1868 - 69 Lenox Business Directory

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

ABBREVIATIONS.- "O.R.," Oneida Reservation.

ADAMS, HENRY F., M.D., (Canastota,) homeopathic physician and surgeon, Peterboro St.
Adams, Henry W., (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, farmer 10.
ADAMS, MINARD, (Oneida Valley,) farmer 61.
Adams, Minard Jr., (Oneida Valley,) lot 20, farmer leases 56.
Adle, Jacob, (Oneida,) lot 57, hop-grower and farmer 99.
ADLE, JOSEPH, (Oneida,) lot 4, hop-grower and farmer 49.
Allen, Alured P., (Cowaselon,) lot 17 farmer 76,
Allen, Arvilla W. Mrs., (Clockville,) (with Mrs. Hattie V.,) lot 39, farmer 122.
ALLEN, CHARLES, (Wampsville,) Defferrier Grant, dairyman and farmer 142.
ALLEN, FRED., (Oneida,) prop. of Allen's Hotel, refreshment rooms, livery and transient stables.
Allen, Harrison, (Canastota,) lot 45, farmer 92.
Allen, Hattie V. Mrs., (Clockville,) (with Mrs. Arvilla W.,) lot 39, farmer 122.
ALLEN, JOHN H., (Canastota,) (Allen, Wimple & Mott.)
ALLEN, JULIA W. MISS, (Canastota,) (Moore & Allen.)
ALLEN, MYRON M., (Oneida,) (A. Hill & Sons.)
ALLEN, WIMPLE & MOTT, (Canastota, ) (John H. Allen, Abraham A. Wimple and George C. Mott,) lumber and coal dealers, corner Canal and Lumber.
Allis, Maryett, (Canastota,) lot 62, farmer 130.
Andrus, Isaac, (Perryville,) lot 58, farmer 9.
Ansted, Abram, (Oneida,) lot 9, proprietor Oneida cheese factory and farmer 165.
ARCHAMBEAULT, ANTOINE, (Oneida,) bakery, confectionery and saloon, corner Phelps and Market.
ARMITAGE, WM. S., (Oneida,) (Seeley & Armitage.)
ARNOLD, JUSTIN, (Oneida,) (Arnold & Wiles,) contractor, Lake.
ARNOLD & WILES, (Oneida,) (Justin Arnold and David Wiles,) distillers, Feeder avenue.
AUSTERMAN, BARNEY, (Oneida,) (Austerman & Wight.)
AUSTERMAN & WIGHT, (Oneida,) (Barney Austerman and Jacob Wight,) meat market, Main.
AUSTIN, J. WESLEY, (Canastota,) teller of Canastota National Bank.
Avery, Lyman, (Wampsville,) station agent and farmer 17.
Avery, Ralph H., (Canastota,) collector U. S. internal revenue, 22d dist., also insurance agent.
AYRES, JONATHON E., (Oneida,) (Ayres & Lyle.)
AYRES & LYLE, (Oneida,) (Jonathan E. Ayres and Wm. Lyle,) manufs. and dealers in boots, shoes and rubbers, also agents for Singer sewing machine, Main, opposite Walrath Block.
BACON, CHAUNCEY, (Oneida,) prop. of Bacon's Hotel, Phelps.
Bain, Wm., (Cowaselon,) lot 17, farmer 66, and leases 66.
BAKER, ASAHEL H., (Lenox,) (with Nathan M.,) lot 55, dairyman and farmer leases 160.
Baker, G. D. Rev., (Oneida,) pastor Presbyterian church.
BAKER, NATHAN M., (Lenox,) (with Asahel H.,) lot 55, dairyman and farmer leases 160.
*BAKER, WM. H., (Oneida,) editor Democratic Union, Empire Block.
Baldwin, Charles C., (Clockville,) lot 28, farmer 115.
BALDWIN, MOSES, (Clockville,) lot 29, farmer 71.
BALDWIN, SETH D., (Oneida,) manager Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Co's office, news room, dealer in cigars, tobacco, confectionery, &c., general Western ticket agent, 2d door from Central R. R. depot.
BALL, A. V., (Canastota,) lot 10, carpenter and farmer 10.
BALLOU, GEO. F., (Canastota,) builder and joiner.
Barber, Orson S. Mrs., (Oneida,) dress maker, Main.
Barker, A Wayne, (Oneida,) (Klock, Howard & Barker,) insurance agent, Madison st.
Barlow, Thomas, (Canastota,) attorney and counselor at law, Peterboro st.
Barnes, S. H., (Canastota,) lot 40, dairyman and farmer 183.
BARNETT, JAMES, (Oneida,) (J. Barnett & Son.)
BARNETT, J. & SON, (Oneida,) (James and Thomas,) dealers in dry goods, boots and shoes, &c., Main.
BARNETT, MYER, (Oneida,) (Berry & Barnett.)
BARNETT, THOMAS, (Oneida,) (J. Barnett & Son.)
BARRETT, JOHN, (Oneida,) (Saunders & Barrett.)
Barrett, John, (Oneida,) blacksmith and farmer 36.
Barron, John H., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) supt. of fruit preserving department, Oneida Community.
Bates, Briggs, (Lenox,) Quality Hill, blacksmithing and carriage making.
Bates, Chester S., (Wampsville,) lot 1, farmer 67.
BATES, JAMES N., (Oneida,) clothing and furnishing goods, Madison st.
BAUM, HENRY F., (Clockville,) lot 20, dairyman and farmer 140.
BEALL, ROBERT B., (Clockville,) tailor.
Beebe, C. E. Rev., (Oneida Lake,) lot 21, M. E. clergyman and (with J. F.,) farmer 58.
Beebe, David, ( Oneida Lake,) lot 18, sawyer.
Beebe, J. F., (Oneida Lake,) lot 21 (with Rev. C. E.,) farmer 58.
Beebe, Sydney, (Oneida Lake,) lot 33, farmer 25.
Beecher, Hamilton, (Canastota,) manuf. and dealer in boots, shoes, leather and findings also dealer in hides, 4 Beecher Block.
Beechtree, C., (Oneida,) farmer 40.
BELL, JOHN H., (Canastota.) (Bell & Young.)
Bell, Orville, (Canastota,) manuf. and dealer in boot and shoes, Peterboro st.
Bell, Truman, (Canastota,) shoemaker, N. Canal.
BELL & YOUNG, (Canastota,) (John H. Bell and James Young,) ready-made clothing, cloths, trimmings, furnishing goods, hats, caps, trunks, valises, also sewing machines, &c., Peterboro st.
Bellinger, Jacob, (Clockville,) lot 27, lime burner, quarry stone drawer and farmer 86.
BELLINGER, JOHN, (Clockville,) lot 26, dairyman and farmer 207.
Bennett, James A., (Oneida,) county superintendent of the poor.
BENSON & CREE, (Oneida,) (Joel Benson and Chas. B. Cree,) dealers in stoves, tin, glass and wooden ware, Main.
BENSON, JOEL, (Oneida,) (Benson & Cree.)
Bentley & Dyer, (Oneida,) ( Louis T. Bentley and B. Nicholas Dyer,) druggists, Main.
BENTLEY & GOODELL, (Oneida,) (Zadock T. Bentley and Wm. W. Goodell,) attorneys and counselors at law, office in Field's Block, corner Main and Phelps.
Bentley, Louis T., (Oneida,) (Bentley & Dyer.)
BENTLEY, ZADOCK T., (Oneida,) (Bentley and Goodell.)
BERRY & BRNETT, (Oneida,) (George Berry and Myer Barnett,) proprietors Syracuse tannery, Schonondoah.
BERRY, GEORGE, (Oneida,) (Berry & Barnett.)
BETSINGER, DANIEL A., (Oneida,) lot 6, hop grower and farmer.
Betsinger, Daniel L., (Clockville,) lot 13, farmer 63.
Betsinger, George W., (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 53.
Betsinger, H., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 64, farmer 135.
Betsinger, John H., (Wampsville,) farmer 3 .
Betsinger, N. N., (Clockville,) breeder of Italian bees.
Betsinger, Peter, (Clockville,) breeder of Italian bees and farmer 52 .
Bigelow, J. B., (Oneida Valley.) lot 19, farmer 18.
Bishop, Morris K., (Oneida Valley,) lot 17, farmer 35.
Blair, Addison D., (Oneida,) lawyer and insurance agent.
Bortle, Henry, (Oneida,) lot 5, farmer 78.
BORTLE, PETER J., (Oneida,) lot 26, farmer 34.
Bosworth, Charles, (Clockville,) lot 31, farmer leases 150.
BOSWORTH, WM. V., (Clockville,) produce broker, deputy sheriff and farmer 150.
Bowers, Alexander, (Oneida Valley,) lot 13, farmer 190.
Bowman, Jacob, (Oneida Valley,) lot 31 farmer 40.
Boyer, David, (Wampsville,) lot 5, farmer 30.
BREESE, SAMUEL, (Oneida,) vice president of Oneida Valley National Bank.
Brewer, Abram, (Oneida,) lot 3, farmer 23.
BREWER, PETER, (Canastota,) lot 10, farmer 15.
BRIDGE, EDWIN A., (Clockville,) lot A., farmer 145.
Bridge, Hanaah Mrs., (Oneida Castle,Oneida Co.,) lot 15, farmer 34.
BRIDGE & MURRAY, (Oneida,) (Warren Bridge and Edwin R. Murray,) hop dealers, 2 Marble Block, up stairs.
BRIDGE, ORANGE, (Wampsville,) prop. Lenox Furnace Mills and farmer 22.
BRIDGE, WARREN, ( Oneida,) (Bridge & Murray.)
Briggs, Thomas, (Clockville,) shoe maker.
Britt, ____, (Canastota,) (Brown & Britt.)
Britt, Oran F., (Perryville,) lot 40, farmer 46 .
Brodrick, Austin, (Wampsville,) carpenter and joiner.
Brooks, George H., (Oneida,) lot 10, farmer 75.
Bropley, Wm., (Wampsville,) blacksmith.
Brothers, Francis, (Oneida,) lot 9, farmer 74.
Brown & Britt, (Canastota,) meat market, near Doolittle Block, Center.
BROWN, EDWIN C., (Oneida,) Oneida livery, Chestnut, back of Merchants' Exchange.
Brown, Elizabeth E. Mrs., (Canastota,) hoopskirts made and repaired, Peterboro st.
Brown, Leander F., ( Canastota,) lot 23, farmer leases 64.
Brown, Oliver, jr., (Bennet's Corners,) blacksmith.
BROWN, ORION CAPT., (Canastota,) butcher and meat market. S. Canal.
Brownell, David W., (Oneida,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 65 .
Bruce, B. F., (Lenox,) lot 5, farmer 150.
Bruce, E. N., (Lenox,) lot 7, farmer 86.
Bruce, Joseph, (Lenox,) Quality Hill, postmaster and farmer 200.
Bruce, Joseph W., (Lenox,) Quality Hill, farmer 70.
BRYANT, WM., (Oneida Lake,) lot 34, farmer 100.
BULGER, EDWARD, (Oneida,) lot 5, farmer 190.
Bull, Edgar, (Clockville,) lot 56, farmer leases 150.
Bull, Franklin, (Clockville,) lot 56, farmer 220.
Bull, Horace, (Chittenango,) lot 50, farmer 350.
BULL, VIRGIL, (Oneida,) (Kilbourn & Co.,) cashier 1st National Bank of Oneida, also notary public.
BULLOCK, E., (Canastota,) lot 10, dairyman and farmer leases 400.
BUMP, MELVIN A., (Peterboro,) lot 22, hop grower, dairyman and farmer leases 115.
BURDICK, HENRY L., (Canastota,) lot 56, dairy and farmer 105.
Burdick, James F., (Oneida Valley,) proprietor of South Bay House.
Burdick, Wm. H., (Oneida Valley,) lot 7, dairy and farmer 50.
Burlingame, Elijah, (Oneida Valley,) lot 3, farmer 40 .
BURLINGAME, HARRY, (Oneida Valley,) lot 4, carpenter and joiner and farmer 36.
Bushnell, Charles R., (Oneida Lake,) lot 20, farmer.
BUSHNELL, D. K., (Oneida Valley,) lot 11, dairy and farmer 44.
Bushnell, Henry W., (Oneida Lake,) lot 20, carpenter and joiner.
BUSHNELL, IRA, (Oneida Lake,) lot 20, dairyman and farmer 165.
BUSHNELL, LUKE, (Oneida,) book keeper of Oneida Valley National Bank.
Button, Wm., (Oneida Valley,) lot 40, farmer leases 52.
Buyea, Abram, (Oneida,) lot 25, farmer 71.
Buyea, Adam, (Clockville,) lot 40, farmer 160.
Buyea, Barna, (Clockville,) lot 27, farmer 96.
Buyea, Daniel, (Oneida,) lot 7, farmer leases 180.
Buyea, Irving, (Clockville,) lot 40. farmer 120.
BUYEA, JACOB, (Clockville,) lot 4, farmer 76.
Buyea, Jonas, (Clockville,) lot 7, farmer 65.
Buyea, Moses, (Bennet's Corners,) lot 58, farmer 100.
*CADY, GEO. B., (Clockville,) Lenox Furnace, proprietor of Clockville Woolen Mills.
Camp, Cyrus P., (Canastota,) lot 8, farmer 56.
*CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD, (Canastota,) proprietor of Campbell's Eating House, Center.
Campbell, Eugene, (Canastota,) lot 7, dairyman and farmer 370, (resides in Sullivan.)
*CANASTOTA HERALD, (Canastota,) (weekly,) J. Greenhow & Son, editors, office Peterboro st.
CANASTOTA NATIONAL BANK, (Canastota,) Daniel Crouse, president; David H. Rasbach, cashier; J. Wesley Austin, teller; Benjamin F. Chapman, attorney, Peterboro st.
Carlyle, Joseph, (Clockville.)
Carncross, Jeremiah, (Canastota,) lot 18, carpenter and farmer 70.
Carpenter, Charles, (Bennet's Corners,) farmer 1.
CARPENTER, HENRY W., (Oneida,) physician and surgeon, office in Field's Block, cor. Main and Phelps.
Carpenter, James V., (Cowaselon,) lot 12, farmer 50.
CARSKADDAN, CLARENCE, (Oneida,) attorney at law, No. 6 Madison st.
Carter, Theodore, ( Oneida,) (W. H. & T. Carter.)
Carter, Wm. H., (Oneida,) (W. H. & T. Carter.)
CARTER, W. H. & T., (Oneida,) (Wm. H. and Theodore)wholesale and retail grocers, Main.
Case, Leonard, (Oneida) druggist and grocer, Devereaux Block.
Case, Melvina Mrs., (Clockville,) lot 39, farmer 90.
CASTLE, GEO. A., (Canastota,) blacksmithing, horseshoeing &c., N. Canal.
CENTRAL HOTEL, (Wampsville,) Nelson Limebeck, prop.
CHAFFEE, NEWELL M., (Clockville,) lot 46, dairyman and farmer 214.
Champney, N. M., (Clockville,) carpenter and joiner.
Chapin, Abigail Mrs., (Oneida,) lot 14, fruit grower and farmer 30.
CHAPIN, D. & CO., (Oneida,) (Dwight Chapin and Henry G. Cleaveland,) books, stationery, wall paper, picture frames, &c., Main.
CHAPIN, DWIGHT, (Oneida,) (D. C. Chapin & Co.)
Chapin, Earl, (Oneida,) (S. Chapin & Sons.)
Chapin, Samuel, (Oneida,) (S. Chapin & Sons.)
Chapin, Samuel Jr., (Oneida,) (S. Chapin & Sons.)
Chapin, S. & Sons, (Oneida,) (Samuel, Earl and Samuel Jr.,) jewelers, Main.
CHAPMAN, BENJAMIN F., (Clockville,) attorney of Canastota National Bank.
Chapman, Edwin P., (Perryville,) lot 58, farmer 110.
Chapman, Eliphas, (Oneida Lake,) lot 10, farmer 50.
CHAPMAN, GEORGE W., (Clockville,) lawyer.
Chapman, Noyes P., (Canastota,) post master, Peterboro st.
Chapman, Orlando H., (Perryville,) lot 40, general agent for Onandaga Chief mower and reaper, dairy and farmer 125.
CHAPMAN, TIMOTHY, (Oneida Lake,) lot 19, dairyman and farmer 160.
CHAPMAN, WM. E., (Canastota,) manufacturer of sash and blinds, Center.
Chapman, Wm. H., (Clockville,) lot 18, farmer 80.
Chapman, Wm. I., (Oneida Lake,) lot 10, farmer 15.
Charles, Kady, (Oneida,) O. R., farmer 7.
Chase, Benjamin E., (Oneida,) dealer in ready made clothing, men's furnishing goods, hats, caps, &c., Main.
Cherry, Alonzo E., (Oneida,) dentist, Merchant's Exchange Block, Main.
CHESLEY, CHARLES O., (Canastota,) general merchant, Peterboro st.
Childs, Benjamin, (Canastota,) lot 46, farmer 60.
CHILDS, R. H., (Canastota,) lot 71, farmer 70.
CLARK, ASA B., (Canastota,) dry goods, groceries, boot and shoes, Young's Block, Peterboro st.
CLARK, D. WARD, (Oneida,) furniture dealer, 4 Phelps.
Clark, Eunice E., (Oneida,) tailoress, Madison st.
Clark, George, (Oneida Valley,) lot 2, farmer 20.
Clark, Harry, (Lenox,) Quality Hill, farmer 50.
Clark, John Mrs., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 77, prop of Oneida Creek House.
Clark, J. P., (Oneida Lake,) lot 41, dairy, hop grower and farmer 135.
Claus, Reuben N., (Wampsville,) lot 10, farmer 82.
Claw, Francis, (Oneida Lake,) lot 16, farmer 24.
CLEAVELAND, HENRY G., (Oneida,) (D. Chapin & Co.)
CLEMENT, WM., (Oneida,) lot 12, farmer 74.
Clock, Adam, (Clockville,) lot 10, dairy and farmer 163.
Clock, Christopher, (Canastota,) lot 16, farmer 90.
Clock, Dewitt, (Oneida,) lot 11, hop grower and farmer 74.
Clock, Henry, (Oneida,) Denny Grant, farmer 220 and leases 75.
Clock, Michael, (Wampsville,) lot 66, farmer 55.
Clock, Newton, (Canastota,) lot 16, farmer 104.
Clock, Solomon, (Wampsville,) lot 16, dairyman and farmer 272.
CLOW, GEO. W., (Canastota,) canal grocery, S. Canal.
Clow, Wm., (Canastota,) farmer 64.
CLOYES, BEDELL, (Clockville,) (Freeman & Cloyes.)
COBB, HARVEY J., (Wampsville,) postmaster.
COBB, NELSON, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, coroner, hop dealer, dairyman and farmer 135.
Coe & Holmes, (Oneida,) (Mrs. R. O. Coe and Miss E. DeL. Holmes,) millinery and ladies' furnishing goods, Walrath Block, Main.
COE, RENALDO O., (Oneida,) (Turner & Coe.)
Coe, R. O. Mrs., (Oneida,) (Coe & Holmes.)
COLE, DELOS W., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co., lot 15, hop and grape grower, gardener and farmer 66.
Cole, Truman, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 15, farmer 43.
Collar, Evander, (Canastota,) cooper, Chapel.
Colvin, Dewit C., (Oneida,) boots and shoes, 1 Marble Block, Madison st.
COMAN, WINSOR S., (Canastota,) (Lewis and Coman.)
*CONDE, SAMUEL L., (Canastota,) insurance agent, notary public, patent and claim agent, attorney and counselor at law, and secretary of Canastota Salt Co.
CONNIFF, THOMAS, (Oneida,) dealer in boots and shoes, Madison st.
CONROY, DANIEL, (Oneida,) prop. of Conroy's Hotel, cor. Feeder and Elm.
Cook, David, (Oneida Lake,) lot 10, dairyman and farmer 66.
Cook, Holden A., (Canastota,) lot 47, dairy and farmer 85.
COON, JACOB, (Canastota,) lot 20, farmer 49.
COON, JOHN S., (Canastota,) lot 39, dairy and farmer 44.
COON, STEPHEN, (Canastota,) lot 53, dairyman, hop grower and farmer 118 .
COOPER, CHARLES C., (Clockville,) lot 19, commissioner of highways, dairyman and farmer 47 .
COOPER, HARRISON, (Clockville,) lot 19, farmer leases 100.
COOPER, ISAAC, (Oneida,) lot 18, farmer 68.
Cooper, Jeremiah, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer leases 10.
Cornelius, Thomas, (Oneida,) O. R., farmer 43.
Corney, Joseph, (Bennet's Corners,) lot 38, farmer 2.
Corp. D. L., (Lenox,) lot 55, farmer 5.
Corson, John O., (Canastota,) lot 6, farmer 163.
Cossette, Sarah S., (Canastota,) dress and cloak making, 2 Beecher Block.
COTTON, WILLARD, (Lenox,) lot 56, farmer 140.
COURTNEY, PETER, (Clockville,) lot 16, farmer 148.
Cragin, Charles A., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) superintendent silk department, Oneida Community.
Crain, Anson, (Bennet's Corners,) lot 38, farmer 30.
Crain, Ebenezer, (Bennet's Corners,) lot 38, farmer 9.
CRAIN, ELIJAH R., (Bennet's Corners,) lot 36, hop grower and farmer 90.
Cramer, John Jr., (Oneida,) (Quackenbush & Cramer.)
CRAMPTON, RICHARD H., (Oneida,) painter, Madison st.
Cranson, Asa W., (Clockville,) lot 29, farmer leases 106.
CRAWFORD, JOHN, (Oneida,) postmaster, office cor. Madison and Main.
CREE, CHARLES B., (Oneida,) (Benson & Cree.)
Cronk, Jeremiah, (Canastota,) lot 33, dairy, hop grower and farmer 114.
Cronk, John, (Canastota,) lot 39, farmer 52.
CROUSE CHARLES B., (Canastota,) (Crouse & Woodford.)
CROUSE & WOODFORD, (Canastota,) (Charles B. Crouse and James H. Woodford,) general merchants, cor. Peterboro and Center.
Crow, John, (Canastota,) lot 34, farmer 44.
Crumb, J. D., (Canastota,) lot 12, farmer 2.
CULVER, WM., (Lenox,) lot 54, farmer 126.
CUMMINGS, PETER, (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace.
Cummings, Samuel, (Wampsville, ) lot A, farmer leases 10.
Dailey, James, (Clockville,) lot 8, farmer leases 3.
Damon, J. I., (Oneida Lake,) lot 19, dairy and farmer 77 .
DAVIS, GEORGE D., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 15, hop grower and farmer 30.
Davis, John H., (Oneida,) lot 18, farmer 115.
DAVIS, MOSES, (Clockville,) lot 19, farmer 100.
DEAN, ELADSIT T., (Oneida,) tailor, corner Madison and Main.
Decker, Silas, (Oneida Valley,) farmer leases 50.
Deferrier, Charles J., (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 70.
Degroat, Richard, (Oneida,) lot 67, farmer 20.
Delano, Milton, (Canastota,) crockery and groceries.
*DEMOCRATIC UNION, (weekly,) (Oneida,) Wm. H. Baker, editor, Empire Block.
Devereux, Horace, (Oneida,) prop. Devereux Hall, Main.
Devereaux, Patrick, (Oneida,) lot 86, farmer 144.
Dibble, Judson C., (Oneida Valley,) lot 17, grocery store.
DONNELLY, PETER, (Canastota,) lot 41, farmer 58.
Doran, Michael, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 72, farmer 5.
Douglass, Herbert D., (Oneida,) (Walter & Douglass.)
Duncan, Julius, (Canastota,) lot 46, farmer 67.
Dunham, Jerome B., (Cowaselon,) lot 22, farmer 80.
Durkee, Daniel S., (Canastota,) blacksmithing, wagon repairing, &c., cor. Diamond and N. Canal.
DUTTON, ZINAH M., (Canastota,) groceries, provisions, fruits, &c., Young's Block, Peterboro st.
Duygert, Jonathan, (Oneida,) lot 4, farmer 35.
Dyer, Benjamin W., (Wampsville,) farmer 36.
Dyer, B. Nicholas, (Oneida,) (Bentley & Dyer.)
DYER, GEORGE B., (Oneida,) lot 2, farmer 164.
EAGLE HOTEL, (Oneida,) G. H. Sponenburgh, prop.
Eames, Francis A., (Oneida Valley,) lot 13, dairy and farmer 80.
Easterbrooks, Wm., (Wampsville, ) lot 1, farmer 5.
Eastman, Ann Mrs., (Oneida,) milliner, Main.
*EASTMAN, EUGENE, (Canastota,) carriage manuf., cor. Peterboro and N. Canal.
Eastmen, Joseph, (Canastota,) lot 78, dairy and farmer leases 270.
Eddy, Harmon, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 58, farmer 50.
EDDY, LEROY, (Wampsville,) lot 5, farmer 140.
Eddy, Orrin A., (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 96.
Eddy, Rebecca, (Wampsville,) lot 5, farmer 26.
Eddy, R. P., (Oneida Valley,) lot 20, farmer 5 .
EDSON, ALFRED J., (Clockville,) (Elphick & Edson.)
Ellis, J. W., A. M., (Oneida,) teacher of mathematics and sciences, Oneida Seminary.
Elphick & Edson, (Clockville,) (Wm. Elphick and Alfred J. Edson,) proprietors of the Clockville Cheese Factory.
ELPHICK, WM., (Clockville,) (Elphick & Edson.)
Ely, Fredrick, (Oneida Lake,) lot 1, farmer 22.
ERNENWEIN, J., (Oneida Valley.) lot 42, farmer.
Ernenwein, Michael, (Oneida Valley,) lot 42, farmer 116.
Ernenwein, Philip, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 49, dairyman and farmer 76.
Evans, Geo., (Wampsville,) lot 1, farmer 5.
Fancher, Francis M., (Clockville,) shoe maker.
Fancher, John H., (Clockville, ) boots and shoes.
FARNAM, STEPHEN H., (Oneida,) (S. H. Farnam & Co.) manuf. of edge tools at Little Falls.
FARNAM, S. H. & CO., (Oneida, ) (Stephen H. and Wm. J.,) hardware, paints, oils, agricultural implements, &c., Deaveraux Block.
FARNAM, WM. J., (Ondeida,) (S. H. Farnam & Co.)
Faulkner, Ephraim, (Canastota,) lot 40, farmer 80.
Faulkner, S., (Canastota,) lot 23, farmer 160.
Fearon, Robert, (Oneida,) farmer 5.
FEETER, WM., (Clockville,) lot 58, dairyman and farmer 203.
Ferrington, Anna Mrs., (Clockville,) lot 12, farmer 64.
FERRY, JOSIAH E., (Oneida,) attorney First National Bank of Oneida.
FIELD, NEWCOMB, (Oneida,) lot 12, farmer 124.
FIELDS, CHARLES C., (Oneida,) (N. & C. Fields.)
FIELDS, N. & C., (Oneida,)Newton and Charles C.,) meat market, corner Phelps and Main.
FIELDS, NEWTON, (Oneida,) (N. & C. Fields.)
FINCH, ARCHELAUS, (Canastota,) billiard room, Peterboro st.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ONEIDA, (Oneida,) James J. Stewart, president; Samuel H. Fox, vice-president; Virgil Bull, cashier; Walter E. Northrup, teller; John L. Howard, book-keeper; Josiah E. Ferry, attorney for the Bank; west side Main, Coe Block.
Fish, James, (Oneida,) harness maker, Madison st.
Fitch, Jared W., (Oneida,) physician and surgeon, Main.
Fitch, J. W., (Oneida,) farmer 35.
FOLAND, GERARD, ( Wampsville,) farmer.
FOLAND, JACOB, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 100.
Foland, Jonas, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.) lot 65, farmer 60.
Foland, Wm. S., (Canastota,) lot 81, boatman and farmer 147.
Forbes, Abram, (Clockville,) lot 44, blacksmith.
Forbes, George, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 23, farmer 61.
FORBES, GERRIT A., (Canastota,) lawyer.
Forbes, Jerome, (Clockville,) blacksmith.
Forbes, John & Sons, (Clockville,) lot 24, farmer 104.
Forbes, William J., (Oneida,) billiards.
FOSTER BROTHERS, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) (Oscar S. and Theodore,) manufacturers of drain tiles, South Bay.
Foster, D. H., (Canastota,) deputy collector U. S. internal revenue.
Foster, Hosea, (Clockville,) lot 37, hop grower and farmer 105.
FOSTER, J. K., (Canastota,) (Lawrence, Foster & Co.,) insurance agent for Putnam and Albany Insurance Companies, corner Main and S. Canal.
FOSTER, OSCAR S., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) (Foster Brothers.)
FOSTER, THEODORE, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) (Foster Brothers. )
FOWLER, LORING, (Canastota,) lawyer, corner Hutchinson & Moot's Block.
FOX, SAMUEL H., (Oneida,) vice president First National Bank of Oneida.
Fox, Solomon, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 178.
Foy, John, (Oneida,) silver plating and general jobber, Main.
Frank, Nancy, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 5.
FREEMAN & CLOYES, (Clockville,) (Stephen Freeman and Redell Cloyes,) lot 5, dairy and farmer 116 .
FREEMAN, STEPHEN, (Clockville,) (Freeman & Cloyes.)
French, Austin B., (Oneida,) American Express agent, office N. Y. C. R. R. freight office.
Frenett, J.W. & Co., of Utica, (Oneida,) hat and bonnet bleachers, Miss Clara Taber, agent,1 Marble Block, Madison st.
FRINK, JOHN B., (Lenox,) lot 8, farmer 37 .
FROST, JOSIAH A., ( Oneida,) house designer and builder, Main and Elizabeth.
Gardner, Horatio N., ( Oneida,) lot 15, farmer 12.
Gault, Francis M., (Cowaselon,) lot 8, farmer 2.
GAY, WM. L., (Canastota,) spiritualist, Peterboro st.
Gee, Louisa M., (Oneida Valley,) lot 9, farmer 6.
Getman, Daniel, (Clockville,) lot 7, farmer leases 155.
Getman, Wm. H., (Clockville,) lot 19, farmer leases 150.
Giesler, Hermann, ( Oneida,) boot and shoe maker, Walrath Block.
GILBERT, W. B., (Oneida,) chief engineer Midland R. R., office Walrath Block.
Gleason, Abijah, (Canastota,) lot 32, farmer 40.
GLIDDEN & MANUEL, (Oneida,)(P. N. Glidden and David Manuel,) lot 28, hop growers and farmers.
GLIDDEN, P. N., (Oneida,) (Glidden & Manuel.)
GOFF, J. WHEATON, (Perryville,) lot 28, farmer.
GOFF, LYMAN, (Wampsville,) lot 12, hop grower, dairyman and farmer 190.
GOFF, OLIVER, (Perryville,) lot 28, hop grower and farmer 114.
GOFF, STEPHEN, (Wampsville,) lot 24, hop grower and farmer 93 .
Goodell, E. P. Mrs., (Canastota,) lot 12, farmer 140.
Goodell, J. W. and S. B., (Canastota,) lot 12, dairyman and farmers.
GOODELL, WM. W., (Oneida,) (Bentley & Goodell.)
Goodwin, Stephen H., (Oneida,) (S. H. Goodwin & Co.)
Goodwin, S. H. & Co., (Oneida,) (Stephen H. Goodwin and Alonzo Randall,) general merchants, cor. Madison and Canal.
Gordon, Addis, (Clockville,) lot 36, farmer 80.
Gordon, Thomas, (Wampsville,) farmer 30.
Gray, D. & Son, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.) lot 51, saw mill.
Gray, Polly Mrs., (Canastota,) lot 21, farmer 30.
Green, John, (Oneida,) farmer 94.
GREENHOW, JOHN, (Canastota,) (J. Greenhow & Son. )
*GREENHOW, J. & SON, (Canastota,) (John and William H.,) editors Canastota Herald, Peterboro St.
GREENHOW, WM. H., (Canastota,) (J. Greenhow & Son.)
GREGG, JOHN, (Oneida,) hop grower and farmer 111.
HADDEN, PHILIP, (Oneida,) tailor, Main.
HAINES, EDWARD A., (Canastota,) restaurant, Peterboro St.
Hainsworth, Sylvester, (Wampsville,) lot 1, farmer leases 23 .
HALE, W. H., (Lenox,) lot 54, farmer 220.
HALL, FRANCIS L., (Oneida,) brick maker and farmer 14.
Hall, H. H., (Lenox,) lot 8, farmer 53.
Hall, Nathaniel, (Lenox,) lot 7, dairyman and farmer 170.
Hall, Wells, (Clockville,) lot 23, farmer leases 14.
HAMBLIN, EUGENE L., (Clockville,) (Hamblin & Madison.)
HAMBLIN & MADISON, (Clockville,) (Eugene L. Hamblin and Wm. H. Madison,) proprietors saw mill.
HAND, THEODORE F., (Oneida,) cashier of Oneida Valley National Bank, notary public and insurance agent.
HAND, THEODORE F. Jr., (Oneida,) teller of Oneida Valley National Bank.
Happle, Joseph, (Oneida,) saloon keeper, Feeder.
Harp, Christian, (Oneida,) farmer 147.
Harp, George W., (Lenox,) lot 3, farmer leases 170.
HARP, MERRITT C., (Clockville,) lot 14, farmer 135.
HARP, WM. W., (Clockville,) lot 1, farmer 180.
HARRINGTON, GILES, (Oneida,) lot 15, hop grower and farmer 400.
Harrington, John, (Wampsville,) shoe maker.
HART, CALVIN W., (Oneida Lake,) lot 18, dairyman and farmer 75.
Hart, Dan. D., (Oneida Lake,) lot 17, farmer 18.
Hart, Henry, (Oneida Lake,) lot 17, dairy and farmer 25.
HART, JAMES W., (Oneida Lake,) lot 20, proprietor of cheese factory and farmer 9.
HART, SYLVENES, (Peterboro,) lot 21, farmer 37.
Hatch, Denison, (Onedia,) harness maker, Main.
Hatch, Elnathan, (Perryville,) lot 58, farmer 93.
Hatheway, H. H., (Clockville,) manufacturer of flour, meal and feed, manufacturer of horse hay forks, and justice of the peace.
Hazard, Robert, (Wampsville,) Wimple Patent, farmer 30.
Helmer, Alvin, (Oneida,) O.R., farmer leases 85.
Hemstreet, H., (Canastota,) physician and farmer 90.
Henderson, James, (Wampsville,) (with Robert,) Wimple Patent, dairy and farmer leases 120.
Henderson, Robert, (Wampsville,) (with James,) Wimple Patent, dairy and farmer leases 120.
Henry, Thomas, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 48, farmer 36.
HERRICK, ALANSON E., (Canastota,) lot 7, dairy and farmer 122.
Hesler, Sarah A. Mrs., (Canastota,) manufacturer of hoop skirts, Peterboro st.
Hess, Daniel, (Oneida,) (Hess & Sheldon.)
Hess & Sheldon, (Oneida,) (Daniel Hess and Alexander M. Sheldon,) wholesale liquor dealers, Madison St.
Hewit, Nathaniel, (Oneida,) lot 8, farmer 64.
HIGHGATE, TREVANNION D., (Oneida,) hair dresser, Main.
HIGINBOTHAM, LYMAN C., (Oneida,) (with Sands,) hop grower and farmer 480.
HIGINBOTHAM, NILES, (Oneida) (Taylor, Soper & Co.) president of Oneida Valley National Bank.
HIGINBOTHAM, SANDS, (Oneida,) (with Lyman C.,) hop grower and farmer 480.
HILL, AMBROSE, (Oneida,) (A. Hill & Sons.)
HILL, AMBROSE W., (Oneida,) (A. Hill & Sons.)
HILL, AUGUSTUS B., (Oneida,) (A. Hill & Sons.)
HILL, A. & SONS, (Oneida,) (Ambrose, Augustus B. and Ambrose W. Hill, and Myron M. Allen,) flour, feed, groceries, provisions and all kinds of seeds, noth side of Madison St., opposite Madison House.
Hilliard, Henry E., ( Oneida,) lot 83, farmer 19.
Hitchcock, Charles G., (Canastota,) meat market, N. Canal.
Hoag, Cyrus, (Canastota,) harness maker, Peterboro St.
HOLLENBECK, HUBERT R., (Oneida,) photographer, Main.
Hollenbeck, Louisa S., (Oneida,) dressmaker, Madison st.
Holmes, E. De L. Miss, (Oneida,) (Coe & Holmes. )
Hood, George C., (Canastota,) lot 24, farmer 60.
Hopgraph, George, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 23, farmer 8.
Hopkins, A. H. Mrs., (Oneida,) dress and cloak maker, Empire Block, Main.
HOPKINS, ALONZO H., (Oneida,) (Smith & Hopkins.)
Horle, John, (Perryville,) lot 40, farmer 58.
Horr, Wm. (Oneida,) lot 14, farmer 62.
Horth Brothers, (Oneida,) (James A. and John T.,) carriage making and repairing, Cedar.
HORTH, JAMES A., (Oneida,) (Horth Brothers.)
Horth, John T., (Oneida,) (Horth Brothers.)
Horton, M. N., (Oneida,) insurance agent.
Hosley, Horatio N., (Canastota,) (Hosley & Stebbins.)
Hosley & Stebbins, (Canastota,) (Horatio N. Hosley and Hobart J. Stebbins,) groceries and provisions, N. Canal.
Houseman, Emmett, ( Oneida,) O. R., farmer 48.
Houseman, John M., (Oneida,) O.R., farmer 65.
Howard, Ansel, (Oneida,) lot 86, farmer 9.
HOWARD, JOHN L., (Oneida,) bookkeeper of First National Bank of Oneida.
Howard, Seth, (Oneida,) (Klock, Howard & Baker,)
HOWE, HENRY C., (Oneida,) proprietor of retail custom woolen factory, Cedar.
HOWELL, BENJAMIN F., (Canastota,) (Wilson & Howell.)
Hubbard, Sanford, (Canastota,) lot 39, farmer 37 .
Huffman, Jerome, (Lenox,) lot 3, farmer 65.
HUTCHINS, CHARLES B., (Canastota,) (Hutchins & Scripture.)
HUTCHINS, & SCRIPTURE, (Canastota,) (Charles B. Hutchins and William E. Scripture,) attorneys and counselors at law, 4 Beecher Block.
HUTCHINSON, ALLEN, (Canastota,) (Hutchinson & Moot.)
HUTCHINSON, CHARLES S., (Canastota,) (Hutchinson & Moot.)
Hutchinson, Daniel P., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 15, marble cutter.
HUTCHINSON & MOOT, (Canastota,) (Allen and Charles S. Hutchinson and Theodore G. Moot,) general merchants, Crouse Block, Peterboro st.
Huyck, Jacob P., (Clockville,) lot 19, retired farmer.
Ingles, Erastus, (Wampsville,) lot 5, farmer 130.
Ingles, James, (Wampsville,) lot 15, farmer 96.
Ingles, Lucius, (Oneida,) lot 10, farmer 89.
INGLES, LUTHER, (Wampsville,) lot 5, farmer 198.
INGLES, ORIN J., (Wampsville, ) lot 17, farmer leases 150.
Ingols, Joseph, (Wampsville,) lot 6, farmer 207.
INGRAM, W. & W., (Canastota,) (Wm. & Wm. jr.,) blacksmiths, N. Canal.
JACKSON, DAVID A., (Oneida,) (Purdy & Jackson.)
Jarvis, Milton B., (Canastota,) physician and surgeon and farmer 88, corner of Main and James.
JENKINS, JAMES B., (Oneida,) (Messinger & Jenkins.)
Jennings, Wm., (Canastota,) lot 5, farmer 75.
Johnson, Amos S., (Lenox,) lot 4, farmer 13.
Johnson, Silas B., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 19, hop grower and farmer 97.
JONES, EDWARD W., (Ondida, ) furnishing undertaker, 3 Phelps.
Jones, Govenor, (Canastota,) lot 78, farmer leases 80.
Judd, Charles, (Canastota,) lot 40, cooper and farmer 18.
KEEN, REUBEN, (Lenox,) Quality Hill, farmer 73.
KEENEY, MARVIN, (Clockville,) turning shop.
Kellem, Clara B., (Canastota,) (C. B. & P. R. Kellam.)
Kellam, C. B. & P. R., (Canastota,) (Clara B. & Peninah R.,) millinery, Peterboro St.
Kellam, Peninah R., (Canastota,) (C. B. & P. R. Kellam.)
Kelley, F. R., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 51, farmer 38 leases 30.
Kelly, Christopher, (Oneida,) (Kelly & Philips.)
KELLY, DERMOTT, (Oneida,) grocery and provisions, millinery and fancy goods, also agent for Tapscott's general emigration and foreign exchange, Madison St.
Kelly & Phillips, (Onedia,) (Christopher Kelly and James H. Phillips,) butchers, Madison st.
Kelsey, Frederick A., (Onedia Lake,) lot 12, farmer 30 1/3.
Kelsey, Wm. M., (Clockville,) lot 16, dairyman and farmer 100.
KENNA, LAWRENCE, (Oneida,) saddle harness and trunk manuf., cor. Main and Madison.
KENNEDY, ALFRED D., (Canastota,) attorney, couselor at law and notary public, office, Crouse Block.
Kennedy, John, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 17, hop grower and farmer leases 246.
KILBOURN & CO., (Oneida,) (James D. Kilbourn, James J. Stewart and Virgil Bull,) village lots, 12 acres.
KILBOURN, JAMES D., (Oneida,) (Kilbourn & Co.)
Kilts, Abram, (Wampsville,) lot 16, farmer 58.
Kilts, Phillip A., (Wampsville,) lot 14, farmer 77.
Kimball, David A., (Canastota,) deputy sheriff, police constable and licensed auctioneer, South Canal.
Kinsley, Myron, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) supt. of trap department, Oneida Community.
KIRKLAND & CO., (Oneida Valley,) (G. T. Kirkland and A. N. Rogers.) general merchants.
KIRKLAND, G. T., (Oneida Valley,) (Kirkland & Co.,) post master.
KLAMMER, CHARLES N., (Oneida,) barber, Main.
Klock, Henry S., (Oneida,) (Klock, Howard & Barker.)
Klock, Howard & Barker, (Oneida,) (Henry S. Klock, Seth Howard and A. Wayne Barker,) dealers in hops, office and warehouse Madison st.
Klock, Myron, (Wampsville,) Wimple Patent, dairy and farmer 135.
Krouswitch, Charles, (Canastota,) lot 88, farmer 50.
Kyser, N. D., (Canastota,) lot 13, farmer 106.
Kake, Alexander, (Canastota,) lot 10, farmer 33.
Lamb, Alexander H., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 15, farmer 20.
Lamb, Daniel L., (Canastota,) farmer 3 , New Boston.
Lamb, Daniel P., (Clockville,) farmer 36, farmer 120.
Lamb, Martin G., (Clockville,) farmer 3 , New Boston.
Lamb, Orville E., (Canastota,) farmer 8, New Boston.
Lamb, Stephen G., (Canastota,) dairyman, milk peddler and farmer 125, New Boston.
LANSING, AUSTIN, (Perryville,) lot 35, dairy and farmer leases 143.
Lasher, Jerome, (Canastota,) lot 3, dairy and farmer leases 85.
Lawrence, Amos, (Clockville,) lot 17, hop grower and farmer 109.
LAWRENCE, FOSTER & CO., (Canastota,) (George Lawrence and J. K. Foster,) malsters and general grain dealers, corner Main and S. Canal.
LAWRENCE, GEO., (Oneida,) (Geo. Lawrence & Co.,Lawrence, Foster & Co.,) lot 8, dealer in produce and farmer 50.
LAWRENCE, PERKINS C., (Oneida,) general merchant, Madison St., Marble Block.
Lawrence & Tibbets, (Oneida,) (Wm. C. Lawrence, Jeremiah D. Tibbits,) flour, feed and grain dealers, Elm.
Lawrence, Wm. C., (Oneida,) (Lawrence & Tibbits.)
Leggett, Susan, (Oneida Valley,) lot 44, farmer 47.
LEWIS & COMAN, (Canastota,) (Hiram Lewis and Winsor S. Coman,) drugs, medicines, groceries, paints, oils and dye stuffs, 3 Beecher Block.
LEWIS, DANIEL, (Canastota,) farmer 732, New Boston.
LEWIS, E. F., (Lenox,) lot 57, farmer 105.
LEWIS, HIRAM, (Canastota,) (Lewis & Coman.)
Lewis, H. & J. W., (Wampsville,) lot 60, dairy and farmer 310.
LEWIS, MORRIS, (Canastota,) harness maker, N. Canal.
LEWIS, PETER, (Oneida,) horse shoeing and repairing, Phelps.
LIGHT, JOHN H., (Wampsville,) blacksmith, Lenox Furnace.
Lighthall, Abraham, (Canastota,) lot 23, dairy and farmer 126.
LIGHTHALL, LEWIS, (Canastota,) town assessor, lot 23, farmer.
Lighthall, William, (Canastota,) lot 47, farmer 52.
Lighthall, Wm. L., (Canastota,) lot 47, farmer 48.
LIMEBECK, NELSON, (Wampsville,) prop. Central Hotel.
LIMEBECK, S. G., (Oneida Valley,) lot 42, carpenter and joiner.
LINGO, JESSE, (Canastota,) (blacksmith), N. Canal.
Lockhart, Abram W., (Wampsville,) canal grocery, Lenox Basin.
LOOMIS, DANIEL D., (Oneida,) (Wallace & Loomis.)
Loucks, Abram, (Oneida,) lot 15, hop grower and farmer 40.
Loucks, George, (Canastota,) lot 13, farmer 72 .
Lovejoy, William, (Clockville,) lot 30, farmer 91.
Loveland, Allen, (Canastota,) lot 11, toll gate keeper.
Loveland E. W. Dr., (Wampsville,) physician.
Lowe, N. S., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) dairyman and farmer 106.
LUCE, ALPH. J., (Oneida,) (Tillotson, Luce & Co.)
Luce, Ira, (Oneida,) hop merchant and produce dealer.
LUMBARD, HORACE, (Oneida Lake,) blacksmith and farmer 11.
LYLE, WILLIAM, (Oneida,) (Ayres & Lyle.)
Lynk, Peter, (Wampsville,) farmer leases 156.
MACPHERSON, DANIEL K., (Canastota,) lumberman, S. Main.
MADISON, WM. H., (Clockville,) (Hamblin & Madison.)
Mahar, Martin, (Canastota,) lot 10, farmer 6.
MAHER, MARY E. Mrs., ( Oneida,) dress maker, Main.
Main, John W., (Oneida,) Oneida Resevation, farmer 125.
Manchester, John A., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) (with Nathan Mills,) lot 58, carpenter and joiner and farmer 82.
MANSFIELD C. M., (Clockville,) (J. L. Mansfield & Co.)
MANSFIELD, J. L. & CO., (Clockville,) (J. L. Mansfield, Wm. H. Patten, John H. Roe and C. M. Mansfield,) manufacturers of the best long and short horse forks also champion wheel rake and cultivator.
MANUEL, DAVID, (Oneida,) (Glidden & Manuel.)
MARBLE, DANIEL, (Oneida,) (with Zepheniah Richman,) O. R., farmer leases 127.
Martindale, Wm. S., (Wampsville,) propietor saw mill.
Mason, Venoni W., (Canastota,) president of the Canastota Salt Company, physician and surgeon, and farmer 275, Center.
McCasker, Hugh, (Oneida,) blacksmith, Cedar.
McCoon, Daniel, (Canastota,) lot 39, dairyman and farmer 105.
McCouff, John, (Oneida,) lot 3, farmer 37.
McDOEL, PRESCOTT, (Bennet's Corners,) post master and farmer 26.
McDonald, James, (Oneida Valley,) lot 44, farmer 60.
McDonough, John, (Clockville,) lot 1.
McDOUGALL, DUNCAN, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, prop, of N. Y. Central Mills and farmer 42.
McELROY, FRANCIS, (Oneida,) attorney at law and justice of the peace, Empire Block, Main.
McEwen, Milton S., (Oneida Valley,) lot 19, farmer 51.
McKelvey, J., (Oneida,) lot 84, farmer 42.
McLean, Jerry, (Oneida,) lot 67, farmer 10.
McPHERSON, ALEXANDER, (Clockville,) lot 19, dairy and farmer 75.
McPherson & Co., (Canastota,) steam saw mill.
McPHERSON, JOHN, (Clockville,) lot 19, dairyman and farmer 75.
McQuien, L., (Oneida Valley,) lot 43, farmer 11.
Mead, Liffe, (Canastota,) lot 47, farmer 33.
Mead, Lizetta, (Oneida Lake,) lot 10, farmer 36.
Menzie, Geo. Leroy, M. D., (Canastota,) physician and surgeon, Huchinson & Moot's Block.
Mera, Harry P., (Canastota,) homeopathic physician, S. Main.
Merrill, John, (Oneida Valley,) lot 18, dairy, hop grower and farmer 165.
Merrill, Lewis, (Canastota,) lot 27, dairy and farmer 115.
MESSINGER, I. NEWTON, (Oneida,) (Messinger & Jenkins.)
MESSINGER & JENKINS, (Oneida,) (I. Newton Messinger and James B. Jenkins,) attorneys and counselors at law.
MESSINGER, O. E., (Oneida Lake,) hotel proprietor, postmaster and farmer 57.
Miles, John, (Lenox,) Quality Hill, farmer 20.
Miller, B., (Canastota,) lot 33, farmer 54.
MILLER, CATHERINE, (Wampsville,) lot 18, farmer 176 .
Miller, Chas. W., (Oneida,) lot 18, farmer.
MILLER, CLARA A. MISS, (Oneida,) dress and cloak maker, Main.
MILLER, FRANCIS C., (Oneida,) (F. C. Miller & Co.)
MILLER, F. C. & CO., (Oneida,) (Francis C. Miller and Geo. H. Sanford,) lumber dealers and manufs. of sash, doors, blinds, mouldings, &c., cor. Broad and R. R.
Miller, John H., (Canastota, ) (T. Miller & Co.)
Miller, Levi, (Clockville,) lot 6, farmer leases 40.
Miller, L. B., (Oneida Valley,) lot 19, carpenter, joiner and farmer 97.
MILLER, SYLVESTER, (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, dairyman and farmer 250.
Miller, Townsend, (Canastota,) (T. Miller & Co.,)
Miller, T. & Co., (Canastota,) (Townsend and John H.,) sheepskin tannery for bookbinding, Chapel.
Mills, Nathan, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) (with John A. Manchester,) lot 58, carpenter and joiner and farmer 82.
MINER, PAUL R., (Canastota,) prop. of Montross House, cor. Peterboro and North Canal.
Moffet, Silas L., (Canastota,) designer and builder, N. Canal.
Montross, John Jr., (Canastota,) groceries, N. Canal.
Moon, Abram, (Cowaselon,) lot 8, farmer 260.
Moon, Isaac, (Oneida,) lot 24, farmer.
Moore, Alfred, (Wampsville,) lot 80, farmer 100.
*MOORE & ALLEN, (Canastota,) (Mrs. Mary M. Moore and Miss Julia W. Allen,) milliners, 1 Chapman Block.
MOORE, AUSTIN A., (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, hop dealer, dairyman and farmer 161.
Moore, James B., ( Bennet's Corners,) farmer 84.
Moore, James Dr., (Bennet's Corners,) lot 38, farmer 80.
MOORE, MARY W. MRS., (Canastota,) (Moore & Allen.)
*MOOT, BLOOM D., (Oneida,) prop. of National Hotel.
Moot, C. G., (Clockville,) lot 2, dairyman and farmer 175.
Moot, D. B., (Clockville,) lot 16, dairyman and farmer 196.
MOOT, JEROME, (Oneida,) (with Wm.,) lot 8, hop grower and farmer 74.
MOOT, JOHN J., (Oneida,) lot 3, Oneida Purchase of 1826, hop grower and farmer 108.
Moot, M. N., (Clockville,) lot 15, dairyman and farmer 100.
Moot, Stephen, (Clockville,) lot 19, farmer 150.
MOOT, THEODORE, G., (Canastota,) (Hutchinson & Moot,)
MOOT, WM., (Oneida,) (with Jerome,) lot 8, hop grower and farmer 74.
Moot, Wm. H., (Oneida,) lot 1, farmer 76.
MOOT, WM. S., (Oneida,) lot 1, hop grower and farmer 32.
Morgan, C. J., ( Canastota, ) lot 4, jobbing shop, gun smith, repairer of mowing machines, also, manufacturer of windmills.
MORRIS, JOHN, (Oneida,) Oneida Reservation, farmer 200.
Morris, John Jr., (Oneida,) hop grower, dairyman and propagator Concord grapes.
Morris, Lyman, (Oneida,) O. R., hop grower and dairyman.
Morrison, David J., (Oneida,) lot 17, hop grower and farmer 100.
Morse, Gersham, (Clockville,) lot 12, prop. plaster mill and farmer 45.
Morse, Lyman, (Oneida,) dealer in groceries, provisions, &c., Madison st.
Morse Simeon, (Cowaselon,) lot 16, carpenter and cooper.
MOTT, CHARLES W., (Oneida,) (C. W. Mott & Co.)
MOTT, C. W. & CO., (Oneida,) (Charles W. and John Jr.,) props. planing mill and lumber dealers, Cedar.
MOTT, GEORGE C., (Canastota,) (Allen, Wimple & Mott.)
Mott, John Jr., (Oneida,) (C. W. Mott & Co.)
Mowry, Charles, (Oneida Lake,) lot 34, inventor and manuf. of patent stave machine and farmer 27.
Moyer, VanRensselaer, (Oneida,) lot 22, farmer 61 .
Mulligan, Perry, (Perryville,) lot 40, farmer 63.
Murphy, Michael, (Oneida,) prop. Union Hotel, Elm.
MURRAY, EDWIN R., (Oneida,) (Bridge & Murray.)
Naenni, David, (Canastota,) lot 10, farmer 20.
NATIONAL HOTEL, (Oneida,) Bloom D, Moot, proprietor.
Near, Eli, (Wampsville,) lot 1, dairyman and farmer 100.
Near, T. G., (Canastota,) lot 33, farmer 73.
Nelson, D. W., (Canastota,) (with A. N. Richmond,) lot 69, dairyman and farmer 201.
NELSON, ELISHA, (Bennet's Corners,) lot 38, farmer 182.
NEMIRS, JOHN, (Wampsville, ) lot 6, farmer 78.
New, Jefferson, (Canastota,) lot 15, dairy and farmer 150.
New, J. C., (Canastota,) lot 1, dairy and farmer 75.
Newhouse, S., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) superintendent of trap department, Oneida Community.
Nichols, Eunice, (Oneida Lake,) lot 2, farmer 102.
Niles, Zerah R., (Oneida,) English watch maker, Messinger's Block.
NORTHROP, IRA M., (Mile Strip,) lot 45, dairyman and farmer 70 .
Northrup, Clarke, (Oneida Valley,) lot 2, farmer 29.
Northrup, Enoch, B., (Canastota,) lot 40, farmer 44.
Northrup, Joel, (Canastota,) lot 33, farmer 25.
Northrup, Rensselaer, (Canastota,) lot 9, farmer 57 .
Northrup, Royal M., (Oneida,) proprietor Madison House, Madison st.
NORTHRUP, WALTER E., (Oneida,) teller of First National Bank of Oneida.
Noyes, Theodore R., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) editor of Community Circular, Oneida Community.
ODELL, ELISHA H., (Canastota,) hairdresser, Doolittle Block, Peterboro st.
Olcott, G. J., ( Durhamville, Oneida Co, ) lot 51, farmer 66.
ONEIDA COMMUNITY, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) manufactures, horticulture, fruit preserving, and farming 539 acres. Manufactures-- trap department, Myron Kinsley and S. Newhouse, superintendents; silk department, Chas. A. Cragin, superintendent; fruit preserving, John H. Barron, superintendent; editor of Community Circular, Theodore R. Noyes: number of members 195.
*ONEIDA DISPATCH, (weekly,) (Oneida,) proprietors, Purdy & Jackson, Merchant's Exchange.
ONEIDA SEMINARY, (Oneida,) Charles E. Sweet, A. M., principal, Elizabeth.
ONEIDA VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ONEIDA, (Oneida,) Niles Higinbotham, president; Samuel Breese, vice president; Theodore F. Hand, cashier; Theodore F. Hand, Jr., teller; Luke Bushnell, book keeper, Main.
OSBORN, JASON & SON, (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, manuf. of carriages, sleighs, &c.,, hop dealer and farmer 24.
Ostrander, John E., (Oneida,) dentist and insurance agent.
OULD, RICHARD, (Oneida,) merchant tailor and dealer in cloths, cassimeres, hats, caps and furnishing goods, No. 2 Coe Block, Main.
Owen, Ebenezer, (Canastota,) lot 35, farmer 74.
Page, Hiram M., ( Wampsville,) hotel prop.
Palmer, Albert W., (Clockville,) lot 31, farmer 89.
Palmer, Ezra, (Clockville,) lot 14, farmer 49.
Palmer, J. Leonard, (Clockville,) lot 38, farmer 245.
Palmer, Leonard A., (Clockville,) lot 38, farmer 88.
PARKER, ASAPH H., (Canastota,) photographer, Perry Block.
Parker, Chester G., (Oneida,) O. R., farmer 36.
Parker, George W., (Oneida,) O. R., farmer 21.
PARKER, MARCUS, (Oneida,) dealer in coal and lumber, Main.
Parker, Roswell, (Oneida Valley,) lot 8, farmer 8 .
Parker, Thomas P., (Oneida,) lot 30, farmer 23.
PARKHURST, EBENEZER W., (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, hop grower and farmer 18 .
Parkhurst, Orrin, (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, hop grower and famer 55.
Parkhurst, W., (Wampsville,) lot 1, farmer 85.
Parkhurst, Wm., (Clockville,) lot 13, hop grower and farmer 150.
Parkill, John T., (Canastota,) lot 11, farmer 32.
Parsons, E. B. & Co., (Canastota,) boots and shoes.
PATTEN, WM. H., (Clockville,) (J. L. Mansfield & Co.)
Peck, William J., (Wampsville,) tailor.
Perry, George A., agent, (Canastota,) pharmaceutist and sundryman, Peterboro st.
PERRY, SARAH MRS., (Oneida,) manuf. of hoop skirts and cloaks, No. 5 Madison st.
Petrie, Henry, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 19, farmer 85.
Petrie, H. H., (Canastota,) lot 11, farmer 47.
Petrie, Levi, (Oneida, Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 30, carpenter and joiner and farmer 32.
PETTIT, S. K., (Clockville,) (S. & S. K. Pettit,) lot 11, hop grower and farmer 10.
PETTIT, S. & S. K., (Clockville,) general merchants.
Pexton, Shepard D., (Wampsville,) lot 4, farmer leases 90.
Phelps, Chloe P., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 16, farmer leases 1 .
Philips, James H., (Oneida,) (Kelly & Philips.)
Pilch, Wm. H., (Canastota,) merchant tailor, clothing, furnishing goods, hats, caps &c., Peterboro St.
Plank, Wm. H., (Canastota,) dealer in stoves, tin, glass and hardware, Peterboro St.
POWERS, GEO. H., (Oneida Valley,) lot 12, farmer leases 30 1/3.
PRATT, WM. E., (Oneida,) dealer in music, musical instruments and sewing machines, Main.
Purdy, Albert G., (Oneida,) physician and surgeon, Devereux Block.
PURDY, EDWARD H., (Oneida,) (Purdy & Jackson..)
*PURDY & JACKSON, (Oneida,) (Edward H. Purdy and David A. Jackson,) proprietors of Oneida Dispatch, Merchants' Exchange.
Quackenbush & Carmer, (Oneida,) (George A. Quackenbush and John Cramer Jr.,) dealers in ready-made clothing, gents' furnishing goods, hats, caps &c., No. 1 Madison st.
Quackenbush, George A., (Oneida,) (Quackenbush & Cramer)
Randall, Alonzo, ( Oneida,) (S. H. Goodwin & Co.)
Randall, Francis, (Oneida Valley,) lot 37, farmer 4.
Randall, Freeman K., (Wampsville,) lot 2, farmer 95.
RANDALL, NEWTON B., (Oneida,) toy store, Phelps st.
Randall, Paul P., (Clockville,) lot 13, farmer 100.
Randall, Thomas, (Oneida Valley,) lot 31, farmer leases 3.
Ranney, Ores, (Onedia,) surveyor and engineer and farmer 8 .
RASBACH, DAVID H., (Canastota,) treasurer of the Canastota Salt Company; cashier of the Canastota National Bank and notary public.
Ratnour, Henry, (Oneida, ) O. R., farmer 46.
RAY, FENNER B., (Perryville, ) lot 40, farmer 122 .
Ray, Thomas, (Oneida Valley,) lot 30, dairy and farmer 110.
Raymond, Gideon, (Wampsville,) lot 66, farmer 100.
Reed, Edmond M., (Oneida Valley, ) lot 31, farmer 90.
REED, E. M. JR., (Oneida Valley,) (with W. F.,) lot 35, dairy and farmer 103.
Reed, Hamlin, (Canastota, lot 16, farmer 50.
REED, HENRY, (Oneida Valley,) lot 9, farmer 80.
REED, W. F., (Oneida Valley, ) (with E, M. Reed Jr.,) lot 35, dairy and farmer 103.
REEDER, JAMES K., (Canastota,) (W. Reeder & Son.)
REEDER, WM., (Canastota,) (W. Reeder & Son.)
*REEDER, W. & SON, (Canastota,) (Wm. and James K.,) millers and dealers in grain, flour, meal, ground feed, &c., S. Canal.
REESE, SAMUEL, M. D., (Canastota,) allo. physician, corner Mill and R. R.
Reese. Wm. H., (Clockville,) lot 6, farmer 45.
REYNOLDS, CHARLES F., ( Clockville,) lot 39, prop. saw mill and farmer 25.
REYNOLDS, EDSON, (Canastota,) lot 70, dairy and farmer 130.
Reynolds, George D., (Mile Strip,) lot 39, farmer 100.
Reynolds, James, (Clockville,) lot 44, farmer 52.
Reynolds, Myron A., (Mile Strip,) lot 39, dairy and farmer 63.
RICHARDSON, EPHRAIM B., (Canastota,) (Richardson and Warrick.)
Richardson, J. D., (Canastota,) shoemaker, Peterboro st.
Richardson, Wallace, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 72, dairy and farmer 100.
RICHARDSON & WARRICK, (Canastota,) (Ephraim B. Richardson and Joshua C. Warrick,) furniture dealers, undertakers, looking glasses, picture frames, &c., Peterboro st.
RICHMAN, ZEPHANIAH, (Onedia,) (with Daniel Marble,) O. R., farmer leases 127.
Richmond, A. N., (Canastota,) (with D. W. Nelson,) lot 69, dairyman and farmer 201.
RICHMOND, DELIA, (Oneida,) millinery, Madison st.
Roantree, James, (Canastota,) lot 11, farmer 125.
Robbins, Dexter E., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 71, dairy and farmer 108.
Robbins, Elizabeth, (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 43, farmer 25.
Roberts, Fanny A., (Lenox,) lot 6, farmer 2 .
ROBERTS, IRVING L., (Canastota,) (Roberts & Warren,)
ROBERTS, JAMES, (Canastota,) lot 76, farmer 126.
ROBERTS, JOHN H., (Canastota,) wholesale and retail grocery and provision store, boots, shoes, &c., Crouse Block, Peterboro st., and forwarding and commission merchant, office old Gay Block, wood yard attached.
ROBERTS, SETH C., (Canastota,) grocery and provision store, N. Canal.
ROBERTS & WARNER, (Canastota,) (Irving L. Roberts and Selden D. Warner,) dry goods, groceries, hats and caps, 5 Beecher Block.
ROE, JOHN H., (Clockville,) (J. L. Mansfield & Co.)
ROGERS, A. N., (Oneida Valley,) (Kirkland & Co.)
Rogers, Levi, (Oneida Lake,) lot 2, dairy and farmer 44.
ROGERS, L. M., (Oneida Lake,) lot 2, farmer.
Rogers, Rhoda Mrs., (Oneida,) millinery, Main.
Root, Ammi, (Oneida Valley,) lot 12, farmer 62.
Root, John H., (Oneida,) (Root, Stewart & Co.)
ROOT, MAYNARD, (Oneida Valley,) lot 12, farmer.
Root, Stewart & Co., (Oneida,) (John H. Root, James J. Stewart and Ira Shepard,) malsters, Madison St.
ROTNOUR, JACOB, (Wampsville,) Wimple Patent, dairyman and farmer 120.
Rotnour, Nellie, (Canastota,) lot 34, farmer 20.
ROUSE, ELIJAH, (Oneida,) lot 5, farmer 54 .
Rouse, Silas, (Oneida,) lot 11, farmer 130.
Rowley, Wm. A., (Clockville,) lot 32, farmer 100.
Ruby, Elizabeth Miss, ( Oneida,) dress making, Main.
Rudd, Charles, (Oneida Valley, lot 29, farmer 74.
SACKETT, WM. D., (Canastota,) lot 9, dairy and farmer 98.
Sague, Adelia, (Clockville,) milliner and dress maker.
SANFORD, GEO. H., (Oneida,) (F. C. Miller & Co.)
SAUNDERS & BARRETT, (Oneida,) (Edward C. Saunders and John Barrett.) carriage manufacturers and dealers in carriage hardware and trimmings, Phelps.
SAUNDERS, EDWARD C., (Oneida,) (Saunders & Barrett.)
SAYLES, GERRET S., (Canastota,) practical house builder, James.
Sayles, M. E., (Oneida,) millinery and fancy goods and ladies' furnishing goods, Main St., opposite Walrath Block.
Schanadoa, David, ( Oneida,) O. R., farmer 45.
Schlosser, Nicholas, (Oneida Valley,) blacksmith.
Schuyler, R. W., (Canastota,) lot 13, farmer 53.
SCHUYLER, STEPHEN V. R., (Oneida,) (Stone & Schuyler.)
Scott, John, (Canastota,) tailor.
SCRIPTURE, WM. E., (Canastota,) (Hutchinins & Scripture.)
Seeber, Dolly, (Clockville,) lot 8, farmer 107.
SEEBER, SYLVANUS, (Clockville,) lot 7, farmer 155.
SEELY & ARMITAGE, (Oneida,) (Timothy G. Seely and Wm. S. Armitage,) general merchants, 1 and 2 Merchants' Exchange, Main st.
SEELY, TIMOTHY G., (Oneida,) (Seely & Armitage.)
Selleck, Wm. H., (Perryville,) lot 40, farmer 86.
Shaver, Charles, (Cowaselon,) lot 11, farmer leases 100.
Shaw, Horace, (Canastota,) lot 1, dairy, hop grower and farmer 80.
Shelden, Vincent, (Oneida Valley,) lot 3, farmer 38.
Sheldon, Alexander M., (Oneida,) (Hess & Sheldon.)
SHELDON, RICHARD B., (Canastota,) lot 77, agent for mowers and reapers and Buckeye drills, also dairyman and farmer 151.
Shepard, Ira, (Wampsville,) farmer 3.
Shepard, Ira, (Oneida,) (Root, Stewart & Co.)
SHIPMAN, ALEX J., (Canastota,) (Travis & Shipman.)
Shoecraft, Mathew J., (Oneida,) attorney and counselor at law, Empire Block, Main.
Sillson, Fred., (Oneida,) operator, W. U. Telegraph Co's office, N. Y. Central depot.
Silvernail, John H., (Oneida Valley,) boot and shoe maker.
Simons, Harry, (Clockville,) blacksmith and farmer 7.
Siver, Wm., (Oneida,) Deferrier Grant, farmer leases 150.
Skinner, Wm., (Clockville,) prop. of grist mill.
SMITH, AARON, (Canastota,) (A. Smith & Son.)
SMITH, A. & SON, (Canastota,) (Aaron and Charles H.,) wholesale and retail tin and glassware, N. Canal.
SMITH BROTHERS, (Oneida Lake,) (Geo. B. and Marshall F.,) props. of steam mill.
Smith, Catherine Mrs., (Oneida Valley,) lot 42, farmer 25.
Smith, Charles, (Oneida,) lot 83, farmer 30.
SMITH, CHARLES H., (Canastota,) (A. Smith & Son.)
Smith, Gardner, (Lenox,) prop. Lenox House, Quality Hill.
Smith, George, (Wampsville,) general merchant.
SMITH, GEO. B., (Oneida Lake,) (Smith Bros.)
SMITH, GEO. W. REV., (Bennet's Corners,) M. E. clergyman.
Smith, Geo. W., (Oneida Valley,) lot 34, farmer 55.
SMITH & HOPKINS, (Oneida,) (John A. Smith and Alonzo H. Hopkins,) manufs. and dealers in boots and shoes, Phelps St.
Smith, Ira, (Clockville,) proprietor of Clockville House.
SMITH, JOHN A., (Oneida,) (Smith & Hopkins.)
Smith, Joseph, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.) lot 24, farmer 35.
SMITH, MARSHALL F., (Oneida Lake,) (Smith Brothers..)
Smith, Norris S., (Canastota,) dentist, Peterboro st.
SMITH, WELLS B., (Canastota,) tailor, Peterboro st.
SNOOK, CHARLES J., (Cowaselon,) lot 17, hop grower and farmer leases 40.
SNYDER, ABRAM R., (Clockville,) lot D., dairyman, hop grower and farmer 170.
SNYDER, SIMEON, (Clockville,) lot D., thresher.
SOPER, GOODWIN P., (Oneida,) (Taylor, Soper & Co.)
Southwick, Gideon B., (Canastota,) lot 47, farmer 16.
Spaulding, Philander, (Oneida,) lot 24, farmer.
*SPENCER, CHARLES A., (Canastota,) optician, corner Centre and Spencer.
Spencer, C. P., (Canastota,) jeweler, Peterboro, st.
Spencer, F. R., (Wampsville,) Myndert Patent, farmer 115.
SPONENBURGH, G. H., (Oneida,) prop. Eagle Hotel.
STACY, PRESTON MRS., (Canastota,) millinery, dress and cloak making, Peterboro st.
Stafford, Joseph jr., (Peterboro,) lot 7, dairyman and farmer 146.
Stanley, Lewis H., (Canastota,) lot 13, dairy and farmer 60.
Stanley, Lewis M., (Canastota,) lot 13, farmer 21 .
Steadman, Whitfield N., (Clockville,) lot 46, farmer 114 .
Stebbins, Hobart J., (Canastota,) (Hosley & Stebbins.)
Stebbins, Jabez & Son, (Oneida,) hop growers and farmers 80 .
STEPHENS, G. G., (Oneida Valley,) lot 16, farmer leases 668.
STEWART, JAMES, (Oneida,) dairyman, hop grower and farmer 130.
STEWART. JAMES J., (Oneida,) (Kilbourn & Co.,) (Root, Stewart & Co.,) president First National Bank of Oneida.
STEWART, JOHN G., (Oneida,) lot 13, hop grower, dairyman and farmer 172.
STEWART, PHINEAS L., (Oneida,) photograph gallery, Main.
STILES, BRADFORD, (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 13, proprietor cheese factory, hop grower and farmer 80.
STIMSON, HENRY D., (Canastota,) manufacturer of cider vinegar, Peterboro st.
Stisser, Augustus, (Wampsville,) lot 5, farmer 112.
Stisser, Jacob, (Clockville,) lot 4, farmer 102.
Stisser, John, (Oneida,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 164.
STODDARD, PRESTON M., (Oneida,) lot 7, carpenter and joiner.
STODDARD, SCHUYLER, (Oneida,) lot 7.
Stoddard, Thaddeus A., (Oneida,) lot 7, farmer 62.
Stone, Emerson, (Cowaselon,) lot 8, farmer 170.
STONE, JOHN E., (Oneida,) dry goods and crockery, Madison st.
STONE, PHILIP S., (Oneida,) (Stone & Schuyler.)
STONE & SCHUYLER, (Oneida,) (Philip S. Stone and Stephen V. R. Schuyler,) drugs, groceries and provisions, No. 5 Madison st.
STONE, WM., (Cowaselon,) lot 16, farmer 66.
Stow, Aaron, (Canastota,) lot 40, farmer leases 50.
Stow, Darius, (Oneida Valley,) lot 7, carpenter and joiner and farmer 45.
Stowell, Lorenzo, (Canastota,) lot 81, farmer 162 1/3.
Stroud, Charles, (Canastota,) farmer 55, Stroud.
Stroud, Sylvanus, (Canastota,) lot 7, farmer 167.
SUITS, HUBBARD, (Wampsville,) lot A. farmer 10.
SWAN, ALONZO, (Canastota,) lot 39, farmer 110.
SWAN, A. E., (Oneida Lake,) lot 11, dairy and farmer 52 and leases 102.
Swan, Calvin, (Canastota,) lot 45, farmer 33.
Swan, Edwin A., (Canastota,) lot 45, farmer 44.
Sweet, Samuel D., (Wampsville,) lot 6, dairyman and farmer 155.
SWETT, CHARLES E., A. M., (Oneida,) principal of Oneida Seminary.
Sykes, John H., (Canastota,) lot 85, farmer 75.
Tabor, Clara Miss, (Oneida,) agent for J. W. Frenett & Co. of Utica, hat and bonnet bleachers, 1 Marble Block, Madison St.
Tabor, George, (Lenox,) Quality Hill, farmer 35.
Tackabury Bros. & Bander, (Canastota,) brick makers.
TACKABURY, GEORGE N., (Canastota,) hop grower and dealer in New York, Wisconsin, English and German hops, Peterboro St.
Tackabury, N. J., (Canastota,) farmer 55, New Boston.
Taffner, Jacob, (Oneida Valley,) lot 3, farmer 60.
Taft, Thomas J., (Oneida Valley,) lot 38, farmer 71.
Tanner, Benjamin, (Oneida Lake,) lot 17, dairyman and farmer 88.
TAYLOR, JOSEPH L., (Oneida,) (Taylor, Soper & Co.)
TAYLOR, SOPER & CO., (Oneida,) (Joseph L. Taylor, Goodwin P. Soper and Niles Higinbotham,) props. Oneida Mills, Madison St.
TenEyck, Jacob A., (Clockville,) lot 37, farmer 17.
The Canastota Salt Co., (Canastota,) Venoni W. Mason, president; Samuel L. Conde, secretary; David H. Rasbach, treasurer.
Thiel, Nicholas Jr., (Oneida,) cooper shop, Elizabeth.
THIRLL, CHARLES J., (Canastota,) hair dresser, Peterboro st., Chapman Block.
Thompson, J., (Oneida,) fruit shop, Madison st.
Thompson, Nancy C., (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, farmer 22.
THOMPSON, THEODORE C., (Oneida,) general merchant, Madison st.
THOMPSON, WM., (Canastota,) lot 11, farmer 102.
Thompson, Wm. H., (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 10.
Thurston, John E., (Canatota,) lot 47, farmer 214.
Tibbits, Jeremiah D., (Oneida,) (Lawrence & Tibbits.)
TILLOTSON, ELBERT, (Oneida,) (Tillotson, Luce & Co.)
TILLOTSON, LUCE & CO., (Oneida,) (Elbert Tillotson and Alph. J. Luce,) hats, caps, wall paper, stationery and jewelry, Main.
Tillotson, W. Irving, (Oneida,) (Williams & Tillotson.)
Timerman, Silas, (Clockville,) lot 20, dairy and farmer 175.
Timmerman, Frederick, (Oneida Valley,) lot 30, farmer 56.
Tisdale, Mary, (Oneida,) tailoress, corner Lake and William.
Titus, Julius A., (Oneida,) lot 13, farmer 73.
TORREY, HIRAM M., (Oneida,) wagon ironer and custom work, cor. Phelps and Cedar.
Torrey, John W., (Cowaselon,) lot 4, farmer 40.
Tracy, Thomas N., (Oneida Valley,) lot 43, farmer 7.
TRAVIS & SHIPMAN, (Canastota,) (S. Oscar Travis and Alexander J. Shipman,) livery, corner Peterboro and R. R.
TRAVIS, S. OSCAR, (Canastota,) (Travis & Shipman.)
Truesdell, Asa, (Canastota,) (A. Truesdell & Co.)
Truesdell, A. & Co., (Canastota,) (Asa, Merrit and Sidna A.,) proprietors of stage route between Canastota and Hamilton, daily, leaving Canastota at 4 P.M., and Hamilton 7 A. M.; office Miner's Hotel.
Truesdell, Merrit, (Canastota,) (A. Truesdell & Co.)
Truesdell, Sidna A., (Canastota,) (A. Truesdell & Co.)
Tryon, Harry, (Canastota,) shoemaker, N. Canal.
TUBBS, HIRAM, (Canastota,) lot 34, farmer 67.
Tubbs, John, (Oneida Valley,) lot 17, farmer.
TURNER, ALLEN R., (Oneida,) (Turner & Coe.)
TURNER & COE, (Oneida and Canastota,) (Allen R. Turner and Renaldo O. Coe,) hardware, paints, oils, agricultural implements, &c., Madison st.
TUTTLE, ABRAHAM, (Clockville,) lot 6, justice of the peace and farmer 289.
TUTTLE, IRVING, (Wampsville,) Lenox Furnace, dairyman and farmer 96.
TUTTLE, OTIS, (Clockville,) general merchant and post master.
TUTTLE, STILLMAN, (Clockville,) lot 12, dairyman and farmer 116.
TUTTLE, WM., (Clockville,) lot B, dairyman and farmer 420.
Twogood, D. C., (Clockville,) lot 50, farmer 125.
TWOGOOD, WALTER D., (Clockville,) lot 5, hop grower and farmer 150.
UFFORD, JOEL S., (Canastota,) lot 33, farmer 240.
Underhill, James, (Oneida Lake,) lot 1, farmer 25.
UPSON, MILES, (Oneida,) carriage maker, Phelps.
VAN BROCKLIN, GARRET, (Oneida,) lot 19, hop grower, dairyman and farmer 115.
VAN BROCKLIN, MARTIN, (Oneida,) lot 20, hop grower and famer 91.
VAN BROCKLIN, WM., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.)
Vandewerker, John, (Wampsville,) farmer 155.
Vandusen, Daniel W., (Perryville,) lot 49, farmer leases 100.
Vandusen, George E., (Clockville,) lot D., farmer 3.
Vandusen, Jerry, (Clockville,) lot 23, farmer 70.
Vandusen, Malachi, (Clockville,) lot 34, farmer 66.
Vandusen, Martin, (Clockville,) lot 34, farmer 10.
VANE, FRANK, (Oneida,) billiard parlor, 3 Phelps.
VANHORN, SYLVESTER A., (Oneida,) gunsmith and job work, also dealer in Italian bees, Madison St.
Vedder, George, (Canastota,) lot 8, dairy and farmer 75.
VEDDER, HARMON, (Oneida,) Oneida Reservation 1840, farmer 75.
VEDDER, JEREMIAH D., (Oneida,) lot 25, West Hill Tract, farmer 130.
Vedder, John H., (Oneida,) farmer leases Cowaselon Tract 100.
VELING, JOSEPH, (Oneida,) saloon prop. corner R. R. and Feeder.
Vilbert, Eli, (Clockville,) lot 2, farmer leases 180.
WAGER, CHARLES P., (Oneida,) lot 27, fruit grower and farmer 75.
WALKER, CHRISTOPHER C., (Canastota,) lot 32, farmer 60.
Walker, Nancy, (Canastota,) lot 32, farmer 64.
WALLACE, ADRIEN E., (Oneida,) (Wallace & Loomis.)
*WALLACE & LOOMIS, (Oneida,) (Adrian E. Wallace and Daniel D. Loomis,) homeopathic physicians and surgeons, Empire Block, Main st.
WALRATH, CHRISTOPHER A., (Oneida,) (C. A. & D. H. Walrath)
WALRATH, C. A. & D. H., (Oneida,) (Christopher A. and David H.,) general merchants, Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4, Walrath Block.
Walrath, Charles I., (Oneida,) (C. I. & J. H. Walrath)
Walrath, C. I. & J. H., (Oneida,) (Charles I. and Joseph H.,) clothing, boots, shoes, hats, caps, furnishing goods, &c., No. 3 Empire Block, Main.
WALRATH, DAVID H., (Oneida,) (C. A. & D. H. Walrath)
Walrath, G. L., (Wampsville,) lot 80, hop grower and farmer 48 .
Walrath, Joseph H., (Oneida,) (C. I. & J. H. Walrath)
Walter, David, (Oneida,) (Walter & Douglass.)
Walter & Douglass, (Oneida,) (David Walter and Herbert H. Douglass,) groceries, provisions, flour, feed &c., Green st., front Main, opposite Walrath Block.
WALTER, HARRY, (Oneida,) wholesale and retail grocer and flour dealer, corner Main and Phelps.
WAMBACHER, MINNIE H., (Oneida,) dress maker.
WARNER, JUDSON W., (Oneida,) prop. Oneida Marble Works, Phelps.
WARNER, JUDSON W., (Oneida,) stoves, tin, copper and sheet iron ware, house furnishing goods, &c., Bennet Block, Main.
Warner, M., (Oneida Lake,) grocer.
Warner, Nathaniel, (Oneida Lake,) grocery and farmer 9.
WARNER, SELDEN D., (Canastota,) (Roberts & Warner.)
Warr, Richard, (Oneida Valley,) lot 8, dairy and farmer 113.
Warren, Martin L., (Oneida Valley,) lot 26, farmer 45.
WARRICK, JOSHUA C., (Canastota,) (Richardson & Warrick.)
Waterbury, Alva, (Canastota,) lot 33, farmer 53.
WATKINS BROTHERS, (Cowaselon,) (Ira and Henry W.,) props. of plaster and saw mills, and farmer 8.
WATKINS, CALEB W., (Canastota,) general merchant, storage and forwarding, S. Canal.
WATKINS, HENRY W., (Cowaselon,) (Watkins Brothers.)
WATKINS, IRA, (Cowaselon,) (Watkins Brothers,) post master.
Watkins, Joel G., (Canastota,) lot 62, dairy and farmer 210.
Watkins, Thomas, (Oneida,) lot 53, farmer 115.
WATSON, ALBERT, (Clockville,) lot 24, farmer.
Watson, Artemas, (Clockville,) lot 24, farmer 115.
Watson, Henry, (Clockville,) lot 23, farmer 80.
WATTERSON, ROBERT H., (Oneida,) boots and shoes, Harrington block, Madison st.
Way, George, (Cowaselon,) blacksmith.
Weaver, George, (Canastota,) lot 8, grocery and provision store.
Webber, William, (Canastota,) lot 32, farmer leases 160.
Webster, Isaac, (Oneida,) O. R., farmer 18.
WEBSTER, RANDOLPH S., (Clockville,) blacksmith.
Wells, Joseph Y., (Oneida Castle, Oneida Co.,) lot 22, farmer 18.
Wemar, John, (Wampsville,) lot 60, dairy and farmer 117.
Wetherby, David J., (Oneida,) tailor, Main, Walrath Block.
WETMORE, ELIZA, (Canastota,) lot 23, farmer 61.
Wheeler, Russell A., (Canastota,) lot 39, dairy and farmer 80.
WHIPPLE, MARION, (Canastota,) lot 40, hop grower and farmer leases 40.
White, Arthur, (Canastota,) musical instruments and sewing machines.
White, Edwin R., (Canastota,) justice of the peace, Hutchinson Block.
White, John M., (Clockville,) lot 6, farmer 47.
White, Truman M., (Oneida,) lot 4, farmer 35.
WHITMAN, ALLEN S., (Clockville,) lot 41, dairyman and farmer 200.
Whitman, Leonard, (Clockville,) lot 44, farmer 97.
Whitney, Clark, (Oneida,) lot 15, famer 9.
Wiede, Henry, (Oneida Valley,) physician and surgeon.
WIGHT, JACOB, (Oneida,) (Austerman & Wight.)
Wilbur, N. B. Mrs., (Oneida,) Grove Hall, farmer 25.
WILCOX, ALANSON C., (Clockville,) lot 19, dairy and farmer 100.
Wilcox, Garmon, (Oneida,) lot 21, farmer 46.
Wilcox, Wm., (Clockville,) lot 32, hop grower, dairyman and farmer 75.
WILES, DAVID, (Oneida,) (Arnold & Wiles.)
Williams, Chas. J., (Durhamville, Oneida Co.,) lot 64, farmer 62.
WILLIAMS, HENRY C., (Oneida,) jewelry store, Main.
Williams, Raymond, (Wampsville,) lot 67, farmer leases 80.
Williams & Tillotson, (Oneida,) (William R. Williams and W. Irving Tillotson,) joiners and builders, Cedar.
Williams, Wm. R., (Oneida,) (Williams & Tillotson.)
Wilson, A. M., (Oneida Valley,) prop. of Oneida Valley Hotel.
WILSON & HOWELL, (Canastota,) (John A. Wilson and Benjamin F. Howell,) hardware, stoves, &c., Peterboro St.
Wilson, H. C., (Oneida Valley,) wagon maker.
WILSON, JOHN A., (Canastota,) (Wilson & Howell.)
Wilson, Martha J., (Canastota,) milliner, N. Canal.
WILSON, THEODORE A., (Canastota,) farmer 25, New Boston.
WIMPLE, ABRAHAM A., (Canastota,) (Allen, Wimple & Mott.)
Winchell, Rebecca, (Wampsville,) Deferrier Grant, farmer 20.
Wing, Jason H., (Canastota,) lot 41, farmer 50.
Winn, Joseph J., (Oneida Valley,) lot 18, farmer 55.
Wirth, Mitus, (Canastota,) prop. of Union House, Canal.
WITHERSTINE, DANIEL, (Wampsville,) lot 5, dairyman and farmer leases 185.
WOODFORD, JAMES H., (Canastota,) (Crouse & Woodford.)
Woodhouse, Henry, (Oneida Valley,) lot 43, farmer 64.
Wright, Philander, (Oneida Valley,) lot 41, farmer 57.
Yaw, Jesse, (Oneida Valley,) lot 36, farmer 76.
YEMAN, JAMES R., (Oneida,) model maker, manuf. artificial legs, and repairer of all kinds of machinery, sewing machines, &c., Madison st.
YOUNG, JAMES, (Canastota,) (Bell & Young.)
Zebede. John, (Oneida,) lot 8, farmer 22.
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