,) lot 17, farmer 144.
Atwood, Homer, (Morrisville,) lot 2, farmer 30.
Baker, E., (Bouckville,) lot 30, farmer 43.
*BARNES & MITCHELL, (West Eaton,) (Otis Barnes and Davia Mitchell,) props. of Farmers Exchange Factory.
BARNES, OTIS, (West Eaton,) (Barnes & Mitchell.)
BARTLETT, HANNAH MRS., (West Eaton,) milliner and dress maker.
Bates, H. H., (Morrisville,) lot 45, farmer 109.
BELL, WALTER, (Pine Woods,) prop. of Pratt's Hollow Hotel.
Bellinger, E. Miss, (Morrisville,) milliner, Eaton.
Bennett, Ezra, (West Eaton,) lot 62, farmer 50.
Bicknell, Bennett, (Morrisville,) (Phelps & Bicknell.)
BICKNELL, H. C., (Morrisville.)
Blakeslee, F. D., (Morrisville,) proprietor of billiard room, Main St.
Blakeslee, J., (Morrisville,) (A. Truesdell & Co.)
Blakeslee, M. J., (Morrisville,) agent for stage route.
BONNEY, A. H., (Eaton,) lot 73, farmer 170.
Bosworth, E., (Morrisville,) lot 39, farmer 41.
Bosworth, Gardener, (West Eaton,), lot 62, farmer leases 180.
Bosworth, George, (Morrisville,) (with Albert Tillinghast,) lot 39, hop grower and farmer 130.
Brigham, H., (Morrisville,) blacksmith.
Brown, J. W., (Morrisville,) homeopathic physcian, Eaton st.
BROWNELL, NATHAN, (Morrisville,) county clerk, produce dealer and farmer 115.
BURLISON, CHARLES, (Pine Woods,) farmer.
Burns, Henry, (Pine Woods,) lot 30, farmer 55.
Burns, Henry, (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 7, farmer 100.
Burritt, C. W., (Eaton,) general merchant and post master, Main st.
Cambers, W. H., (Morrisville,) lot 19, farmer 47.
CHAMBERS, WM. P., (Morrisville,) general merchant and news dealer, also loan library.
Chapin, Horatio, (Morrisville,) (Mead & Chapin.)
Chubbuck, H. W., (West Eaton,) general merchant.
Chubbuck, Melville M., (Morrisville,) post master.
Clark, A., (Morrisville,) lot 20, farmer 43.
CLARK, C. G., (Eaton,) lot 68, farmer 135.
Clark, G. L., (Eaton,) lot 94, farmer 118.
Clark, Harry, (Bouckville,) lot 10, farmer 147.
CLARK, LUCIUS P., (Morrisville,) attorney and counsellor at law, and U. S. commissioner, Main.
CLARK, SAMUEL, (Eaton,) lot 94, farmer 95.
Cleaveland, P. Mrs., (Morrisville,) lot 19, farmer 65.
Cleaveland, T. L., (Morrisville,) general merchant, Eaton.
Cloye, Byron D., (Morrisville,) lot 38, farmer 96.
Cloye, Francis, (Morrisville,) millinery, Main.
Collis, H. M., (West Eaton,) blacksmith.
COMAN, E., (Eaton,) merchant.
Comes, James R., (Morrisville,) lot 14, farmer 36.
Cook, Levi, (Morrisville,) lot 20, farmer 90.
Cook, O. L., (Morrisville,) prop. of billiard room, Eaton.
Cramphin, Alex., (Morrisville,) attorney at law, Main.
CRITCHLEY, JOSEPH, (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
Crittenden, H. H., (Eaton,) lot 89, farmer 34.
CROSS, G. & D., (Morrisville,) iron founder.
Curtis, Henry, (Morrisville,) (Enos & Curtis.).
Dalton, A., (Morrisville,) lot 4, farmer 170.
DANA, L. D., (Morrisville,) general insurance agent and cashier First National Bank.
Darrow, F. M., (West Eaton,) lot 100, farmer 350.
DARROW, David E., (West Eaton,) (J. E. Darrow & Son.)
Darrow, J. E. & Son, (West Eaton,) (David E.,) general merchant, Main.
DAVIS, JOHN A., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 9, farmer leases 44.
Dawson, Wm., (Pine Woods,) lot 49, farmer 90.
DECKER, JOHN, (Eaton,) lot 88, farmer 206.
DEGROODT, THERON S., (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
DOWNER, ABNER P. (Pine Woods,) farmer.
Duffy, F., (Morrisville,) lot 16, farmer 150.
DUNTON, S. S., (Morrisville,) blacksmith, South.
EATON HOTEL, (Eaton,) Lyman Frisbie, prop.
ELLIS, HARRY, (Morrisville,) lot 24, farmer 4.
Emmons, Nelson, (Morrisville,) lot 37, farmer 34.
Enos & Curtis, (Ena Enos and Henry Curtis,) (Morrisville,) general merchants.
ENOS, WM. E., (West Eaton,) lot 79, farmer 40.
Ensign, Asa, (Morrisville,) lot 60, farmer 83.
ENSIGN, WILLIAM, (West Eaton,) lot 60, farmer 45.
ERSKINE, WIGHTMAN, (Eaton,) cheese maker.
Evans, D., (Morrisville,) lot 21, farmer 65.
Evans, E., (Morrisville,) lot 21, farmer 83.
Evens, J. F., (West Eaton,) lot 64, farmer 147.
EVERTS, LYMAN, (Eaton,) lot 88, farmer 200.
EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Eaton,) N. Fausett & Son, proprietors.
EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Morrisville,) opposite County Buildings, C. R. Holmes, proprietor.
FARMER, ORLANDO, (West Eaton,) lot 62, farmer 49.
FARNAM, WM., (West Eaton,) lot 79, cheese box manufacturer.
FAUSETT, GEORGE, (Eaton,) (N. Fausett & Son.)
FAUSETT, N. & SON, (Eaton,) (George,) proprietors Exchange Hotel, Main st.
FERGUSON & HARGRAVE, (Pratt's Hollow,) (James Ferguson and George Hargraves,) woolen manufacturers.
FERGUSON, JAMES, (Pratt's Hollow,) (Ferguson & Hargraves.)
FIELD, ED., (Pine Woods.) butcher.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MORRISVILLE; president, Daniel Steward; vice president, S. T. Holmes; cashier, L. D. Dana; teller, Brownell Tompkins.
Fleming, W., (Morrisville,) lot 18, farmer 42.
Follett, A. A., (West Eaton,) milliner and dressmaker.
Foote, Joseph, (Morrisville,) lot 37, farmer 14.
Foote, Nathaniel, (Morrisville,) (Foot & Smith.)
Foote & Smith, (Nathaniel Foote and Jas. Smith,) (Morrisville,) attorneys and counselors at law, Main st.
FORBES, C. E., (Pratt' Hollow,) cheese maker.
FORD, G. L., (Eaton,) groceries, corner Main and Nacanic sts.
Foster, G. H., (Morrisville,) lot 23, farmer 60.
FREEBORN, J. A., (Pine Woods,) cheese maker.
FREEBORN, P. H., (Pine Woods,) cheese maker.
Frink, E., (Morrisville,) lot 21, farmer 55.
Frink, E. M., (Morrisville,) lot 4, farmer 15.
FRISBIE, LYMAN, (Eaton,) proprietor of Eaton Hotel.
FRY, CHARLES H., (Morrisville,) proprietor of Fashion Restaurant, opposite Court House, Main st.
FULLER, DANIEL, (Eaton,) lot 94, farmer 109.
Gant, E., (Morrisville,) lot 42, farmer 145.
GAUL, J. A., (Morrisville,) proprietors of Park saloon and grocery, Main st.
GORTON, E., (Morrisville,) lot 41, hop grower and farmer 42.
GOSLEE, H. H., (Pratt's Hollow,) general merchant.
Graham B., (Morrisville,) lot 59, farmer 310.
Graham, Benjamin, (Morrisville,) (Graham & Pinhes.)
GRAHAM, DWIGHT, (Morrisville,) machinist.
Graham, John, (Eaton,) lot 94, farmer 50.
Graham & Pinhes, (Benj. Graham and David Pinhes,) (Morrisville,) prop. of saw and grist mills.
Graham, Simeon, (West Eaton,) lot 61, farmer 14.
GRANGER, OTIS P., (Morrisville,) attorney at law.
Grannis, Wm., (Morrisville,) (Holmes & Grannis.)
GRAY, R.H., (Eaton,) physician.
Green, Thomas, (Morrisville,) lot 4, farmer 180.
GREENWOOD, I., (Hamilton,) cheese maker.
Grey, H. C., (West Eaton, prop. of livery stable.
GRIFFITHS, THOMAS, (West Eaton,) lot 42, farmer leases 200.
Griswold, H. E., (Morrisville,) cheese maker, Union.
GURLEY, J. C., (Morrisville,) wholesale dealer in fancy goods, Main.
Hall, Palmer, (Morrisville,) door, blind and sash factory, North.
Hamblet, Benj., (Morrisville,) wagon maker, South.
HAMILTON, L. L., (West Eaton,) general merchant and postmaster.
Hammond, O. A., (Eaton,) flour, feed and grocery store.
HARGARVES, GEO., (Pratt's Hollow,) (Ferguson & Hargarves.)
HARWOOD, S. & R., (Morrisville,) lot 37, farmer 174.
Hatch, H., (West Eaton,) lot 190, farmer 225.
Haughton, James, (Pine Woods,) lot 52, farmer 73.
HAZZARD, J., (Eaton,) building mover.
Henning & Pearce, (Eaton,) prop. of cotton factory, Pierceville.
Hockridge, G. & D., (Morrisville,) lot 44, farmer 163.
HOGAN, THOMAS, (West Eaton,) tailor.
HOLMES, C. R., (Morrisville,) prop. of Exchange Hotel, opposite County buildings.
Holmes & Grannis, (Morrisville,) (D. Holmes and Wm. Grannis,) dentists, Main.
Holmes, D., (Morrisville,) (Holmes & Grannis.)
HOLMES, SIDNEY T., (Morrisville,) vice president of First National Bank of Morrisville, and attorney at law.
Holt, F., (Morrisville,) lot 25, farmer 25.
Holt, I., (Morrisville,) lot 36, farmer 40.
Holt, J. C., (Morrisville,) lot 36, farmer 61.
Hooper, Alvah, (Morrisville,) lot 46, farmer 40.
HOPKINS, H. L., (Morrisville,) lot 24, hop grower and farmer 166.
Hopkins, Isaac, (West Eaton,) lot 78, farmer 56.
Hovey, D. F., (Morrisville,) boot and shoe maker, Main st.
HOWARD, I. B., (Pine Woods,) lot 32, farmer 118.
HOWARD, SETH, (Pine Woods,) lot 31, farmer 300.
HOWE, P., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 12, farmer 95.
HUGHES, ARCHER, (Eaton,) lot 66, farmer leases 312.
Huntoon, Joseph, (West Eaton,) (Mowry & Huntoon.)
HURD, C. S., (Morrisville,) lot 15, farmer 123.
HUZZARD, JONATHAN, (Madison,) building mover.
Ingram, Wm., (West Eaton,) lot 78, proprietor cheese factory.
Isbell, A. P., (West Eaton,) lot 61, carpenter and farmer 35.
ISBELL, E., (West Eaton,) lot 41, farmer 91.
ISBELL, EDWARD, (West Eaton,) proprietor of livery stable.
Isbell, H. E., (Morrisville,) lot 20, farmer 90.
JENNIE, HORACE, (West Eaton,) lot 60, farmer 47.
Jones, I., (Morrisville,) lot 21, farmer 55.
JONES, REECE H., (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
JONES, ROBERT P., (Pine Woods,) carpenter and joiner.
JONES, WM. R., (Morrisville,) proprietor of saw mill, also cabinet maker, North st.
KENNEDY, CHARLES L., (Morrisville,) county judge, surrogate, attorney and counselor at law, County Clerk's office, Main st.
KERN, E. K., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 12, farmer 300.
KERN, GEORGE, (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 12, farmer 89.
KIMBALL, BARTLETT, (Morrisville,) boot and shoe maker, Main st.
KNAPP, B. M., (Pine Woods,) carpenter and joiner.
LAY, GEORGE G. Jr., (West Eaton,) tinner.
LEETE, W. S., (Eaton,) dealer in stoves, tinware &c., Main.
Lewis, P. B., (Morrisville,) lot 38, farmer 36.
Lewis, R., (Morrisville,) lot 23, farmer 27.
*LEWIS, W. P. & CO., (Morrisville,) (B. Tillinghast & Son,) harness makers and dealers in saddlery hardware, leather, &c., Main.
LINDSLEY, CYRUS, (Pine Woods,) lot 48, farmer 72.
LINDSLEY, L, L., (Pratt's Hollow,) cheese maker.
Lumbard, A., (Morrisville,) lot 1, farmer 144.
Macomber, Sylvester, (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 49, farmer leases 30.
MADISON HOUSE,. (Morrisville,) Morris & Tucker, props.
*MADISON OBSERVER,. (weekly,) (Morrisville,) E. Norton, publisher.
March, A. M., (Morrisville,) lot 16, farmer 48.
MARSHALL, SCOVILLE, (Pine Woods,) blacksmith.
MARTIN, A. S., (Eaton,) dealer in sewing machines, corner Church and Main.
Martin, H., (Morrisville,) lot 25, farmer 14.
McCLENTHAN, JOHN, (Bouckville,) lot 11, farmer 64.
McKEREGAN, JOHN, (Morrisville,) farmer.
McQUIEN, JOHN, (Pine Woods,) lot 49, farmer 70.
Mead & Chapin, (Morrisville,) (H. R. Mead and Horatio Chapin,) druggists.
Mead, H. R., M. D., (Morrisville,) (Mead & Chapin.)
Mead, J. C., (Morrisville,) lot 38, farmer 18.
Mead, Myron, (Morrisville,) lot 2, farmer 108.
Medbury, O. A., (West Eaton,) dealer in cabinet ware.
Merrit, Stephen, (West Eaton,) lot 78, farmer 70.
*MILLER, NEWELL J., (West Eaton,) proprietor of Excelsior Photograph Gallery.
Miner, D., (Eaton,) lot 72, farmer 94.
MITCHELL, DAVID, (West Eaton,) (Barnes & Mitchell.)
MOORE, F. O., (Morrisville,) lot 16, farmer 55.
Morgan, Charles, (Pratt's Hollow,) sawyer.
MORGAN, G. W., (Eaton,) miller.
MORRIS & TUCKER, (Morrisville,) (Wm. Morris and Samuel Tucker,) proprietors of Madison House, Main st.
MORRIS, WM., (Morrisville,) (Morris & Tucker.)
MORSE, ALPHEUS, (West Eaton,) proprietor Alder Brook Woolen Mills.
Morse, Cheney, (Morrisville,) lot 21, farmer 64.
Mowry, James, (West Eaton,) (Mowry & Huntoon.)
Mowry & Huntoon, (West Eaton,) (James Mowry and Joseph Huntoon,) proprietors of woolen factory.
MULISON, A. E., (Morrisville,) painter.
*NORTON, E., (Morrisville,) book and job printer and publisher of the Madison Observer.
NORTON, F. A. jr., (Eaton,) cheese maker.
Olborn, N., (Hamilton,) lot 89, farmer 48.
Omans, Morris, (West Eaton,) lot 78, farmer 52.
PARKER, WM. L., (Eaton,) grocer, Pierceville, Main st.
Partridge, H., (West Eaton,) lot 82, farmer 165.
Patterson, Granville, (Morrisville,) lot 26, farmer 53.
PAYNE, C. R., (Hamilton,) lot 92, farmer 200.
Payne, S., (West Eaton,) lot 60, farmer 68.
PAYNE, TRUMAN, (West Eaton,) lot 79, sawyer.
PAYSON, David F., (Morrisville,) county treasurer.
PEARCE, ALVIN, (Eaton,) lot 67, farmer 25.
PENNOCK, COULTAS H., (West Eaton,) blacksmith.
PENNOCK, JOHN, (West Eaton,) blacksmith.
PENNOCK, M. S., (West Eaton,) boot and shoe maker.
Phelps & Bicknell, (Henry Phelps and Bennett Bicknell,) (Morrisville,) general merchants, Eaton st.
Phelps, Henry, (Morrisville,) lot 44, farmer 14.
Phelps, Wm., (Morrisville,) lot 44, farmer 14.
PHILPOT, E. C., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 9, justice of the peace and farmer 80.
Philpot George F., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 10, farmer 87.
Pinhes, David, (Morrisville,) (Graham & Pinhes.)
Porter, John, (Morrisville,) lot 27, farmer 90.
POTTER, THOS. P., (Morrisville,) lot 55, dairyman and farmer.
Reding, Wm., (West Eaton,) lot 42, farmer 60.
REYNOLDS, GEO. W., (West Eaton,) dealer in boots, shoes and groceries.
Richards, E., (Morrisville,) lot 39, farmer 9.
Richardson, George D., (West Eaton,) prop. of West Eaton Hotel.
RICHARDSON, G. D. & SON, (Morrisville,) (Wm. H.,) prop. of Dewey House, Main.
Richardson, Wm. H., (Morrisville,) (G. D. Richardson & Son.)
ROCKWELL, F. F., (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
ROGERS, G. W., (Morrisville,) lot 57, farmer leases 185.
Roote, Chauncey, (Morrisville,) lot 24, farmer 3.
ROSS, DAVID T., (Morrisville,) dealer in copper, tin, sheet iron ware, stoves &c.
RUNDALL, CYRUS, (Pine Woods,) hotel prop.
RUNKLE, HENRY, (Morrisville,) farmer.
Sanders, John, (Morrisville,) lot 4, farmer 37.
SHERMAN, HIRAM, (West Eaton,) lot 51, sawyer and farmer 4.
SHIPMAN, L. MRS., (West Eaton,) tailoress.
SHORT, BELA, (Eaton,) lot 68, farmer 80.
SLOCUM, LEWIS, (Morrisville,) farmer.
Slocum, W. B., (Morrisville,) lot 45, farmer 80.
Smith, Charles, (Morrisville,) lot 39, carpenter, sawyer and farmer 14.
SMITH, ESTELLUS, (Hamilton,) lot 72, hop grower and farmer 90.
Smith, James, (Morrisville,) (Foote & Smith.)
Smith, Judson, (Morrisville,) lot 5, farmer 100.
SMITH, SIDNEY, (Morrisville,) attorney at law, Main.
SPARGO, EDWARD, (Morrisville.)
STEWARD, DANIEL, (Morrisville,) president of First National Bank of Morrisville.
Stone, H., (Morrisville,) lot 22, farmer 15.
STONE, REUBEN W., (Pine Woods,) carriage maker.
Stores, C. A., (Eaton,) lot 52, farmer 150.
STOWE, GEO., (Pine Woods,) cheese maker.
STOWEL, EDWARD F., (Pine Woods,) carpenter and joiner.
STRINGER, JOHN, (Bouckville,) lot 11, farmer 133.
TACKABURY, H. W., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 9, farmer 120.
Tanner, Albert S., (Morrisville,) lot 39, farmer 138.
TAYNTOR, A., (West Eaton,) lot 78, farmer 9.
TAYNTOR, I. B., (West Eaton,) lot 63, farmer 155.
Thompson, H. C. Mrs., (Morrisville,) milliner, Main.
Thompson, Polly, (Morrisville,) lot 23, farmer 20.
Thompson, Sally, (Morrisville,) lot 38, farmer 26.
Tidd, J. R., (Morrisville,) general merchant.
Tillinghast, Albert, (Morrisville,) (with Geo. Bosworth,) lot 39, hop grower and farmer 130.
TILLINGHAST, B. & SON, (Morrisville,) (Bradley and George,) leather manufacturers, Main.
TILLINGHAST, BRADLEY, (Morrisville,) (B. Tillinghast & Son.)
TILLINGHAST, GEORGE, (Morrisville,) (B. Tillinghast & Son.)
TITCHENOR, AMOS, (Pine Woods,) farmer.
TOMPKINS, BROWNELL, (Morrisville,) teller 1st National Bank.
TOOKE, FRANCIS, (Pine Woods,) lot 6, farmer 100.
TOOKE, GEO. W., (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
TOOKE, J. N., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 10, farmer 76.
TOOKE, J. P., (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
TOOKE, MICHAEL Jr., (Bouckville,) farmer.
TOOKE, R. L., (Pratt's Hollow,) lot 11, farmer 40.
Topliff, E. C., (Morrisville,) dealer in cabinet ware.
Truesdell, A. & Co., (Morrisville,) (J. Blakslee,) prop. of stage route between Hamilton, Eaton and Canastota.
TUCKER, SAMUEL, (Morrisville,) (Morris & Tucker.)
TUCKERMAN, A., (Eaton,) lot 76, farmer 12.
Turner, Frank, (Morrisville,) lot 36, farmer 59.
Vincent, Willett, (Morrisville,) lot 5, farmer 14.
Wadsworth, J. B., (West Eaton,) lot 81, farmer 250.
Wadsworth, Stephen, (Morrisville,) lot 22, farmer 53.
Walden & Westcott, (Morrisville,) lot 21, farmer 112.
WALDRON, A. B., (Morrisville,) farmer.
Webber, Henry, (Morrisville,) lot 39, boot and shoe maker.
Wells, J., (West Eaton,) lot 62, farmer 60.
Wescott, Sylvester, (West Eaton,) lot 61, farmer 100.
West, Charles, (Morrisville,) lot 37, farmer 200.
WHITE, ASA P., (Pratt's Hollow,) farmer.
White, Isaac, (Morrisville,) lot 2, farmer 192.
Wickwire, Gleason, (Hamilton,) lot 72, farmer 73.
Wilcox, I. N., (West Eaton,) lot 80, farmer 113.
Williams, Robert, (Morrisville,) lot 44, farmer leases 226.
Williams, Rufus, (Morrisville,) lot 39, farmer 11.
Willis, J. L., (Eaton,) lot 72, farmer 110.
WOOD, SAMUEL, (West Eaton,) lot 61, cattle dealer and farmer 35.
Wood, S. M., (Morrisville,) lot 39, farmer 47.

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